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CE$ / Bctrbdss est2011 Beatdown College (cd)
  CE$ / Summer madness (cd) WDsounds/Wanderman
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay vol.12 (cd) Midnightmeal
TEE-$HORT / Da Morbid Ballaz "Golden era of the bay area raps" mix (tape) DMB production
  CE$ & ATOSONE / Needles (cd) Royalty club
   ISAZ x RAMZA / G house session vol.1 (cd) G house
  ETERNAL STRIFE / This town (cd) WDsounds
  GRINGOOSE / Timeless toke (cd) Prilmal/Seminishukei
MASS-HOLE / Roc&henessy (cd) WDsounds
JUNPLANT / South treibe (cd) Royalty club
DJ BISON / Keep eyes open (cd) Royalty club
 CE$ / mix for stacks“Reading Soundtrack” (cd) Stacks
CAMPANELLA & SHOBBIECONZ / Ore la in ya area (cd) Royalty club
DJ HOLIDAY a.k.a 今里 from STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / Flipping many birds. -selected tunes from Doctor Bird- (cd) Octave-lab
MASS-HOLE / Lost waves (cd) Midnightmeal
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay vol.11 (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / Doze (cd) WDsounds
DJ HOLIDAY / Tunes for rude boy vinnie 2 (cd) WDsounds
BUSHMIND / Days in our steps 2 (cd) Royalty club
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / I want it all (cd) Royalty club
RAMZA / K-town mix vol.4 (cd) Self
DJ SEROW / Back to square one (cd) Midnightmeal
ISAZ / Atelier. (cd) Office miyata
DJ BLOCKCHECK / Butter melt (cd) Royalty club
DJ HOLIDAY A.K.A 今里 FROM STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / Still listening to Ariwa tunes from my girlfriend's console stereo. (cd) Ariwa/Octave-lab
DJ HOLIDAY A.K.A 今里 FROM STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / Still listening to Ariwa tunes from my girlfriend's console stereo. (cd+t-shirt) Ariwa/Octave-lab
16FLIP / Tree mix (cd) Dogear
 16FLIP, DUMBO / Tree mix & Tree (cd+incense) Dogear
ILL-TEE / Baysick instinct (cd) Midnightmeal
BUSHMIND / New β sound (cd) Seminishukei
ISAZ / Born under a bad sign (cd) Royalty club
DJ HOLIDAY / The soundtrack for the hood by the hood of the hood (tape) badads™
GRIN GOOSE / The soundtrack for the hood by the hood of the hood (tape) badads™
MIKUMARI as Mikumarinradin / Smoke box (cd) Royalty club
CE$ / When it's time,it's time. (cd) Royalty club
ATOSONE / Sunshine mara (cd) RCslum
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay vol.10 (cd) Midnightmeal
DJ BISON / Pool float (cd) Midnightmeal
ETERNAL STRIFE / Troubles are back in town (cd) Royalty club
MASS-HOLE / 82dogs tape (cd) Midnightmeal
BUSHMIND / Riding in my rac vol.01 (cd) Seminishukei
MAMIMUMEMOSU / 30 (cdr) Seminishukei
DJ MALTA / Voice from valis (cd) Spliffade
16FLIP / 180 Atomosphere 8 (cd) Dogear
16FLIP / 180 Atomosphere 9 (cd) Dogear
BUSHMIND / Ultimate covered collection Vol.6 - Tighten up - (cdr) Seminishukei
 BUSHMIND / Groove me (cdr) Seminishukei
GQ & ENDRUN / 24hours (cd) 24hrs
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Everybody needs a sundae (cd) Seminishukei
DJ SEROW / Bluemoon (cd) Midnightmeal
RAMZA / I stay in the mood (cd) Royalty club
MASS-HOLE & DJ SIN-NO-SKE / Blood&sportz (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / Queens and kings vol.2 (cd) WDsounds
CHANG YUU from DOWN NORTH CAMP / Revolt in town (cd) Dogear
HURAMINGOS (YODEL & CHANGYUU) / Huramingos (cd) Dogear
DJ HIGHSCHOOL & BUSHMIND / Lieutenant's aquarium vol.2 (cd) Seminishukei
YUKSTA-ILL x DJ BLOCKCHECK / Abyss mix (cd) Rcslum
RYO KOBAYAKAWA / Feed (cd) Royalty club
16FLIP / 180 Atomosphere 7 (cd) Dogear
CE$ / Look back and luv. (cd)
COTTONDOPE / Marouder's taproom (cd) Midnightmeal
DJ 49 / The sweetest holiday (cd) Under throne production
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay vol.9 (cd) Midnightmeal
DJ HOLIDAY A.K.A 今里 FROM STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / Ariwa's tunes from my girlfriend's console stereo. (cd)  Ariwa/Octave-lab
OWLBEATS / Seaside performer (cd) Royalty club
ONE-LAW & J-SCHEME / Tokyo east side locos (cd) WDsounds
DJ MALTA / Swingin garden (cdr) Spliffade
K-FLASH / Earsupplemental [Magnechillm] (cd) Listenup
CE$ / Dog day afternoon (cd) Furious/afterbase
BUSHMIND / Rulers with richness (cd) O-rich
MASS-HOLE / White tape (cd) Midnightmeal
BUGDAT / Firefly (cd) Midnightmeal
ATOSONE, CE$ / Theodore linus (cd) Royalty club
FREE BABYRONIA / Music of royalty select (cd) Royalty club
K-FLASH / 修羅地獄 [演歌黒選] (cd) Listen up
ATOSONE / Snow will thaw a frozen heart (cdr) Royalty club
FOOT CLUB (DJ Highschool + DJ Bison) / Vol.2 The O'hare (cd) Seminishukei
ONE-LAW / 7inch street mix (cdr)
OVERALL & BUSHMIND / Over the borders (cd) Seminishukei
CE$ / Gloomy sky (cdr)

CE$ / Gloomy sky (cdr)

MASS-HOLE as BLACKASS / Telephone my girlfriend on a cold dai (cd) Midnightmeal
DJ SIN-NO-SKE / Route 19 (cd) Midnightmeal
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay 8 (cd) Midnightmeal
YANOMI for OBRIGARRD / Man in the women (cd) Royalty club
SUPER-D / Blue rain (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / Both side (cd) Midnightmeal
SQUADRON & MARK LOAFER / Five o'clock shadow (cdr) Dogbite
DJ ONE-LAW / 2Pacs… (cdr)
MASS-HOLE / Food's dealer "Special mix tape set" (tape+long sleeve tape) Midnightmeal
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Boys and girls (cd) Royalty club
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