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Thursday, envy / split (cd) Sonzai record
TIALA, nemo / fatherfucker's operation (cd) Less Than TV
TOMATO STEAL / st (cd) Cosmic note
TG Atlas, WHAT EVER FILM / split (cd) Versus horse
DOVE / pessimistic tourist (cd) Choptop
MALEGOAT, SHOUTMOSKVA / split (cd) Suburbia works
Cease upon the capitol, TRIKORONA / split (cd) impulse
FOUNTAIN OF RICH AROMA / st (cd) impulse
nemo / シンカイシャク55355 (cd) Less than TV
V.A / doors [folio, forget me not, revival sleep, sora] (cd)
sora / 耳鳴りとその訳 (cd) impulse
3cm tour / 4seasons 12month (cd+dvd) Say hello to never
DOVE, SPEAK FOR MYSELF / split (cd) Chop top
ENVY / 君の靴と未来 - all the footprints you've ever left and the fear expecting ahead - (cd) Sonzai
ENVY, JESU / split (cd) Daymare
MELT-BANANA / Cactuses come in flocks (cd) A-zap
ENVY / All the Footprints You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead (LP) Temporary residence
NINE DAYS WONDER / Scenery Is In Disguise There (LP) Dim mak
DEEP SLAUTER, SHIFT, TIALA / more huge tiny (cd) Less Than TV
OFF MINOR, KILLIE / Split (2cd) oto
ANODE / 3rd (7ep) 男道
ENVY / Compiled Fragments 1997-2003 (cd) Temporary Residence Records
MELT-BANANA / speak squak creak (cd) A-zap
MELT-BANANA / teeny shiny (cd) A-zap
ANODE / 2nd (7epx2) 男道

ANODE / 2nd (7epx2) 男道

MELT-BANANA / Charlie (cd) A-zap
MELT-BANANA / Cell scape (cd) A-zap
MELT-BANANA / 13 hedgehogs (MxBx singles 1994-1999) (cd) A-zap
デラシネ / st (cd) LESS THAN TV
BLACK FILM DANCE / john's lp (cd) Fine Tuning!
DISCOTORTION, THE SUN / split (cd) Fine Tuning!
DISCOTORTION / damn (cd) Fine Tuning!
BALBOA, NITRO MEGA PRAYER / Split (cd) Forge Again Records
envy / abyssal (cd) sonzai record
accidents in too large field / new buildings (cd) Less Than TV
heaven in her arms / 黒斑の侵蝕 (cd) LIBERATION OF BUTTERFLY
BOREDOMS / Chocolate Synthesizer (cd) Reprise
the carnival of dark split / focus (cd) HG FACT
SCALENE / Grafting from instantaneous and fragmental fulfillment (cd) HG FACT
idea of a joke / st (cd) less than tv
nemo / nemoの見た4つの悪夢 (cd) less than tv
niumun, nemo / normal notes split (cd) less than tv
ANODE / 孤高の存在 (cd) cosmic note & KAFS
ENVY / The eyes of single eared prophet (cd) HG FACT
ENVY / Angel’s curse whispered in the edge of despair (cd) Hg fact
ENVY / From here to eternity (cd) Sonzai
TIALA / heap (cd) Satire

TIALA / heap (cd) Satire

ENVY / Insomniac Doze (cd) Temporary Residence Records
the sun / Q (cd) cosmic note
MELT BANANA / Bambi’s Dilemma (cd) A-zap
V.A / article of parade (2cd)
DIP LEG / no one is hurt at a place of love (cd) Satire
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