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curve / song of a son (cd) Impulse
 Fireplay / Ocean (cd) Impulse
TURNCOAT, offseason / split (2xflexi) Waterslide/mostoff
Hi, Killerpass (7ep) Kilikilivilla
Killerpass / リスタート (7ep) Kilikilivilla
VOID OF PSYCHOKINESIS / Satan -ep- (tape) Blackhole
CLIMB THE MIND / チャンネル3 (cd) Stiff slack
Hi-Gi / Classics (cd) Break the records
THE SLEEPING AIDES & RAZORBLADES / Save the right thing (7ep) Kilikilivilla
CHILDISH TONES / Nerd geek & weird (tape) Kilikilivilla
LEARNERS, THE SWING KIDS / split (7ep+cd) Niw!
LEARNERS / More Learners (cd) Kilikilivilla
The Firewood Project / Keys & lights e.p. (cd) Mos track
tele / ヒトリ e.p. (cd) From desert city
elica / reward (cd) imakinn
VOTZCO / st (7ep) Debauch mood
BIGCITY / 4 songs (cd) Self
DISKOVER / I Bloody knew it (cdr) Self
DISCHARMING MAN / ダメージド / マイウォー (7ep) 5b
BADGE 714 / Tearless (7ep) Kilikilivila
yep / st (cd) Rawcalorie
AND PROTECTOR / And protector ep (cd) Further platonics
AND PROTECTOR / Lime green (cd) Further platonics
AND PROTECTOR / Cold (cd) Further platonics
Noshow / st (cd) 3p3b
Noshow / st (Lp) Niw!
THE T.V.DINNERS / demo 2016 (cdr) Self
CAR10, GLEAM GARDEN / split (tape) Black hole
THE PRACTICE, WHAT-A-NIGHT'S / split (7ep) Imomushi
SILVERWIGS / st (cd) Nice'n easy
V.A / While we're dead (tape) Burger
NOT WONK / This ordinary (cd) Kilikilivilla
NOT WONK / DisOrdinary (7ep+cd) Kilikilivila
CAR10 / Best space (cd) Kilikilivila
THE CAVITYS / Don't need complex (cd) I hate smoke
1000 TRAVELS OF JAWAHARLAL / Owari wa konakatta (cd+dvd) Imomushi
TOY-POOH-DOLLS / Pop punk summer days of santaroh (7ep+cd) KiliKiliVilla
THIRSTY CHORDS / Kioku no ep (cd) Shirafu
bed / Via nowhere (cd) 3p3b
Emitation / Overtime fuckin' work of one minutes (cd) rawcalorie
good luck with your fun / 5songs e.p. (cd) rawcalorie
RENA / st (cd) Be water
FELIX!(THE BAND) / What to do in case of fire? (cd) Waterslide
DIE COMMUNICATIONS / Dialog in the life (cd) Fixing a hole
HAIR MONEY KIDS / Memories (cd) Tasty
V.A / Walkin' on the shakin' street (cd) I hate smoke
Homecomings / クリスマスをしようよ-White love song (7ep) Second royal
teora / human arc (cd) Self
LEARNERS / st (cd) Kilikilivila
SUMMERMAN / Temperature is... (cd) KiliKiliVIlla
zArAme / lastorder (10") Stiff slack
semi, telegram / split (cd) From desert city
semi / From under the cloudiness (cd) From desert city
PLAY DEAD SEASON, This Time We Will Not Promise And Forgive / split (cd) Say hello to never
Homecomings / Hurts-fine (7ep) Second royal/felicity
GLEAM GARDEN / Singles 2006-2013 (cd) Snuffy smiles
GLEAM GARDEN, CHESTNUT ROAD / split (7ep) Snuffy smiles
the Miscasts, EXCUSE TO TRAVEL / split -the Miscasts are my Excuse to travel- (cdr) Self
RED SKY / demo 2015 (cdr) Self
quizkid, DIRTY SATELLITES / split (10"+cd) Impulse
salt of life / Old youngster (cd) Self
THE T.V. DINNERS / 哀愁の街に灰が降る (7ep) Stiff slack
THE SLEEPING AIDES & RAZORBLADES / Favorite synthetic (cd) Debauch mood
JAHANGIR、 NOWON、 the Miscasts / 3way split -Suspect three- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
killerpass / まわりたくなんかない (cd) Kilikilivilla
killerpass / まわりたくなんかない (Lp) Kilikilivilla
THE FULL TEENZ, NOT WONK / split (7ep) Second royal
nim / Stay hungry, stay foolish (cd+dvd) Impulse
OuthouseMap / Get down to business (cd) thing! thing! thing!
LOSTAGE / Guitar (cd) Throat
MALEGOAT / Here and there (cd) Stiff slack
REVOLUTION FOR HER SMILE, folks / split (7ep+cd) Self
dOPPO, Discharming man / split -Dream violence- (cd)	5b
my ex / イエスタディワンスモア (cd) buzzbuzzbuzz
Discharming man / 歓喜のうた (cd) 5b
Dancebeach, THE T.V. DINNERS / split (7ep) Throat
SEGWEI / Gush (12") Fellow travelers
EXCUSE TO TRAVEL / Make excuses (tape) Self
HAM HAM HAMBURGERS / Dia del jamon (cd) Hip cat's
DAWN, SHIPYARDS / split (12") Debauch mood
NAVEL / Heartache (cd) Belly button
NAVEL / Uneasy recordings:1994-1999 (cd) Belly button
falls / Wednesday (cd) Waterslide
BLUEBEARD / st (cd) Mangrove
NOT WONK / Laughing nerds and a wallflower (cd) Kilikilivilla
TURNCOAT / Iris (tape) mostoff
TURNCOAT / Iris (cd) Waterslide
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