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KULARA / 1997-2001 hue (2cd) Mitsu
KULARA / Fragmental remembrance, a switch of resurrection, and my hearing vanished (2Lp) Energy crow
SEROTONIN MIST / demo 2024 (cdr) Self
THE ACT WE ACT / フリッカー (Lp) Kyusu
TIALA / Thirst (cd) Mistake studio /Bushbash
   xonto / orbis (cd) Self

xonto / orbis (cd) Self

FIXED / Num (cd) Fixit

FIXED / Num (cd) Fixit

To overflow evidence / Seep (cd) Unbroken
biliardo, Pyre / split -Post marked stamps #4- (cd) Soul ameria
MEIAN / 遠ざかる (cd)(tape) Northern sadness productions
cold winter / 『人間といえば?』『愚か!』『ですが…』 (cd)(tape) Northern sadness productions
raika / Hope (cd) Self

raika / Hope (cd) Self

envy / Seimei (10") Sonzai

envy / Seimei (10") Sonzai

yarmulke / st (cd) Self

yarmulke / st (cd) Self

TRIKORONA / 様々な困惑 (cd + flexi) Hello from the gutter
.islea. / ひかりのはしら (Lp) iii
GIVE ME BACK! / Goldstein (cd) Kill your sounds
yarmulke / the complete discography (2cd) Longlegslongarms
     Burial Etiquett, Undermark / split -Post marked stamps #1- (cd) Soul ameria
 ixtab / st (7ep) Longslope
INVERTED CLAP, DRAW / Split -Purification and prophecy- (cd) Self
 .islea. / ひかりのはしら (cd) iii
NEKOSOGU(i), MEKARE-KARE / split -Return of impulse- (cd) Impulse
lasik, Crows Caw Loudly / split (cd) Longslope
xonto / robota (cd) Self

xonto / robota (cd) Self

overo, asthenia / split (7ep) Forge
sans visage, Look at moment / split (7ep+cd) Impulse
envy / The fallen crimson (cd) Sonzai
デラシネ / st (cd) Mistake studio
draw / Prolonging anxiety (cd) Self
NEXT STYLE / Six season (cd) Straight up
BONE SCRATCH / End of slide (cd) Straight up
SAWPIT / 1993〜1999 Anthology (cd) Vernacular
envy / Alnair in august (7ep) Sonzai
STUBBORN FATHER / st (cd) Longlegslongarms
STUBBORN FATHER / st (cd+zine) Longlegslongarms
BB / Black babel (cd) Daymare
REDSHEER, SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY / split -HEARTBREAKING noiserocking- (cd) Hello from the gutter
SUNDR, REDSHEER / split (cd) Break the records
Crows Caw Loudly / st (cd) Longslope
SWARRRM, killie / 耐え忍び霞を喰らう -2nd press- (Lp) Longlegslongarms
RALM / Vita nuova (cd) Self

RALM / Vita nuova (cd) Self

RALM / La danza macabra (cd) Self
killie / 犯罪者が犯した罪の再審始まる (cd) Self
weepray / 楽園 (cd) Till your death
wombscape / ゆめうつつまぼろし (cd) Till your death
DON KARNAGE / Reminiscence (cd) Disruff
the blue leeching ambulance songs / Vanished noise (cd) Fine tuning!
LOOK AT MOMENT / All the pupa (cd) Impulse
agak / Suicide note (cd) Self
BB, REDSHEER / split -In the beginning of noise slaughter- (cd) Hello from the gutter
ANCHOR / 深層 (cd) Self

ANCHOR / 深層 (cd) Self

To overflow evidence / Clear (cd) Unbroken
To overflow evidence / 2009-2013 (cd) Keep and walk
REDSHEER, kmkms, What Ever Film, forget me not / 4way split -Confidence- (7ep+cd) Impulse
OFF-END, Kowloon Ghost Syndicate / split (cd) Impulse
birth / 理屈的な誰かと理想的 (cd) Further platonics
ilill, MACHINA REX / split (10") Dance happy doom crew
heaven in her arms / 白暈 (cd) Daymare
V.A / TILL YOUR DEATH vol.3 (cd) Till your death
INFOREST / Aftermath (cd) By shoes
birth / 貝 (tape) Zombie forever
Seth / ユリカゴカラ墓場マデ (tape) I hate smoke
ILILL, LETTERS TO CATALONIA / split (tape) Skeletal lightning
REVEAL, Deadpudding / split (cd) Impulse
NUILL & UN CUENTO DE HADAS / Low tension bpm (cd) 男道 Dan-doh
umberlite / st (tape) Self
Altar of Complaints、SeeK、Stubborn Father、Thetan / 4way split (Lp) Longlegslongarms
fredelica / 街灯 (cd) Impulse
TIALA / Epitome (cd) Less than TV
the north end / balance (cd+7ep) Say hello to never
ATARI, sto cosi cosi / split -secret agreement under the city lights- (7ep) Self
REDSHEER / Eternity (cd) Till your death
snarekillsnation / bisui (cd) Neoholdings
THE ACT WE ACT / リズム (cd) iscollagecollective
envy / Atheist's cornea (cd) Sonzai
THE ACT WE ACT / レボリューションインザサマーep. (7ep) Summer of fan
MIDDLE / 尖音 〜センオン〜 (cd) Impulse
flesco / demo (cdr) Self
5000 / 赤線 (tape) 十三月の甲虫
TRIKORONA, STUBBORN FATHER / split (cd) Hello from the gutter
KOWLOON GHOST SYNDICATE / demo 2014 (tape+cdr) Self
peelingwards, kmkms / split (7ep) like a fool
ENOUGH / st (cd) Fnd

ENOUGH / st (cd) Fnd

asthenia / Four songs (10") Self
blue friend / I will be your blue friend (cd) Life is perfect
blue friend / I will be your blue friend (Lp) Dog knights productions
isolate / ヒビノコト (cd) Keep and walk
s-explode, not great men / Ex-men (cd) Impulse
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