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CRIPPLER LBU / st (cd) Rucktion
PROWLER / The curse (cd) Rucktion
IRONED OUT / In these days (cd) Rucktion
BROKEN OATH / Given half a chance (cd) Rucktion
RUCKTION / Logo (t-shirt) Rucktion
RUCKTION / Logo (snapback) Rucktion
INJURY TIME, WISDOM IN CHAINS / split (cd) Rucktion
BUN DEM OUT / st (cd) Rucktion
SURGE OF FURY / In My Tox City (cd) Rucktion
STOUT / Sleep Bitch (cd) Rucktion
SPECIAL MOVE / curse of the blackwater (cd) Rucktion
KARTEL / rise of the guttersnipe (cd) Rucktion record
SIX FT DITCH / unlicensed cemetary (cd) Rucktion record
SIX FT DITCH / face of the death (cd) Rucktion record
SPECIAL MOVE / return of the 3 swords (cd) Rucktion record
SPECIAL MOVE / level 4 the game of death (cd) Rucktion
TRC / Destroy and rebuild (cd) Rucktion record
HELLBENT DIEHARD / st (cd) Rucktion record
BROKEN OATH / Blood Cleanse The Streets (cd) Rucktion
NINEBAR / Urban Legends 2005 (cd) Rucktion record
BLADES OF UNITY / Backpack Full Of C4 (cd) Rucktion record
KNUCKLEDUST / Dustography (2cd) Rucktion
TAKING NAMES / This Guided Youth (cd) Rucktion record
SPECIAL MOVE / Dark Overlord (cd) Rucktion record
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