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A-THUG / Pull up (cd) Self
J.COLUMBUS & BLAH-MUZIK / Write & blow 2 (cd) WDsounds
BES / Bes ill lounge part 3 mixed by I-DeA (cd) P-vine
DJ SCRATCH NICE & Fitz Ambro$e / Scratch joints (cdr) Pbm
ROCKASEN / Slow Motion (10") Assassin of youth
RC SLUM RECORDINGS & CLUTCH TIMES / Sooner or later (cd) Rcslum
Campanella / Amulue (cd+bandana) Made day maider/ Awdr/lr2
NEI / Neyond (cd) D.r.c.
LSBOYZ / st (cd) Lsb
BES / Live in tokyo (cd) Ultra-vybe, inc
DJ GQ / Cloud 10 remix - Invite remix (7ep) Oilworks
MASS-HOLE, DJ GQ / Brother grim league vol.3 (7ep) Darahabeats
YUKSTA-ILL / Banned from flag ep2 (cd) Rcslum
 DJ HOLIDAY (a.k.a. 今里 from STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE) / Feeling'S Killing Me (Quietdawn Edit) - Could It Be I'M Falling In Love (Quietdawn Edit) (7ep) Octave lab
  DJ HOLIDAY (a.k.a. 今里 from STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE) / Waiting For The Chance (Eternal Strife Edit) - Slipping Away (Eternal Strife Edit) (7ep) Octave lab
神闘歌 -Shinto-ka- / 問う今日オリンピック-365 (cdr) Wild plan
TKR / Alcatraz (cd) Self
仙人掌 / Boy meets world (2Lp) Dogear/WDsounds
 BES & ISSUGI / Purple ability (cd) Dogear
ISSAC / Resume (cd) Rcslum
Aru-2 / Little heaven (cd) Dogear/ Awdr/lr2
LUKE SICK and WOLFAGRAM / Yegg war (tape) Iron lung
SONETORIOUS aka DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Bedtime beats vol.6 (cd) Seminishukei
J.COLUMBUS / New me- Good life- Rainy day (cdr) WDsounds
ISSUGI / Unrelease 4 joints (cd) Dogear
16FLIP / The remix album "GatetotheEast" (cd) Dogear
KID FRESINO / Conq.u.er (2Lp) Dogear
Mr.PUG / Dope or nope (Lp) Dogear
MASS-HOLE / 2mix 4battle (cd) Midnightmeal
SPACE INVADRES / Watch your break out (cd) Kings world
SPACE INVERS / Suckplayer (cd) Kings world
Shoko & The Akilla / 側にいれば (7ep) Papillon/Awdr/lr2
SPACE INVADERS / Love (cd) Kings world
SPACE INVADERS / 99% orgasm (cd) Kings world
16FLIP / Love it though feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow (7ep) Dogear
ERA / Ground music (cd) How low
 ISSUGI / Gemz (cd) Dogear
FEBB / The season - deluxe (2Lp) WDsounds/P-vine
CRACKS BROTHERS / 03 (Lp) Cracks brothers
ECD / Lucky man (7ep) Final junky
FOUR HORSEMEN / Unchain 2019 - Bottles up (cd) Midnightmeal
JUMANJI / Dawn (cd) Lil edo mutant
LAF / Welcome to s lounge feat. 仙人掌 - Turbo tenjin feat. ILLNANDES (7ep) Oilworks
Campanella / Douglas fir (7ep) Made day maider/ Awdr/lr2
SCARS / Next episode (2Lp) Scars ent./P-vine
SCARS / The album (2Lp) Scars ent./P-vine
ERA / Culture influences -starrburst blend mix- (cd) How low
MASS-HOLE / agata tape (cd) Ebbtide
FEBB / The season -deluxe- (cd) WDsounds/P-vine
MONJU / Black de.ep (cd) Dogear
J.COLUMBUS / Waves, sands, & the metropolis (cd) WDsounds
GRADIS NICE & YOUNG MAS / Supreme season 1.5 (cd) FL$Nation / Awdr/lr2
SCARS / The album (cd) Scars ent
KILLA EAT / DMF presents Can’t BAN DA Killa Eat (cd) Dawg mafia family
O.I. / The lost cd-r (cd) WDsounds
KID FRESINO / ài qíng (Lp) Dogear/Awdr/lr2
KARAVI ROUSHI / 清澄黒河 (cd) Super lights
SPERB / Wash - Love And Hate (7ep+t-shirt) Cracks brothers.co,ltd
 SPERB / Wash - Love And Hate (7ep) Cracks brothers.co,ltd
FOUR HORSEMEN / Four heavenly kings (cd) Midnightmeal
COVAN / Pop zombie pack (cd) Drc
COVAN / Retech on you - 457 (cd) WDsounds
asuka ando x BUSHMIND / Kiss with you (7ep) Gardenia garden
NEI & RYO KOBAYAKAWA / Words for stars (cd) Drc
神闘歌 / 切る憂 (cd) Wild plan
MASS-HOLE, DJ GQ / Brother grim league vol.2 (7ep) Darahabeats
RAMZA / Sabo (cd) Aun mute
 YUKSTA-ILL / Defy (cd) P-vine/RC slum
GRADIS NICE & DJ SCRATCH NICE / Twice as nice (cd) Self
Presented by JJJ × DJ SCRATCH NICE / Only (cd) FL$Nation / Awdr/lr2
KID FRESINO / Ai qing (cd) Dogear/Awdr/lr2
STUTS / Changes feat. JJJ - FANTASIA feat. 一十三十一 (7ep) Atik sounds
MASS-HOLE x DJ SCRATCH NICE / B'ronx instrumentals (Lp) Dogear
GRADIS NICE & DJ SCRATCH NICE / Salty city (Lp) Self
ILLNANDES & ENDRUN / Czn'pass (2Lp) Dogear
ISSUGI x JJJ / Link up 2 experiment (2Lp) Dogear
16FLIP VS BES / The definition this word (2Lp) Dogear
CENJU AND QROIX / Thanks god, it's flyday! (Lp) Dogear
ILL-TEE / Single (cd) WDsounds
A-THUG  / Plug (cd) Dmf
Alto / Stench beat tape (tape) Toosmell
FEBB AS YOUNG MASON / So sophisticated ver2.0 (cd) Vybe music
FEBB AS YOUNG MASON / So sophisticated -Deluxe edition- (2cd) Vybe music
IDEAL (ERA+HI-DEF) / Ideal (cd) How low
ERA / Culture influences (cd) How low
GEZAN, GHPD / split -Body odd- (7ep) 十三月の甲虫
MASS-HOLE, DJ GQ / Brother grim league (7ep) Darahabeats
MANTLE as MANDRILL / 365 of mantee the sexorcist (cd) Mad13
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