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NO FRIENDS zine (zine+flexi)

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内容の濃さも勿論ですが付属のLUMPY AND THE DUMPERSとAUSMUTEANTSの未発表音源を2曲ずつ全4曲を収録のソノシートが付属されているのもかなり魅力的!!!
2015年の来日公演も最高過ぎたとゆうLOS CRUDOSをはじめ、レーベル活動、LIMP WRIST/NEEDLES等のバンド活動でお馴染みのMartin先生のインタビューをはじめとし、コラムやレビュー等ばっちり掲載、勿論全編英語です!

There were a lot of starts and stops with the project, but we’ve finally gotten it all together and neatly placed within 96 crisp, stapled pages.

Inside you’ll find interviews with:
Australian synth-punk adlays AUSMUTEANTS
The chump steamroller himself – TOM SCHARPLING of The Best Show
Austin, TX political pop-punks CAPITALIST KIDS
DIY punk/hardcore legend MARTIN SORRONDEGUY (of Los Crudos/Limp Wrist)
Bloomington, IN’s dark post-punk duo RAY CREATURE
Chicago’s DIY show space THE 2040
Spanish blitzkrieg punks TRANCE from Mallorca
Columbus, OH’s mutoid, basement rockers SLUGBUGS.

Not only that but there are columns galore and nearly 300 music reviews of your favorite (or soon to be favorite) punk, metal, indie, goth, hardcore, noise, [insert whatever sub/microgenre you wish here] releases.

Oh, and did we mention that it comes with a 7” split flexi featuring LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS and AUSMUTEANTS giving us two brand new songs each?!

1. Lumpy And The Dumpers - Flush Em
2. Lumpy And The Dumpers - Noxious
3. Ausmuteants - Dump The Dumpers
4. Ausmuteants - Drop Some Goo