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EVYLOCK / profunda bluo (cd) Falling leaves
in transmission / And still they move (cd) Falling leaves
EVYLOCK / Aurora (cd) Falling leaves
EVYLOCK, FUNERAL DINER / split (10") Somberlain
TAKEN / With regard to (cd) Falling leaves
TAKEN / Carry us until there is nothing left (2cd) Falling leaves
in transmission / First light-signal to ground (cd) Falling leaves
may silence prevail us / from lyrics to lyrics (cd) Falling leaves
IT PREVAILS, evylock / re:findings split (cd) Falling leaves
Vadim Taver / expand escape (cd) Falling leaves
IN:AVIATE / speak (cd) Falling leaves
filosofem / nihilistic calligraphy? (cd) Falling leaves
MIKOTO / Transitions (cd) Falling leaves
evylock / Into the north (cd) Falling leaves
evylock, LOST, Nature Living / 3way split -A Decade In Three Ways- (cd) Zestone/Falling leaves/Theory & practice
mikoto / we are the architects -Japanese edition- (cd+dvd) Falling leaves
TAKEN / this is forever "b--side collection & tribute to TAKEN" (cd) falling leaves
Across Five Aprils / Collapse/Living in the moment” Japanese special edition (cd) falling leaves
MIKOTO / The end of the beginning (cd) falling leaves
THE MIRACLE, COSMOS, TONITE / 3way split (cd) falling leaves
Preacher Gone To Texas / love. honor. friendship. 1999-2004 discography (cd+dvd) FALLING LEAVES RECORDS
FACE TOMORROW / The Closer You Get Japanese Edition (cd) falling leaves
MIKOTO / st 日本盤 (cd) Falling leaves
evylock / Silent spring (cd) falling leaves
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