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  V.A / What passing bells for these who die as cattle? (7ep) Passing bells
 After The Sight / demo 2023 (cdr) Hardcore victim
GRINNING / Demo '23 (cdr) Self
Stained, Fallen Grace, ALSEID / 3way split -To get closer to the ideal- (cd) Self
SKM / Space Killer Mark (cd) One family
STAINED / A slight courage (cdr) Hardcore victim
BRATS / Ready for fight + Stop wars (cd) Self
STAINED / No destruction, no creation (cd) Self
 the SICK / Matohazure (cd) Classick
 the SICK / Matohazure (Lp) Vox populi
 the SICK / Matohazure (tape) Necros
MACCOY / So far (cd) Iclips
DJ 識 / Rhythm and brutal (cd) 雑音
ZETTON / Operated (cd) Self
DANCE MY DUNCE / 3songs + ...LIVE (7ep+cd) Surprised pops
V.A / Okayama city hardcore punk 2020 (cd) Hioa
神闘歌 -Shinto-ka- / 問う今日オリンピック-365 (cdr) Wild plan
世界の港町ZINE【杭】 (zine+cdr)
のっぺら, オッス!オラ和人!, USGKZ&The equipments, やっほー / 4way split -Last attack- (7ep+cd) Oni-yan
ilska, WRONG STATE / split (7ep) Fired stomp
CANARIA / 死灰復燃 (Lp) F.o.a.d.
MOLESTED HATE / Shotgun massacre (cd) Obliteration
JIRO BE GOOD (sticker set) Acute art works
CYNIC-19 / Organic Labylinth (cd) Label carnival light
FOETUSGOD, ilska / split -Implode- (cd) Stand for unity
ANNY / Attsck psychobilly (cd) Rude runner
SCHERZOS / Etude tableaux (cdr) Self
ゆーこときカズ, 41FISTER / split -Rapid eye- (cd) Rapid eye-musick
folks / あたたかい (cd) Impulse
神闘歌 / 切る憂 (cd) Wild plan
V.A / Darkside oyc -Our studio takes compilation- (cdr) Self
BELCH / 7songs demo (cdr) Self
noise x record shop DIGDIG 2018 White (t-shirt)
aaps / Tower ; okuru (7ep) I hate smoke
 NEED FOR SPEED / demo (cdr) Self
DOPEBEATROCKEND / Tmhc demo (cd) Self
ilska / Demon 201h8 (cdr) Self
ilska / Demo + 201h8 (tape) Toosmell
HAIR MONEY KIDS / Mr.good melody / Afterlight (cd) Ailet
BOOCUSS / For peace? (cd) Karabiner
BIG CITY / 大都会 (cd) Self
BACKWARD REGION / Fake end (cd) Self
EXCRETEASS / Gods reflects on grind (cd) Unacknowledge
MY OWN CHANGE / Believe in yourself, obey yourself +1song (tape) One family
LIONEL & SKM / 0867 Mega shit (cdr) One family
TILL EWING / Naked (cd)(tape) Crew for life
CRIKEY CREW / The one (cd) Yellowside
オッス!オラ和人! -OSSU! ORA KAZUTO- / st (7ep) Oni-yan
さんだるズ / Summer camp (cd) Self
HELLBRAIN / Bite the bullet (cdr) Self
TINNITVS / demo (2cdr) Self
 ERODED / In (2cd) Ritual
BIGCITY / 4 songs (cd) Self
V.A / ロードトリップ (cd) ロードトリップ
V.A / TRASH FROM CHAOS #2 (cd) 男道
CIRCLE FLEX, FCFS!, DANCE MY DUNCE, THE SPROUTS / 4way split - The bridge for your dance floor - (Lp) Surprised pops
THE RUSTED / Verkligheten (7ep) Overthrow
HAIR MONEY KIDS / Memories (cd) Tasty
V.A /Punkabilly shakes japan (cd) Rude runner
INOUE SHIRABE / Now romantic (tape) Birdfriend
REVOLUTION FOR HER SMILE, folks / split (7ep+cd) Self
TILL EWING / Highest bash in the fuckin babylon (cd) Wrong art
SKIZOPHRENIA! / Single-ticket to demo-lition (cd) Hardcore survives
LAST / Better than to do nothing (cd) Break the records
aaps / 9.10 (cd) Self

aaps / 9.10 (cd) Self

V.A / Innocent loud (cd) Roll 4ever
THE NOUP / Parede (7ep) Self
THE RUSTED / Fran Den Morka Halan (cd) Classick
HAIR MONEY KIDS / Youth film (cd) Tasty
CANARIA / 2014 demo (cdr) Self
MES / The wind and the sun (cd) High life
マビキ団 with B-BOYS / ビール少年 (cd+dvdr) Self
BROKEN HEARTS CLUB BAND dsigned by ACUTE / white (t-shirt)
BROKEN HEARTS CLUB BAND dsigned by ACUTE / gray (t-shirt)
BROKEN HEARTS CLUB BAND dsigned by ACUTE / natural (t-shirt)
BROKEN HEARTS CLUB BAND dsigned by ACUTE / light blue (t-shirt)
AGGS / st (cdr) Self

AGGS / st (cdr) Self

PIGNICK / Nick man S.M (cdr) Self
BOOCUSS / 5 (cd) Karabiner

BOOCUSS / 5 (cd) Karabiner

LIONEL / Small town, big dreams (cd) One family
CONFUSION / 3 songs demo (cdr) Self
青木泰憲 / サークル (cd) Self
THE NOUP, holeman / split (tape) Self
Luzhin / st (cd+cdr) Self

Luzhin / st (cd+cdr) Self

V.A / Get back our future ~tsuyama city punk omnibus 2013~ (cd) Vox populi
BLANKEY BARE BONES / D.o.p.e. mixed by DJ KAZSHIT (cd) Silent smoke
甘葉 / Secret paradise (cd) Silent smoke
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