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STAINED / No destruction, no creation (cd) Self
 IMMORTAL DEATH / Death of the immortality (tape) Self
AFTER / Am (cd) Self

AFTER / Am (cd) Self

SWORD / Xv (cdr) 7 Cosmo
  RUTHLESS INHUMANITY / Forged justice (cdr) Self
    RUTHLESS INHUMANITY / 515 Wound (cd) Self
THE ANTIDOTE / Technicless thrash (7ep) Self
TORN PICTURE / st (cdr) Self
MURDER WITHIN SIN / Break the old system (cd) Self
 THE VICTORY / Justice's casualties (cd) Self
NO SOULS SAVED / 2 song promo (cdr) Self
 SIFT / Demo 2021 (cdr) Self
BURDEN OF DESPAIR / 神聖冒涜 -Desecration- (cd) Self
NOIZEGOAT / Smoked heavy (cd) Self
EMBRACE THE WINGS / st (cd) Self
the blue leeching ambulance songs, BUSTER / Split -Early 2020- (Lp+cd) Self
MASSPRESS, NOT NICE / Split -Die Variante- (tape) Self
SIKKS SENTH / 絡繰 〜カラクリ〜 (cd) Self
 UNHOLY11 / Demo 2021 (cdr) Self
 Diskover / st (7ep) Self
GASKET, VxN, DISHxRAG / 3 way split (tape) Self
FACE CLASHER / Concave (cd) Self
GRAVAVGRAV / Garage rehearsal demo 2021 (tape) Self
ALL SHALL SUFFER / The way of pain (cd) Self
CiG / Demo 2021 (cdr) Self
LASTBOSS / R35 (cd) Self

LASTBOSS / R35 (cd) Self

BLACK NADIR  / Fra dod til rom og nul (cd) Self
 GUEDE / Folie a deux (cd) Self
TERROR CHORD / st (cd) Self
HETH / Big drip (cd) Self

HETH / Big drip (cd) Self

ABIZMO / 4 Songs demo (cdr) Self
SOUL DISCHARGE / Come again (tape) Self
NOIZEGOAT / Progressive (cd) Self
NISHIKINO / 2021 (cd) Self
MOONSCAPE / The devil's advocate (cd) Self
  Thrombosis / Euphoric chill (tape) Self
 Thrombosis / Divine goat (cd) Self
SLUTS / Shake appeal (cd) Self
TONE DEAF / st (7ep) Self

TONE DEAF / st (7ep) Self

OOPS / Out of pictures (cd) Self
Hemipenis / Into the doze of null (cd) Self
VOMITUS OF REGARDMENT / Reh.trucks #2 (cdr) Self
VOMITUS OF REGARDMENT / Reh.trucks #1 (cdr) Self
IZ / Living dead (cd) Self
 森周平 / Disconnect (zine+cdr) Self
World Collapse In My Burden / To the gate (cd) Self
SAO VICENT / Efemero (cd) Self
GASKET / The duo who lack of the gentle and the sociabiliryl (cd) Self
HETH / The Garden (cd) Self
AFTER / st (cd) Self

AFTER / st (cd) Self

sunday document, NOT GREAT MEN / split -Muddy posse- (7ep+cd) Self
TO THE END / Identity killer (cd) Self
THRH / Demo 2019 (cd) Self
 BAN THIS / Subject to change (cd) Self
HOOPSNAKE / Snowmanmoth (Lp) Self
HOOPSNAKE / Curse of the white widow (Lp) Self
TWOFACE / Lifesize (cd) Self
draw / Prolonging anxiety (cd) Self
bbdpb -BAD BACKDROP POWER BOMB- / Borracho tope suicida (cd) Self
TOLALL / Moment (cd) Self
ananas / Demo (cdr) Self
SOON / Threesome (cd) Self
CxPxS / ダンシングオールモーニング (cd) Self
alley / st (cd) Self

alley / st (cd) Self

alley / A ray of hope (cd) Self
ASHES / Find me (cd) Self

ASHES / Find me (cd) Self

SPAZZMATICS / Taiwan calling (cdr) Self
STAD FILLER / st (cd) Self

STAD FILLER / st (cd) Self

deerafter / Tops and bottoms (cdr) Self
チーターズマニア / ハードコア (cd) Self
blue sketch. / Demo 2019 (tape) Self
SUBVERSIVE RITE / Discography (cd) Self
UNARM / Discography (cd) Self
SAGOSAID / Little heaven (tape) Self
Novadies / st (cd) Self

Novadies / st (cd) Self

EYESCREAM / I scream (tape) Self
REVENANT / Demo 2019 (cd) Self
ROAR / Degeneration (cd) Self
mür mür / demo (cdr) Self
 THE EREXIONALS, NO ALL / split (7ep) Self
 leech, STRESS GHETTO / split (tape) Self
老人の仕事 / st (cd) Self
THE T.V. DINNERS / st -8songs- (cd) Self
HARVEST / Living with a godzilla complex -Best of 1994-2011- (cd) Self
BELCH / 7songs demo (cdr) Self
U.C.A / Mad rider! go mad! ride on! (cd) Self
O.U.T / Demo 2018 (cdr) Self
SLYDINGMAN / Point (cd) Self
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