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FEBB / Perfect picture zip ep (Lp) WDsounds/P-vine
J.COLUMBUS x DOPEY / 2songs promo (cd) WDsounds
YAS I AM / Northern blues (cd) WDsounds
JAZZY UPPER CUT / 1992 Revisited (2cd) Voltage/unity
GRAND INVINCIBLE / Contraband altars (tape) Carnalismo
 IRONSTONE / Fyt2 (cdr)

IRONSTONE / Fyt2 (cdr)

COVAN / nayba (cd) D.r.c.

COVAN / nayba (cd) D.r.c.

FEBB / Supreme season (2Lp) WDsounds/P-vine
CRACKS BROTHERS / Straight rawlin (cd)
MAIN SOURCE / Fuck what you think (tape) P-vine
MAIN SOURCE / The science (cd) P-vine
JUMANJI, 12SHEEP / Odd (cd) Lil edo mutant
  仙人掌 & S-kaine / 82_01 (cd) Dogear/West make iller
LUKE SICK and WOLFAGRAM / Garshas (Lp) Iron lung
DANK GOBLINS / Fruity cigars (Lp) Iron lung
J.COLUMBUS & MASS-HOLE / On the groove, in the city (cd) WDsounds
SKM / Space Killer Mark (cd) One family
   AIWASTONE(AIWABEATZ x IRONSTONE) / West tokyo drill trakxxx vol.2 (cdr) Self
V.A / 幻の湖・永遠の夏 -Lake of illusions vol.4- (cd)(Lp)(tape) 幻の湖/inpartmaint
ERA / 3 Words my world (Lp) WD sounds
CURREN$Y & THE ALCHEMIST / Continuance (Lp) Empire
JJJ / Maktub (cd) FL$Nation / Awdr/lr2
BUSHMIND/ The drop ep (12") Seminishukei /Awdr/Lr2
 JJJ / Jiga (12") FL$Nation / Awdr/lr2
YUKSTA-ILL / Monkey off my back (cd) Wavelength plant
RYKEYDADDYDIRTY / Classic license (cd) Mzee
RYKEYDADDYDIRTY / Rykeydaddydirty (cd) Mzee
MONJU / Proof of magnetic field (Lp) P-vine
 GRAND INVINCIBLE / The result (Lp) Iron lung
CENJU & YAHIKO / Neighborhod presented By DJ Highschool (cd) Curious security/Seminishukei
ERA / Reaching (cd) How low
 東金B¥PASS / Taillamp (cd) WDsounds
AIWASTONE(AIWABEATZ x IRONSTONE) / West tokyo drill trakxxx vol.1 (cdr) Self
RAMZA / Whispering jewels - ひび割れの鼓動 (2Lp) Awdr/lr2
ISSUGI / 366247 (cd) P-vine
IRONSTONE / Drill pieces IV (cdr) Self
MIKUMARI / Conversation (cd) Rcslum
 J.COLUMBUS & BLAH-MUZIK / Ambient - Deep sea (cdr) WDsounds
MACCOY / So far (cd) Iclips
16FLIP / 16flip -Atomosphere'22- (cd) Dogear
 MASS-HOLE / Cidre tape (cd) Midnightmeal
 AIWABEATZ / Like no other 2 (Lp) Jet set
  服部克久 / 江戸の旋風 - 4 track ep (7ep) 東宝ミュージック株式会社/株式会社ローソンエンタテインメント
    IRONSTONE / Let the dog in the house , let the human die outside (tape) Hoodish
Peedog / Grail (cd) Lsb/WDsounds
hyunis1000 / Nerd space program (cd) Rcslum
AIWABEATZ + preparationset / Aiwabeatz vs. preparationset (tape) Ave/Corner printing
COSAPANELLA / st (Lp) Made day maider/Awdr/lr2
.daydreamnation. / Daydream_steppers ep (7ep) iii
ARU-2 / Keep Rollin’ feat. KID FRESINO / Can’t Wait For War feat. KID FRESINO (7ep) P-vine
メシアTHEフライ / Mess -King of dope- (2Lp) P-vine
MONJU / Proof of magnetic field (cd) P-vine
MEJIRO ST. BOYS / Blowing bubble forever (cdr) Msb/Bushbash
 MOBB DEEP / Drink away the pain - Give up the goods (7ep) Old chillin'
   BIGGIE VS JAMES BROWN / Sex machine gun funk (7ep) Amerigo gazaway
   BIGGIE VS JAMES BROWN / B.i.g. poppa's got a brand new bag (7ep) Amerigo gazaway
THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. / Ready to die (2Lp) Bad boy
MUTA / Gun powder - Blue cream (cd) WDsounds
  MULBE / 夜になると REMIXES (12") Think big inc/P-vine
nazca / Paradox (cd) Rcslum
Eftra / E.F.T.R.A ep (cd) Dirtrain/WDsounds
AIWABEATZ / Pearl light - Rain (Kishi no hi) (7ep) Bushbash
STUTS & 松たか子 with 3exes / Presence (Lp) Sony
  MIYA DA STRAIGHT / M.D.A.S.T ep (cd) Dirtrain/WDsounds
FEBB / The test - For you (7ep) WDsounds/P-vine
J.COLUMBUS x BLAH-MUZIK x NGRAUDER / Beats, noise, and rhyme (cd) WDsounds/Trasmundo
ISAZ / Doughter (cd) Royalty club
SHOKO & THE AKILLA / st (Lp) Papillon/Awdr/lr2
 ONENESS / Brand new day - Ourcastle (7ep) eazy
  SOLDIER / Immortal feeling (cd) Mad fisher
 V.A / 新・幻の湖 -Lake of illusions vol.3- (cd)(tape) 幻の湖/inpartmaint
  J. COLUMBUS & BLAH MUZIK / Write & blow 3 (cdr) WDsounds
  TATWOINE / Hoodies (tape) Self
  J.COLUMBUS / Ruins ep (cd) WDsounds
  J.COLUMBUS / Ruins ep (tape) WDsounds
  V.A / WDsounds 2020 (cd) WDsounds
CROWN-D / Conflict growth (cd) RCslum
ERA & DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Daily tales (cd) How low
Free Babyronia, Ramza / Goopy dry remixes (cd) Aun mute
GRAND INVINCIBLE / Winter 365 (7ep) 625 Thrashcore
GRAND INVINCIBLE / Demolition strictly (Lp) Iron lung
Big Animal Theory / However well known, always anonymous (cd) Stand for unity
1982S (MASS-HOLE, ISSUGI, Mr.PUG, 仙人掌 YAHIKO, YUKSTA-ILL) / 82s - Soundtrack (12") P-vine
MASS-HOLE / Ze belle (cd) WDsounds
 MASS-HOLE / Ze belle (2Lp) WDsounds
KID FRESINO / 20,Stop it (cd) Dogear/Awdr/lr2
A-THUG / Pull up (cd) Self

A-THUG / Pull up (cd) Self

J.COLUMBUS & BLAH-MUZIK / Write & blow 2 (cd) WDsounds
BES / Bes ill lounge part 3 mixed by I-DeA (cd) P-vine
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