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  ILL FANTASTICO / Tunes for rude boy vinnie (cd) Wdsounds
 東金B¥PASS / Taillamp (cd) WDsounds
DREADEYE / Making clowns nervous (t-shirt)
  DREADEYE / False prophet (t-shirt)
  DJ HOLIDAY / Reggae recipe vol.4 (cdr)
  DJ HOLIDAY / Reggae recipe vol.6 (cdr)
  DJ HOLIDAY / Reggae recipe vol.7 (cdr)
 DJ HOLIDAY / Reggae recipe (t-shirt)
  DJ HOLIDAY / Reggae recipe vol.5 (cdr)
DJ HOLIDAY / Count time (cd) WDsounds
Peedog / Grail (cd) Lsb/WDsounds
DJ HOLIDAY / Setagaya tales 2 (cd) WDsounds
MEJIRO ST. BOYS / Blowing bubble forever (cdr) Msb/Bushbash
MUTA / Gun powder - Blue cream (cd) WDsounds
Eftra / E.F.T.R.A ep (cd) Dirtrain/WDsounds
  MIYA DA STRAIGHT / M.D.A.S.T ep (cd) Dirtrain/WDsounds
J.COLUMBUS x BLAH-MUZIK x NGRAUDER / Beats, noise, and rhyme (cd) WDsounds/Trasmundo
FEBB / The test - For you (7ep) WDsounds/P-vine
WDsounds x WACK WACK / Wisdom (t-shirt) WDsounds
WDsounds x WANDERMAN / Wisdom (t-shirt)
  J. COLUMBUS & BLAH MUZIK / Write & blow 3 (cdr) WDsounds
  ETERNAL STRIFE / This town (cd) WDsounds
  J.COLUMBUS / Ruins ep (cd) WDsounds
  J.COLUMBUS / Ruins ep (tape) WDsounds
  V.A / WDsounds 2020 (cd) WDsounds
DSL / Spirit to move forward (cd) WDsounds
PAYBACK BOYS / Ngrauder benefit (longsleeve t-shirt) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / Ze belle (cd) WDsounds
 MASS-HOLE / Ze belle (2Lp) WDsounds
J.COLUMBUS & BLAH-MUZIK / Write & blow 2 (cd) WDsounds
 WDsounds x KIRIME / Hail (long sleeve shirt) WDsounds
WDsounds / Wisdom (poster) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / Doze (cd) WDsounds
TKR / Alcatraz (cd) Self

TKR / Alcatraz (cd) Self

DJ HOLIDAY / Tunes for rude boy vinnie 2 (cd) WDsounds
J.COLUMBUS / New me- Good life- Rainy day (cdr) WDsounds
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / いろいろなMake a rainbow. (cd) WDsounds/ Awdr/lr2
FEBB / The season - deluxe (2Lp) WDsounds/P-vine
FEBB / The season -deluxe- (cd) WDsounds/P-vine
J.COLUMBUS / Waves, sands, & the metropolis (cd) WDsounds
O.I. / The lost cd-r (cd) WDsounds
PAYBACK BOYS / Live at unit (cd) WDsounds
COVAN / Retech on you - 457 (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / Queens and kings vol.2 (cd) WDsounds
仙人掌 / Refugee market - Wisdom back 2 mac tour final dvd 2017.08.05 (dvd) WDsounds
ILL-TEE / Single (cd) WDsounds
仙人掌 / Boy meets world (cd) Dogear/WDsounds
仙人掌 / Boy meets world (2Lp) Dogear/WDsounds
ONE-LAW & J-SCHEME / Tokyo east side locos (cd) WDsounds
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / We struggle for all our pride. (2cd) WDsounds/ Awdr/lr2
仙人掌 / Word from... (cd) Dogear/WDsounds
J.COLUMBUS / North tokyo soul tape (cd) WDsounds
HIT / The hit (cd) WDsounds
TEK (SMIF-N-WESSUN) / Skin on trial (cd) WDsounds
ONE-LAW / 7inch street mix (cdr)
HIT / Be!! (cd) WDsounds

HIT / Be!! (cd) WDsounds

V.A / 5014CompMostWANTED45 (7epx2) WDsounds
KINGPINZ (MASS-HOLE & KILLIN’G) / Kingpinz (cd) WDsounds/Dirtrain
J.COLUMBUS / Hotel mets (cdr) WDsounds
 B.D. / The tonite 10 (10"+dvd) WDsounds
V.A / 5014Comp most wanted - Instrumental - (cd) WDsounds
仙人掌 / Voice (cd)WDsounds/Dogear/P-vine
V.A / 5014 Comp most wanted - Revist - (cd) WDsounds
CJ & JC (CENJU & J.COLUMBUS) / Steve jobbs (cd) WDsounds/Curious security
ILL-TEE / T bang (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / Queens & kings (cd) WDsounds
GRINGOOSE / Misty moonlight lover (cd) Prillmal
GRINGOOSE / I left my heart in nezu (cd) Prillmal
MASS-HOLE / PAReDE original soundtrack score (cd) WDsounds
ONE-LAW / 1980 (cd) Fellows
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Fill in my blank vol.2 (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / 1982Sinstrumental (cd) Dirttrain
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Rise & shine feat. DUO TOKYO - Thum thum feat. TAC ROC (7ep) WDsounds
ETERNAL STRIFE / The city you live (cd) WDsounds/Lps
MASS-HOLE / PAReDE (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / PAReDE (2Lp) WDsounds
J.COLUMBUS / Sun columbus (cd) WDsounds
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Make my day (cd) WDsounds
CENJU / Cakez (cd) Skarface/WDsounds/P-vine
FEBB / The season instrumental "the background music off the season" (cd) WDsounds
MONAD / The monad collective (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / Telephone my girlfriend on a cold dai 2 (cd) WDsounds
CAMPANELLA / Vivid (cd) WDsounds
CAMPANELLA / Vivid (Lp) WDsounds
PAYBACK BOYS / Struggle for pride (cd) WDsounds
FEBB / The season (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / 0263 bullets (cd) WDsounds/Midnight meal
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