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BRUO / Demo 2024 (tape) Fired stomp
MEANING OF LIFE / Emo-edge-jump-core (Lp) One step
MAKE IT LAST / 死の商人は誰だ? (7ep) カタギ
 SLIDE, ELEMENTS 4 UPWARD / split -Can we kick it?- (cd) Self
TRUE FIGHT / We're going we don't need roads (7ep) Fired stomp
CiG / Demo 2021 (cdr) Self
NO LIMIT / Nexstart (cd) M.a.g side
MAKE MENTION OF SIGHT / Light and shade (cd) Soul age
FOR LIFE / Bright (cd) Cosmic note
BRAVE OUT, FEEL THE BURN, ALL x IN / 3way split (cd) Fired stomp
WEIGHT / Under uncontrol (cd) Weight
V.A / Now is the time 2 (cd) Radical east
ONELINE / We are back!!! (cdr) Self
WILLFUL MISTAKES / Nausea (cd) Weekend stand
SOUL DISCHARGE / Strictly groove (cd) Self
MY OWN CHANGE / Believe in yourself, obey yourself +1song (tape) One family
DRIVEN / demo 2017 (tape) Fired stomp
STAND UNITED / 此処に立つ理由 (7ep) Six feet under
BRAVE OUT / Growing distance (7ep) Fired stomp
SAFE HARBOR / Make new one (cd) Self
BROKEN RUST / Our story never ends (cd) Soul age
BROKEN RUST / Our story never ends (Lp+cd) Soul age
CUT BACK / Green room (cd) Radical east
CUT BACK / Green room (tape) Final letter
FOR LIFE / Make our way (cd) Cosmic note
MEANING OF LIFE / Refuse to lies (cd) Straight up
SOUL DISCHARGE / Unconditional love (cd) Self
V.A / For our same will (7ep) Soul age
ALEXI / My will my way (cd) Self
FOURxFOUR / Unbreakable line (cd) Tohoku hardcore connection
MAKE IT LAST / Lower east side tokyo (cd) カタギ
FEEDBACK MY SON / 5 -faiv- (cd) Back room factory
SOUL DISCHARGE / demo 2013 (tape) Self
MAKE MENTION OF SIGHT / Live tape (tape) Final letter
PROTECT / proud ones... (cd) Straight up
PROTECT / proud ones... (USED cd) Straight up
NO CHOICE IN THIS MATTER / Togetherness (cd) Straight up
GIVE LIFE / Indomitable (cd) Grandside
FOR LIFE, MAKE IT LAST, SOUL DISCHARGE / 3way split -Change it from inspiration to form- (cdr) Self
MY OWN CHANGE / Augurio buonanno (cd+t-shirt+sticker) One family
MY OWN CHANGE / Augurio buonanno (cd) One family
THIS IS TOKYO (tape) No longer
SOUL DISCHARGE / demo 2012 (cdr) Self
FOUR x FOUR / Connection not dead (cd) Thc
MEANING OF LIFE / We trust our insight (cd) Straight up
RUNNER / Voices (cd) Self

RUNNER / Voices (cd) Self

DOWN THE LINE / demo 2012 (cdr) Self
Feedback my son / Fight a good fight (cd) Back room factory
FC FiVE / Dandelions blues (cd) Neuse
 FC FiVE / The Anthems (cd) Neuse
FIVE NO RISK / Now here man (cd) Front of union
MEANING OF LIFE, FOR THE LIVING / Split (7ep) Radical east
NO LIMIT / Uniahead (cd) Take pro
INSIDE / Tokyo Straight Edge E.P. (7ep) Six feet under/Alliance trax
MAKE MENTION OF SIGHT / st (cd) Straight up
V.A / It's Our Endless Battery (7ep) Final letter
YOUTH ISSUE / hate-anger (2tape) No longer
BOSTON X / demo 2011 (cd) Self
ANMA / Anti Negative Mental Attitude (cd) Straight up
可燃引火 / 全仕事集 -discogrphy- (cd) Final letter
ILL COMMUNICATION / Kickin' Your Head (cd) Cosmic note
COSMOS / demo 2010 (cdr) Self
FIVE NO RISK / My pulse (cd) Front of union
V.A. / BURNING MY SOUL (cd) Straight up
COURAGE FOR LEAGUE / Passion, Pursuit, Love And Hardcore (cd) Radical east
FALLING APART / rape idiotic preconception (cdr) Self
ANTICIPATION, FALLING APART / split (cd) Final letter
FEEDBACK MY SON / Revive the my lost hope (cd) Self
MY OWN CHANGE / one family ep (cd) One family
STRAIGHT BALL PLAYERZ / demo (cdr) self
MY OWN CHANGE / for our friends (cd) one family recordings
EVEN TODAY / st (cd) 330

EVEN TODAY / st (cd) 330

EF / The Caught Sense Of Values Is Destroyed (cd) Straight up
AR-15 / Just go this way (cd) Straight up
Y.D.B, FIVE NO RISK / split (cd) Vato
COURAGE FOR LEAGUE / songs for unity (cd) Radical east
511 / sonosakinomukoue... (cd) Hi-pressure
FOURxFOUR / the die is cast (cd) club kick out/thc
AND BELIEVE / moment never fade (cd) Alliance trax
GIVE LIFE / demo 2008 (cdr)
LAST ONE STANDING / From the posi street (cd) Radical east
LAST ONE STANDING / Break the silence (cd) Radical east
FRIENDS FOREVER / Real state of things (cd) Alliance trax
COUNT OF STRENGTH / stand this place (cd) self
FC FiVE / Super bloom (cd) neuse record
THE MIRACLE, COSMOS, TONITE / 3way split (cd) falling leaves
MY LOVE / time to find the exit (cd) Central plaza
69BUG, KEEP YOUR HEARTS / split (cd)
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