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Forbear / 8songs (cd) Like a fool
石の犬, SHONEN BAT / split -Post marked stamps #6- (cd) Soul ameria
nim / Mushy (10") Fabtone

nim / Mushy (10") Fabtone

FUTURINA, ELLIOTT GREEN / split -Post marked stamps #5- (cd) Soul ameria
falls / Martyr (cd) Waterslide
good luck with your fun / It follows me around (cd) Waterslide
DAIEI SPRAY / Can't truss it (7ep) Debauch mood
SEMENTOS, Older / split -Post marked stamps #3- (cd) Soul ameria
WE ARE ON FIRE, CUTHBARTS / split -Post marked stamps #2- (cd) Soul ameria
   STANDALONE / Dignified (cd) Self
Curve / Till the end -10th anniversary edition- (cd) Ungulates
CONGURATULATIONS / st (10") Like a fool
KIWIROLL / Squeeze (Lp) Kilikilivilla
くだらない1日 / Rebound (cd) ungulates
BEAGLE / Givee me chocolate (7ep) Longslope
THE MAYTH / Into the dawn (cd) Impulse
  MIDSENTENCE / 2 songs (tape) kültti kasetti
  PLUG / N478255033H48324 (cd) Straight up
TEACH / Three arrows (cd) Self
 Diskover / st (7ep) Self
Curve / Satellites (cd) Impulse
DIGNITY FOR ALL / Discography (Lp) Slow down/Soul ameria/rufen publishings
DIE COMMUNICATIONS / The world is beautiful complex (cd) Fixing a hole
TURNING CENTER / Wither (cd) Fixing a hole
Discharming man / Pole & aurora (cd) 十三月
 CLIMB THE MIND / 蕾 (cd) Stiff slack
deerafter / Cardboard (cd) Friend of mine
THE GUAYS / あきらめることをあきらめたんだ (cd) 十三月
THE GUAYS / あきらめることをあきらめたんだ (Lp) 十三月
OWEN / The avalanche (t-shirt) Big scary monsters
V.A / O2O2 the eyes behind the eyes (cd) Self
TEENAGE BONEHEADS / Fucking gone and completely... forgotten! (cd) I Hate smoke
fog / オーバーフロウ (cd) Further platonic
Gale Boetticher / st (7ep) Imakinn
Fireplay / Dirt (cd) Impulse
GAME CENTER / さよならサバーバン (cd) Tokei
GAME CENTER / 2010 (7ep) Tokei
DAIEI SPRAY / Behind the wall (Lp+cd)(cd)  Debauch mood/Sakanade
ache / Tired (cd) urban sleep discs/ imakinn
SUMMERMAN, NO EDGE / Split (cd) Super Capsaicin
 I LIKE YOUNG GIRL / Summer (cd) Super Capsaicin
And Protector / Orange juice (cd) Cosmic note
BEYONDS / The world changed into sunday afternoon (10"+cd+dvd) Kilikilivilla
SOON / Threesome (cd) Self
RETROGRADE97 / Demo 2019 (cd) Self
ASHES / Find me (cd) Self

ASHES / Find me (cd) Self

tatami / ふらち (cd) Imy
The Roofdogs / This time will never change me (tape) I hate smoke
deerafter / Tops and bottoms (cdr) Self
VISTA / Past days, official incomplete sessions (cd) Novembre
4BROTHERS / Someday somewhere (cd) Raw calorie/Stiffslack
DIRTY SATELLITES / Eight shades of blue (cd) Impulse
BEYONDS / Unlucky (Lp+cd+dvd) kilikilivilla
GAME CENTER / I have to go home (cd) Pure arrow
TURNCOAT / My dear ex... (cd) Waterslide
SCREAMING FAT RAT / Round midnight, congested life -Complete sessions 1995-2001 (2cd) Synchronicity sounds
control / Letter never sent (7ep) Imakinn
either / Endless summer ends (cd) I hate smoke
DENOMI / It's never too late, go forward. (cd) With one accord
folks / あたたかい (cd) Impulse
CURVE / Hundred miles (cd) Sameblue
NOWON / Pop destroyed pop (cd) Hardcore kitchen
THE T.V. DINNERS / st -8songs- (cd) Self
Hi-STANDARD / The gift (Lp) Fat wreck chords
MODERN GOODDAYS / This is the modern gooddays world that I've learnt about. this is the modern gooddays world, we don't need no one (cd) Fixing a hole
SLYDINGMAN / Point (cd) Self
PEAR OF THE WEST / Blue (cd) 3p3b ltd.
DOPEBEATROCKEND / Tmhc demo (cd) Self
nim / Mellow kong (cd) keep and walk
ACCIDENTE / 2011-2015 (cd) Vox populi
smell / 海と少年 (cd) Satire
EMITATION / Distribution channel of the three clouds (cd) Raw calorie
falls / Egg hunt (cd) Toosmell
AND PROTECTOR, HOLLOW SUNS / split (cd) Cosmic note
THE BECAUSE / Get out through the back door (Lp) Debauch mood
SUMMERMAN / fan (cd) Self

SUMMERMAN / fan (cd) Self

THE FIREWOOD PROJECT / Causes (cd) Mos tracks
bows / Neverunite (7ep) Waterslide
YOUR PEST BAND / Old springhead (cd) Snuffy smiles
YOUR PEST BAND / Old springhead (2Lp+cd) Snuffy smiles
YOUR PEST BAND / Something never changes (7ep) Snuffy smiles/Brassneck
nim / Searchlight (cd) Keep and walk
CROCODILE GOD & THE CORPSE / split (cd) Fixing a hole
PARKMATES / Life is park (cd) Fixing a hole
MORGUE SIDE CINEMA / Mud, light, exit, water (cd) Ch cargo
HAIR MONEY KIDS / Mr.good melody / Afterlight (cd) Ailet
STAND ALONE / Think backward (cd) Self
BOOCUSS / For peace? (cd) Karabiner
BIG CITY / 大都会 (cd) Self
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