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japanese new school、nyhc、metalcore

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SUPER STRUCTURE / 1999 (Lp) Daze
GATES OF HOPELESS / In the twilight of nocturne (cd) Retribution network
 43 URBAN / 187 (7ep) Filled with hate
she luv it, ARSEN / split (7ep) Hieb & stich
HETH / Big drip (cd) Self

HETH / Big drip (cd) Self

LASTBOSS / R35 (cd) Self

LASTBOSS / R35 (cd) Self

BLACK NADIR  / Fra dod til rom og nul (cd) Self
 GUEDE / Folie a deux (cd) Self
blue sketch. / 懊悩の魍魎 (book+dl) Self
SOUL DISCHARGE / Come again (tape) Self
nervous light of sunday / 連鎖反応 (7ep+cd+t-shirt) instill
nervous light of sunday / 連鎖反応 (7ep+cd) instill
NODAYSOFF / Life sucks balls (cd) Radical east
IN ALL SINCELITY / Unmissionaries (cd) Out ta bomb
  THORN, CRUCIAL MOMENT, CENTER WRONG UNIT / 3way split  -Born chain- (cd) Inclusive inc.
  RIOT GAME / All to much (cd) Self
 MURDER WITHIN SIN / The begining (cd) Bdm
 WINDS OF PLAGUE, xAFBx, LOYAL TO THE GRAVE / 3way split -Stronger than all- (cd) xSeventh daggerx
 GENESIS / Eternal exclamation (cd) Retribution network
  PROUD OF GRACE / Luv (cd) Death blow
 THORN, BREAK WALL, BREAKING POSITION, BOTTOMLINE / 4way split -4 Existence- (cd) Inclusive inc.
 CONVULSION / Live for never (cd) Madstar
 NUMB, MINDSNARE / split -Downside eastside- (7ep) Dea
 V.A / Versus for 2x2 loud (7ep) Baddest museum
DEVICE CHANGE ‎/ Tha vision with total control is destroy (7ep) Juke boxxx
 BIRTHPLACE / From no man's land (7ep) Out ta bomb
STATE CRAFT / Embracing serene memories in this nocturnal snowlight garden of eden (7ep) Out ta bomb
DSL / Spirit to move forward (cd) WDsounds
TENDER ABUSE / Fake love ass (cdr) Retribute
V.A / Express our will 2 (cd) 14all
HOLYKEEPER / Remembrance (cd) Out ta bomb
 V.A / Stand our ground (cd) Thc
LOYAL TO THE GRAVE / Abstract sensations (cd) Imperium
BORN FROM PAIN, BLAZE OF TERROR / split -Burn in hell- (cd) Final judgement
 H8CALL, ZAP THE ALL TOWN, DIKTATOR / 3 way split -New age creation- (cd) Brown
T.J.MAXX / What we are (cd) Pittbull japan
V.A / Okayama city hardcore punk 2020 (cd) Hioa
GxBxT Mix tape vol.2 (cd) Gxbxt
V.A / US-Japan hardcore memories (cd) Japan overseas
V.A / My Fellows compilation (cd+zine) Any fellows
CREEPOUT / Svvines and heretics (cd) Dead sky
FOETUSGOD / Plug (cd) Dead sky
KRUELTY / Immortal nightmare (cd) Dead sky
KRUELTY / Immortal nightmare (Lp) Creator-destructor
BEYOND HATE / To be continued (cd) Front of union
KRUELTY / Dying truth (Lp) Profound lore
B SIDE APPROACH / I stand alone (cd) Over thirty kids
she luv it / st (Lp) Bedouin

she luv it / st (Lp) Bedouin

EVYLOCK / profunda bluo (cd) Falling leaves
MURDER WITHIN SIN, KILL DEM ALREADY / split -Beatdown wars- (cd) Bdm
MASTERPEACE, STARTER / split -Friends forever- (cd) Juke boxxx
STRENGTH / Till death do us part (cd) 半田商会
KILL DEM ALREADY / Promo 2020 (cdr) Self
KRUELTY / Dying truth (cd) Daymare
World Collapse In My Burden / To the gate (cd) Self
SAO VICENT / Efemero (cd) Self
IT'S ALL GOOD / st (7ep) Fairly social press
STANDOUT / New breed (cd) Dirtyrats
OTUS / Murk (cd) Daymare

OTUS / Murk (cd) Daymare

T.J.MAXX / No compromise - Fight goes on (cd) Radical east
HETH / The Garden (cd) Self
SPLIT SECOND / Wicked (cd) M.a.g side
BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT / Black out (tape) Bowl head inc.
ilska, WRONG STATE / split (7ep) Fired stomp
KRUELTY, MOMENT OF TRUTH / split -The beginning to the end- (cd) Dead sky
NUMB / Death,co (cd) Impak muzik
NUMB / City of dreams (cd) Impak muzik/Stm
TO THE END / Identity killer (cd) Self
broadside / Behind the wall (cd) lastfort
QUARTER VISION / Good fellows -r.i.p- (cd) lastfort
Arbus, bilo'u / Yellow scale -the twist of 2187 x 1000- (cd) lastfort/Death blow music
Arise in Stability, ANGAGEMENT, The Rabies / The heretic's proof (cd) lastfort
Arbus / The sheep (cd) lastfort
RESENTMENT / Apathy in the holocaust (cd) Imperium
TWOFACE / Lifesize (cd) Self
Hopeless Raven, to overflow evidence / split -meant to be...- (cd) Unbroken
bbdpb -BAD BACKDROP POWER BOMB- / Borracho tope suicida (cd) Self
V.A / HARDCORE BALL 6 (cd) Straight up
HELLNE / Knew hype (cd) Straight up
TOLALL / Moment (cd) Self
FACECARZ / Dead end (cd) Bowl head inc.
FACECARZ / Dead end (cd) Bowl head inc.
AT ONE STROKE / A stroke of genius (cd) Imperium
AT ONE STROKE / An illusionistic world (cd) Imperium
universe last a ward / N.9.s. (cd) Dead sky
 KRUELTY / Promo 2019 (cdr) Self
HORSEHEAD NEBULA / Worship at the altar of Diablo (cd) Dead sky
SHIELD / 2k19 (cd) Self

SHIELD / 2k19 (cd) Self

V.A / Surplus suppression 3 (cd) Harvest
V.A / Surplus suppression 2 (cd) Harvest
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