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Limited Express (has gone?) / The sound of silence (cd) Less than TV
Limited Express (has gone?) / perfect ME (cd) Less than TV
FUCKER / きなこ オン ザ ライス (cd) Less than TV
SOCIAL PORKS x SLIGHT SLAPPERS / split (7ep) Less than TV
LESS THAN TV I ACCEPT ALL (book) Tang deng
LIMITED EXPRESS(HAS GONE?) / All ages (cd) Less than TV
ロンリー / Yamiyo (cd) Less than TV
ラミ子 / 妖精 イズ ヒア (7ep) Less than TV
COLOR ME BLOOD RED / Less than cd (cd) Less than TV
TIALA / Epitome (cd) Less than TV
PUNKUBOI / 蠅の王、ソドムの市、その他全て (cd) Less than TV
COSMIC NEUROSE / Just a fucker (cd) Less than TV
三沢洋紀と岡林ロックンロール・センター / Comic ep (tape) Less than TV
FOLK SHOCK FUCKERS / Folk shock fuckers (3) (cd) Less than TV
metrofield / ロスタイム (cd) Less than TV
The POPS / Bone ep (bone) Less than TV
The POPS / st (cd) Less than TV
Limited Express(has gone?) / Just image (cd) Less than TV
quAng duc Asylum / L.p.f. (cd+dvd) Less than TV
COSMIC NEUROSE / 魂の化石-Crime Of Nukes (cd) Less than TV
odd eyes / Thinking Ongaku Union Local 075 (cd) Less than TV
FLUID / Magic Machine Music (cd) Less than TV
NERVS / An Overturned Toy Box (blister pack cd) Less Than TV
SWARRRM, PASTAFASTA / split (cd) Less than TV
HIRATUKA DECODER / st (tape) Less than TV
デラシネ, MIKKI&THE MAUSES / split (cd) Less than TV
DANCEBEACH / Beat From Experience (cd) Less Than TV
V/ACATION / With Vacation (cd) Less Than TV
V.A / 4-Dimension Music Therapy 〜Tribute to Garorinz〜 (cd) Less than TV
TIALA / Dirty Floor In Bright (cd) Less then TV
GROUNDCOVER. / Psycho bass (cd) Less than TV
U.G MAN / ah...good (cd) Less than TV
BLACK GANION / Live at HUCK FINN "Resi In Peace... AI" (LP) LessThanTV
younGSounds / bootleg of ys (cd) Less than TV
SUSPIRIA / Cruel cross (cd) Less Than TV
TIALA, nemo / fatherfucker's operation (cd) Less Than TV
MASTERPEACE, STRIKE OUT / futurism (cd) Less Than TV
DEW UNDER / statement (7ep) Less Than TV
DEW UNDER / acknowledgement (7ep) Less Than TV
nemo / シンカイシャク55355 (cd) Less than TV
DODDODO, Limited Express (has gone?) / split (cd) Less Than TV
DEEP SLAUTER, SHIFT, TIALA / more huge tiny (cd) Less Than TV
PIGMEN / サヨナラクソ世界 (cd) Less Than TV
U.G MAN / u.g land (cd+dvd) Less than TV
idea of a joke / we are all making history. (2cd) Less Than TV
CORROSION / cops on logics (cd) LESS THAN TV
ANGEL O.D. / For all the beloved bullshit from the past,present,and future (cd) Less Than TV
デラシネ / st (cd) LESS THAN TV
SCUMPUTER / dance 2 d-beat (cd) Less Than TV
accidents in too large field / new buildings (cd) Less Than TV
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE, SCREWITHIN / hold fast afflux split (cd) less than tv
SCREWITHIN / peace as fuck (cd) less than tv
V.A / less than tv basic concept strange (cd) Less than TV
V.A / santa v.a (cd) Less Than TV
idea of a joke / st (cd) less than tv
nemo / nemoの見た4つの悪夢 (cd) less than tv
niumun, nemo / normal notes split (cd) less than tv
RISE FROM THE DEAD / crust werk (cd) less than tv
CHARM, U.G MAN / some secret split (cd) less than tv
Suspiria / pleasure of fratico (cd) less than tv
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