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 QUICKSAND / Slip -Deluxe edition- (Lp+book) Iodine
PRIVATE MIND / st (cd) Static era
 I RECOVER / Until I wake again (Lp) Sakanade/Hi liberate
GLITTERER / Fantasy four (7ep) Lockin' out
  STAND STILL / In a moment's notice (cd)(Lp) Daze
DRIVER ELEVEN / Thanx (again) the complete discography (3cd) Waterslide
BE WELL / Hello sun (cd)(Lp)(tape) Revelation
ALL / She's my ex (Lp) Cruz
ANXIOUS / Little green house (Lp) Run for cover
  THE GLORIA RECORD / Start here (2Lp) Big scary monsters
 THE GLORIA RECORD / st (Lp) Big scary monsters
ENGINE KID / Everything left inside (6Lp) Southern lord
KOYO / Drives out east (7ep) Triple B
 KOYO / Drives out east (cd) Daze/Triple-B
  FARSIDE / Keep my soul awake (7ep) Crisis
   FARSIDE / The monroe doctrine (Lp) Revelation
STAND STILL / A practice in patience (Lp) Daze
  KOYO / Painting words into lines (7ep) Life & death brigade
  ENGINE KID / Bear catching fish novocaine astronaut (2cd) Daymare
ENGINE KID / Angel wings + Iceburn split - Everything left (2cd) Daymare
  SPRING TIDE / Collection (Lp) Blind rage
ANXIOUS / New shapes (7ep) Triple-B
 SOMERSET THROWER / Paint my memory (Lp) Triple-B
AMERICAN FOOTBALL / st 3rd (Lp) Big scary monsters
THE GLORIA RECORD / A lull in traffic (Lp) Big scary monsters
OWEN / The avalanche (Lp) Big scary monsters
NUDIE MAG / Our milk (Lp) Triple-B
ACCIDENTE / Pulso (Lp)

ACCIDENTE / Pulso (Lp)



ACCIDENTE / Amistad y rebelion (Lp)
 OSO OSO / Basking in the glow (cd) P-vine
SAVES THE DAY / Through being cool : TBC 20 (2cd)(2Lp) Equal vision
STAGES IN FAITH / Delside (Lp) Quality control hq
MOVING TARGETS / The other side : Demos and sessions expanded (cd) Boss tuneage
MOVING TARGETS / The other side : Demos and sessions expanded (2Lp+cd) Boss tuneage
in transmission / And still they move (cd) Falling leaves
ACCIDENTE / Discography 2014-2016 (cd)
FARSIDE / Rigged (cd)(Lp) Revelation
FARSIDE / Rochambeau (cd)(Lp) Revelation
ANXIOUS / Never better (7ep) Triple-B
BELLWOOD / Sour (cdr) No souls saved
HOLDING PATTERNS / Endless (cd) Stiffslack
MINERAL / One day when we are young: Mineral at 25 (book+10") House arrest
ALGERNON CADWALLADER / st (cdr)(Lp) Lauren
ALGERNON CADWALLADER / Parrot files (cdr)(Lp)(tape) Lauren
ALGERNON CADWALLADER / Some kind of cadwallader (cdr)(Lp) Lauren
EVERYWHEN / Summer singles (Lp) Lauren
STARMARKET / st (cd) Toy gun
 STARMARKET / Sunday's worst enemy (cd) Toy gun
RATA NEGRA / Justicia cosmica (Lp) La vida es un mus
STAGES IN FAITH / Same craic - Floodlights (7ep) Shortfuse
ANOTHER FINE MESS / Million smiles...and a few smiles more (2cd) Fixing a hole
MAGNET SCHOOL / The art of telling the truth (cd) Stiffslack
SHIZUKU / 2nd demo (cdr) Self
GODSPEED / Swimmer's ear (Lp) Sky valley
TANGLED HAIR / We do what we can (cd) Stiff slack
LIFTED BELLS / Minor tantrums (2cd) Stiff slack
florence / Outer layer (cd) Raft
AMERICAN FOOTBALL / st (cd) Hostess
AMERICAN FOOTBALL / st (cd)(Lp) Polyvinyl
STAGES IN FAITH / Forgiving man (7ep) Quality control hq
HIGLEY / st (Lp) Dead serious
MONUMENT / Goes canoeing (Lp) Tiny engines
PHOENIX FOUNDATION / Closer (cd) Waterslide
PHOENIX FOUNDATION / Closer (Lp+cd) Waterslide
CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE / 4010 - Away (7ep) Magic bullet
SNOWING / Everything (cd) Waterslide
ACCIDENTE / Pulso (cd) Vox populi
ACCIDENTE / Pulso (Lp) Vox populi
PANIC QT'S / Of blackholed hearts and quantum physics (cd) I hate smoke
MILLONES DE COLORES / Primaveriza (cd) Urban sleep discs
THE GET UP KIDS / Four minute mile (Lp) Doghouse
FADE / One with serenity (7ep) Neutral words
BROCCOLI / Single 1993-1998 (cd) Fixing a hole
FIDDLEHEAD / Out of the bloom (7ep) Lockin' out
BOYS LIFE / Departures and landfalls (Lp) Topshelf
STREET SMART CYCLIST / Discography (Lp) Topshelf
EMPIRE! EMPIRE! (I WAS A LONELY ESTATE) / You will eventually be forgotten (Lp) Topshelf
BRAID / No coast (cd)(Lp) Topshelf
EMPIRE! EMPIRE! (I WAS A LONELY ESTATE) / You will eventually be forgotten (cd) stiffslack
MEAN JEANS / Geeked up body rockers (cd) 十三月の甲虫
DELTA SLEEP / Twin galaxies (cd) Like a fool
SELF DEFENSE FAMILY / Heaven is earth (Lp)(cd)(tape) Deathwish
ALL / Greatest hits (cd) Owned & operated
DESCENDENTS / Somery (cd) Sst
BRAID / Kids get grids - Because I am (7ep) Topshelf
TITLE FIGHT / Hyperview (cd)(Lp) Anti-
BROCCOLI / st (cd) Fixing a hole
BROCCOLI / Home (cd) Fixing a hole
EMPIRE! EMPIRE! (I WAS A LONELY ESTATE), JOIE DE VIVRE / split (7ep) Run for cover
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