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ホーム altanative, indie , psychedelic, rock, pop, acid folk ...
altanative, indie , psychedelic, rock, pop, acid folk ...

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  SHEER MAG / First three eps (tape) Get better
WOLF WHISTLE / Private hell (Lp) Triple-B
THE COVENTRY AUTOMATICS AKA THE SPECIALS / Dawning of a new era (Lp) Free range
SHEER MAG / A distant call (cd)(Lp) Wilsuns recording company
HOT TANG / Mostly mallards (tape) Lauren
SNAIL MAIL / Lush (Lp) Matador
BOYGENIUS / st (Lp) Matador
BOYGENIUS / st (cd) Beat/Matador
aaps / Chilly morning (cd) I hate smoke
JULIEN BAKER / Turn out the lights (cd)(Lp) Matador
SUPERTOUCH / Flying high 95' (flexi) Triple-B
QUICKSAND / Interiors (cd)(Lp)(tape) Epitaph
JULIEN BAKER / Funeral pyre (7ep) Matador
JULIEN BAKER / Sprained ankle (Lp+7ep) Matador
JULIEN BAKER / Sprained ankle (cd) 6131
SLOWDIVE / st (Lp) Dead oceans
WEAR YOUR WOUNDS / Wyw (2cd) Daymare
FADE / demo (7ep) Speedowax
FUGAZI / 10/30/96 Sapporo,Japan counter action (cd)
BLKTOP PROJECT / Concrete jungle (cd) Rush!/ Awdr/lr2
SWANS / Love of life (Lp) Mute
SWANS / White light from the mouth of infinity (2Lp) Mute
As/SS/gZ, WHITE HOSPITAL / 録音鬼特別盤 Rokuonki extra! live aktion 4.18 (2cd) Taste
COLD CAVE / Full cold moon (Lp) Deathwish
WILD HONEY / Sleep through it (Lp) Deranged
WILDHONEY / Seventeen forever (7ep) Photobooth
WHIRR, NOTHING / split (Lp+dvd) Run for cover
WHIRR / Sway (cd)(Lp) Graveface
FUGAZI / First demo (cd)(Lp) Dischord
FUGAZI / st -7 songs- (Lp) Dischord
FUGAZI / Red medicine (cd)(tape) Dischord
FUGAZI / The argument (cd) (Lp) Dischord
FUGAZI / In on the kill taker (cd) (Lp) Dischord
FLESH WORLD / A line in wet grass (7ep) Iron lung
MARY BUTTERWORTH / st (cd) Qccs productions
DEATH OF LOVERS / Buried under a world of roses (Lp) Deathwish
WATTER / This world (cd) Temporary residence
MARY BUTTERWORTH / st (cd) Qccs productions
NOTHING / Guilty of everything (cd) (Lp) Relapse
ANNE / Pulling chain (cd) (Lp) Run for cover
THE MORNING AFTER GIRLS / The general public (7ep) Tee pee
HOPEWELL / Another music (cd) Tee pee
ANTELOPE / Crowns (cd) Dischord
ANTELOPE / st (cd) Dischord

ANTELOPE / st (cd) Dischord

ANTELOPE / Reflector (cd) Dischord
WHIRR / Around (cd) (Lp) (tape) Graveface
COLD CAVE / Oceans with no end (7ep) Deathwish
NOTHING / Downward years to come (Lp) A389
ANNE / Power Exchange (7ep) Run For Cover
WHIRR / Distressor (Lp) Graveface
WHIRR, MONSTER MOVIE / split (7ep) Graveface
WHIRR / Pipe dreams (cd)(Lp) Tee pee
WHIRR / Pipe dreams (tape) Sea legs
ANNE / Dream punx (Lp) A389

ANNE / Dream punx (Lp) A389

MICE PARADE / Candela (cd) P-vine
Cap Lori / Lazy Eyes (cdr) Half yogurt
Cap Lori / Bored as a Beast (cd) Half yogurt
ALASKAS / Set Yourself Free (cdr) Half yogurt
Le Ton Mite / 21 Chansons (cdr) Half yogurt
BUSMAN'S HOLIDAY / Old Friends (cdr) Half yogurt
Generifus / the water from the well (cd) Half yogurt
Dennis Driscoll / the Sunken Bicycle (cd) Half yogurt
ED ASKEW / So (cd) Haly yogurt
JESUS LIZARD / Liar (cd) Touch & Go
JESUS LIZARD / Goat (cd) Touch & Go
JESUS LIZARD / Head-pure (cd) Touch & Go
FUGAZI / Steady Diet of Nothing (cd) Dischord
FUGAZI / End Hits (cd) Dischord
FUGAZI / Repeater + 3 Songs (cd) Dischord
FUGAZI / 13 Songs (cd) Dischord
SCREAM / Complete Control Sessions (10") Side one dummy
Essendon Airport /  Palimsest  (cd) Chapter Music
Ty Segall / Singles 2007-2010 (cd) Goner
Youth Lagoon /  The Year Of Hibernation (cd) Fat Possum
Archers Of Loaf /  Vee Vee (cd) Merge Records
Damon & Naomi with Ghost /  Damon & Naomi with Ghost (cd) Drag City
Bonnie Prince Billy /  Wolfroy Goes To Town (cd) Drag City
Wild Flag /  Wild Flag (cd) Merge Records
Destroyer /  Kaputt (cd) Merge Records
Ducktails /  Landscapes (cd) Plancha
Social Climbers /  Social Climbers (cd) Drag City
Superchunk / On The Mouth (lp) Merge Records
Big Troubles / Romantic Comedy (cd) Slumberland
Jad Fair & Tenniscoats / Enjoy Your Life (cd) Sweet Dreams
VA / No New York (cd) Lilith

VA / No New York (cd) Lilith

Butthole Surfers / Live PCPPEP (lp) Floatum Scroyum / Alternative tentacles
Butthole Surfers / Brown Reason to Live (lp) Alternative tentacles
Kitchen's Floor / Look Forward To Nothing (lp) Siltbreeze
Dinosaur Jr. / Dinosaur (lp) Jagjaguwar
Dinosaur Jr. / You're Living All Over Me (lp) Jagjaguwar
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