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 SYSTRAL / Black smoker (cd) Chrome saint magnus /Edison
HABAK / Ningun Muro Consiguio Jamas Contener la Primavera - どんな壁も春を閉じこめることはできなかった (cd) 3La -Longlegslongarms
ennui / two songs (tape) day zero collective
ennui, apostles of eris / split (7ep) day zero collective
REVERSAL OF MAN / Nothing more nothing less (3Lp) Repeater
JEROMES DREAM / Presents (Lp)(tape) Iodine
NØ MAN / Erase & Devils cast long shadows (cd) Longlegslongarms
YAGE / Anders leben!? (Lp) La agonía de vivir
 URANUS / Disaster by design (Lp) Farewell
 SLOW FIRE PISTOL / Rabbit town blues (Lp) Triple-B
DAITRO / Complete discography -2nd press- (3cd) Longlegslongarms
 YOU AND I / Complete (2Lp) Repeater
  PAGENINETYNINE -PG.99- / Document #7 (Lp) Magic bullet
  JEROMES DREAM / st (Lp) Microspy
SYSTRAL / Fever... the maximum carnage (10") Per koro
 MINION / st (7ep) Paracelsius
CAROL / Prefabricated (7ep) Per koro
FRAIL BODY / A brief memoriam (cd)(Lp) Deathwish
CAROL / 1996 reconstructed (cd) Per koro
CAROL / 1996 reconstructed (Lp) Per koro
FUNERAL DINER / Swept under (cd) Cosmic note
SUPER UNISON / Stella (cd)(Lp) Deathwish
MANRAE / Pacata hibernia (7ep) Ebullition
CITY OF CATERPILLAR / Complete discography (2cd) Longlegslongarms
graf orlock / Crime traveler (cd) Cosmic note
mira / st (cdr) Self

mira / st (cdr) Self

CINEMECHANICA / st (cd) Stiff slack
SAETIA / Collected (2Lp) Secret voice
AMPERE, RAEIN / split (8") No idea
SUIS LA LUNE / Distance/closure (Lp) Topshelf
THE BLACK HEART REBELLION / Har nevo (Lp)  Adagio830
TOUCHE AMORE & SELF DEFENSE FAMILY / Self love (7ep) Deathwish
DAIGHILA / Transitions (cd) Cactus
SED NON SATIATA, CARRION SPRING / split (Lp) Protagonist
WALLS / The future is wide open (Lp) Iron lung
SL'S3 / Con la venda hacia la pared (cd) Longlegslongarms
TOUCHE AMORE / Is survived by (cd) Daymare
DEAFHEAVEN / Sunbather (cd) Deathwish
LOMA PRIETA, RAEIN / split (7ep) Deathwish
COMADRE / st (cd) Cosmic note
SWING KIDS / Situations On Mars-Fake Teeth (7ep) Three one G
WE WERE SKELETONS / Blame & aging (cd) (Lp) Topshelf
INDIAN SUMMER / Hidden Arithmetic (Lp) Adagio380
AUSSITOT MORT / Discographie (Lp) Adagio830/Ifb/Moment of collapse
IGNITION / Complete services (cd) Dischord
INDIAN SUMMER / st (12") Adagio 830
AUSSITOT MORT / La ride du lion (12") Adagio830
NEBRASKA / st (7ep)

NEBRASKA / st (7ep)

SUIS LA LUNE / Riala (cd) Topshelf
YAGE / Some Time Of A Time (2Lp) Altin Village
WE WERE SKELETONS / st (cd) Topshelf
THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE / After The Lights (cd) Topshelf
		 PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH / The Lack Long After (cd) Topshelf
PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH / Old Pride (cd) Topshelf
CARAVELS / Dream Beaver-Girth Impression (7ep) Topshelf
FLORENCE AND LIBBY, WE WERE SKELETONS, PAXTON, KIDS / 4way split (Lp) Square of opposition
MERCHANT SHIPS / For Cameron (tape) Count your lucky stars
THE THIRD MEMORY, ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF ACHING / split (7ep) Ape must not kill ape
TRAINWRECK / If There's Light It Will Find You (12") Vitriol
SUNSHINE / Necromance (cd) Dayafter
TIDAL / Moment (Lp) Ape must not kill ape
RAEIN / Sulla Linea D'Orizzonte Tra Questa Mia Vita E Quella Di Tutti (Lp) Self
Shat Shorts / Seersucker and Sundresses (tape) Keep it together
FAT DAY / Smell me silly (7ep) HG fact
ANGEL HAIR / Pregnant with the senior class (cd) Gravity
THE FIRE NEXT TIME / Sound of a threat (cd) Dim mak

THE FIRE NEXT TIME / Sound of a threat (cd) Dim mak

希望小売価格: 1,500円
THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE / You Will Not Survive (cd) Panic
DAITRO / Vinyl Collected (Lp) Adagio630
KNUT / wonder (cd) Hydra head
TRAINWRECK / Of Concrete Canyons and Inner Wastelands (cd) Cosmic Note
KAOSPILOT / Shadows (Lp) Magic Bullet
BUCKET FULL OF TEETH / IV (cd) Level plane
TRAINWRECK / discography 2005-2008 (cd) No memories
HOLY MOLAR / cavity search (7ep) three one g
ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF ACHING, KIAS FANSURI / Split (7ep) Ape must not kill ape
RORSCHACH / Remain sedate-Protestant (2Lp) GERN BLANDSTEN
RORSCHACH / Remain sedate-Protestant (cd) GERN BLANDSTEN
THE ASSAILANT / Nurse (7ep) Init
SINKING STEPS RISING EYES / Majestic Blue (cd) Init
ADORNO / Year One (cd) Protagonist
ELDER / Reflect (Lp+cd) Forge again
KITE FLYING SOCIETY / a discography (cd) Init
TOWERS / full circle (cd) Init
BUILDING BETTER BOMBS / Freak out squares (cd) Init
Sleeping In Gethsemane / Burrows (cd) Init
KIDCRASH / snacks (Lp) Init

KIDCRASH / snacks (Lp) Init

KIDCRASH / snacks (cd) Init

KIDCRASH / snacks (cd) Init

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