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  V.A / What passing bells for these who die as cattle? (7ep) Passing bells
 the SICK / Matohazure (Lp) Vox populi
 the SICK / Matohazure (tape) Necros
世界の港町ZINE【杭】 (zine+cdr)
SKIZOPHRENIA / Undead melodies (7ep) S.k.z
SKIZOPHRENIA / Undead melodies (7ep)  Distort reality
THE RUSTED / Verkligheten (7ep) Overthrow
SKIZOPHRENIA! / Single-ticket to demo-lition (cd) Hardcore survives
LAST / Better than to do nothing (cd) Break the records
THE RUSTED / Fran Den Morka Halan (cd) Classick
V.A / Get back our future ~tsuyama city punk omnibus 2013~ (cd) Vox populi
MY OWN CHANGE / Augurio buonanno (cd+t-shirt+sticker) One family
MY OWN CHANGE / Augurio buonanno (cd) One family
DEATH DUST EXTRACTOR / Chainsaw mayhem ep (7ep) Vox populi
SKIZOPHRENIA / don't give up (7ep) Hardcore survives
the RUSTED / demo (cdr) Self
V.A / RAW PUNKZ (7ep) (cd) Vox populi
BLACK HUMOR CONTROL / demo 2012 (cdr) Self
THE GO / Oh days (cdr) Self
DISTURD / Collapse (7ep) Brutal-chaos
THE GO / demo (cdr) Self

THE GO / demo (cdr) Self

BLACK HUMOR CONTROL / demo 2011 (cdr) Self
V.A / HEAL COMP (cd) Vox populi
the SICK / フルスイングep (7ep) classick records
LAST / st (cdr) Self

LAST / st (cdr) Self

MASSGRAVE / tape e.p. (tape) Hardcore survives
MINORITY XPOSE / st (tape) Vox populi
MY OWN CHANGE / feat. GFK14 090112 (dvdr) One family
MY OWN CHANGE / for our friends (cd) one family recordings
MY OWN CHANGE / one family ep (cd) One family
TANKTOP HEROES / demo (cdr)
WHO AM I / 2000-2003 (cd) Sound or music
V.A / sound or music continuo (cd) Sound or music
V.A / sound or music (cdr) sound or music
thinkabout / It draws in the white paper (cd) Self
LAST / dead word (cdr) self
 the SICK / Matohazure (cd) Classick
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