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FUCKER / きなこ オン ザ ライス (cd) Less than TV [1,620円]
FLOWER ZOMBIES / Nowhere songs (Lp) Black hole [2,000円]
DOPEBEATROCKEND / Tmhc demo (cd) Self [540円]
PEAR OF THE WEST / Blue (cd) 3p3b ltd. [2,160円]
チッツ, manchester school≡ / split -シックな苦悩でかまわない - (7ep) こんがりおんがく [1,620円]
TOTAL PONKOTSU SYSTEM, SUN CHILDREN SUN / split (7ep) 出刃包丁/Novembre [1,080円]
THOUGHT CONTROL / Pop allergy (cd) Strong mind japan [2,000円]
THE LAST SURVIVORS / Don't care about raw fuckin' life (7ep) Hardcore survives [900円]
SKITKLASS / Greatest shits (Lp) Pogo77 [2,800円]
Crows Caw Loudly / st (cd) Longslope [1,080円]




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