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ホーム Daymare

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BLACK GANION, ORdER / Split (7ep) Daymare
KANDARIVAS, SWARRRM / split -Layered chimera- (cd) Daymare
 BLACK GANION / Ethnocentrism - End time dub (Earhammer remix) (tape) Daymare
  ENGINE KID / Bear catching fish novocaine astronaut (2cd) Daymare
ENGINE KID / Angel wings + Iceburn split - Everything left (2cd) Daymare
GREENMACHiNE / st (cd)(Lp) Daymare
XIBALBA / Anos en infierno (cd) Daymere
XIBALBA / Anos en infierno (cd)(Lp) Southern lord
KRUELTY / A Dying truth (cd) Daymare
KRUELTY / A Dying truth (Lp) Profound lore
OTUS / Murk (cd) Daymare

OTUS / Murk (cd) Daymare

COFFINS / Beyond the circular demise (cd) Daymare
COFFINS / Beyond the circular demise (Lp) Relapse
ENDON, SWARRRM / split -歪神論 Evil little things- (cd) Daymare
GREENMACHiNE / Mountains of madness (cd) Daymare
BB / Black babel (cd) Daymare
GRANULE / Pain ritual & life (cd) Daymare
GRANULE / Pain ritual & life (Lp) Bedouin
FRIENDSHIP / Undercurrent (cd) Daymare
FRIENDSHIP / Undercurrent (Lp) Southern lord
BLACK GANION / Third (cd) Daymare
JESUS PIECE / Only self (cd) Daymare
SLEEP / The science of (cd) Daymare
COFFINS, SECOND TO NONE / split -Nine cocoons of dens to F- (cd) Daymare
NEPENTHES / Confusion (cd) Daymare
Boris / Dear (3Lp) Daymare

Boris / Dear (3Lp) Daymare

Boris / Dear (2cd) Daymare

Boris / Dear (2cd) Daymare

FRIENDSHIP / Hatred (cd) Daymare
FRIENDSHIP / Hatred (Lp) Southern lord
FULL OF HELL / Trumpeting ecstasy (cd) Daymare
WEAR YOUR WOUNDS / Wyw (2cd) Daymare
ENDON / Bodies (cd) Daymare

ENDON / Bodies (cd) Daymare

BORIS / Pink -deluxe edition- (2cd) Daymare
heaven in her arms / 白暈 (cd) Daymare
GREENMACHiNE, HANGMAN'S CHAIR / split (cd) Daymare
BORIS + ENDON / Eros (Lp) Daymare
Boris / Mr.shortkill (Lp) Daymare
Boris with Merzbow / 現象 -Gensho- Expanded edition (4cd) Daymare
NEPENTHES / Scent (cd) Daymare
BLACK BREATH / Slaves beyond death (cd) Daymare
XIBALBA / Tierra y libertad (cd) Daymare
FULL OF HELL / Full of hell & merzbow (2cd) Daymare
GODFLESH / A world lit only by fire (2cd) Daymare
SWARRRM / Flower (cd) Daymare
ENDON / Bodies (12") Daymare
ENDON / Mama (cd) Daymare

ENDON / Mama (cd) Daymare

BORIS / Archive II (3cd) Daymare
BORIS / Noise (2Lp) Daymare

BORIS / Noise (2Lp) Daymare

GODFLESH / Decline and fall (cd) Daymare
EYEHATEGOD / st (cd) Daymare

EYEHATEGOD / st (cd) Daymare

NOOTHGRUSH, COFFINS / split (cd) Daymare
TOUCHE AMORE / Is survived by (cd) Daymare
HEAVEN IN HER ARMS, COHOL / 刻光 (cd) Daymare
CONVERGE / Caring & killng (cd) Daymare
BL'AST / Blood (cd) Daymare

BL'AST / Blood (cd) Daymare

JESU / Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came (2cd) Daymare
ALL PIGS MUST DIE / Nothing violates this nature (cd) Daymare
boris / vein (2cd) Daymare

boris / vein (2cd) Daymare

boris / 目をそらした瞬間 -the thing which solomon overlooked- chronicle  (4cd) Daymare
boris / praparat (Lp) Daymare
THE SECRET / Agnus Deli (cd) Daymare
BURNING LOVE / Rotten Thing To Say (cd) Daymare

BURNING LOVE / Rotten Thing To Say (cd) Daymare

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OM / Advaitic Songs (cd) Daymare
HIGH ON FIRE / Art Of Self Defense (cd) Daymare
SLEEP / Dopesmoker (2cd)  Daymare
ISIS / Live I-VI (6cd) Daymare 
JK FLESH  / Posthuman (2cd) Daymare
BLACK BREATH / Senetence To Life (cd) Daymare
CAVE IN / White Silence (cd) Daymare
BORIS / Heavy Rocks (cd) Daymare
BORIS / Attention Please (cd) Daymare
BORIS / New Album (2Lp) Daymare
BORIS with MERZBOW / Klatter (Lp) Daymare
EARTH / A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra Capsular Extraction (cd) Daymare
JESU / Heart Ache&Dethrones (2cd) Daymare
BORIS&IAN ASTBURY / Bxi (cd) Daymare
BORIS / Variations + Live in Japan (cd+dvd) Daymare
FAR / At Night We Live (cd) Daymare
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN / Option Paralysis (cd) Daymare
CAVE IN / Planets Of Old (cd+dvd) Daymare
BLACK COBRA / Chronomega (cd) Daymare
JESU / Opiate Sun (cd) Daymare
OM / God Is Good (cd) Daymare
TORCHE, BORIS / split (cd) Daymare
JESU / Pale Sketches (2cd) Daymare \2730
JESU / Infinity (2cd) Daymare
GREYMACHINE / Disconnected (cd) Daymare
SUNN O))) / Monoliths & Dimensions (cd) Daymare
ISIS / Wavering Radiant (cd) Daymare
JESU / st (2cd) Daymare

JESU / st (2cd) Daymare

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