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nyhc, beatdown, mosh

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D BLOC / Do not cross (tape) Death farm
BEATDOWN FURY / First family 20 years anniversary (cd) Death farm
THE BAD LUCK 13 RIOT EXTRAVAGANZA / We kill children (tape) Death farm
EXHIBITION / The last laugh (Lp) Triple-B
SCOWL / Psychic dance routine (cd)(Lp)(tape) Flatspot
   EXISTENCE / Go to heaven (Lp) Quality control hq
  ANTAGONIZM / Freeze motherfuckerz (Lp) Quality control hq
  LEEWAY / Live at CBGB March 22.1987 (Lp) Generation
 SKARHEAD / Generators of violence (Lp) Generation
  WARFARE / Doomsday (Lp) Triple-B
COLD AS LIFE / In memory of Rodney A. Barger (2Lp) A389
COLD AS LIFE / In memory of Rodney A. Barger (cd) A389
  V.A / The Extermination vol. 4 (Lp) Flatspot
 LAYBACK / Sit down and layback (7ep) Quality control hq
INSTRUCTOR / Terror zone (Lp) Quality contorl hq
KILL YOUR IDOLS, RULE THEM ALL / Split (7ep) Flatspot
  SECTOR / The chicago sector (Lp) Daze
SIMULAKRA / The infection spreads (cd)(Lp) Daze
 MONGREL / Off the leash (cd) Daze
 LAST WISHES / Organized hate (cd) Daze
NO SOULS SAVED / Not one saved (cd)(7ep) Daze
DOWNFALL / Behind the curtain (cd)(Lp) Daze/Triple-B
  LIFE'S QUESTION / World full of​.​.​. (cd)(Lp) Triple-B
REGULATE / st (Lp) Flatspot
   MINDFORCE / New lords (cd)(Lp) Triple-B
END IT / Unpleasant living (Lp)(cd) Flatspot
DYING BREED / 1995 Demo (tape) A389
 ARMA X / Violento ritual (Lp) Quality control hq
MASTERMIND / The Masters' orders (Lp) Quality control hq
LAW OF POWER / Born into war (tape) Flatspot
 HOLD MY OWN / st (cd) Retribute
SUNAMI / BBB tracks (cd) Retribute
COMBUST / Another life (Lp) Cash only
  EXCESSIVE FORCE / In your blood (picture Lp) Knives out
 CANDY / Heaven is here (cd)(Lp) Relapse
 MINDZ EYE / True blue (7ep) Irish voodoo
SPEED / Gang called speed (Lp) Flatspot
SPEED / Gang called speed (cd) Flatspot
AGE OF APOCALYPSE / The way (cd) Retribute
GRIDIRON / No good at goodbyes (cd)(Lp) Triple -B
 LIFE'S QUESTION / A tale of sudden love and unforgettable heartbreak - Cursed the will to dream (Lp) Trip machine laboratories
 LIFE'S QUESTION / A tale of sudden love and unforgettable heartbreak (7ep) Triple-B
CHORUS OF DISAPPROVAL / Truth gives wings to strength (Lp) Organized crime
DIZTORT / Break me out (7ep) Advanced perspective
ALMIGHTY WATCHING / Doubtless (7ep) Scheme
BIG LAUGH / Manic revision (7ep) 11 pm
BIG LAUGH / Manic revision (7ep) Revelation
NO SOULS SAVED / 2 song promo (cdr) Self
V.A / One scene unity vol.1 -a hardcore compilation- (Lp) From within
V.A / One scene unity vol.2 -a hardcore compilation- (Lp) From within
ONE SECOND THOUGHT / Queens style 1995 - 1999 (Lp) Daze
SKINLESS / Gut pumping hits - the demos (2Lp) F.o.a.d
VOLCANO / Fool 2 tha game (cd)(Lp) Daze
MOMENT OF TRUTH / A call beyond (cd) Dead sky
TORTURE CHAMBER / Demo 2022 (cdr) Words of fire
KNOCKED LOOSE / A tear in the fabric of life (cd)(Lp) Pure noise entertsaiment
 SUNAMI / "7" + Demonstration (Lp) Creator destructor
EKULU / Unscrew my head (Lp) Cash only
WISE / The essence (Lp) Triple-B
 V.A / America's hardcore volume 5 (2Lp) Triple-B
   SUNAMI, GULCH / Split (7ep) Triple-B
 NEVER ENDING GAME / Halo & wings (7ep) Triple-B
  TURNSTILE / Glow on (cd)(Lp) Roadrunner
STINGRAY / Feeding time (7ep) La vida es un mus
   BIG CHEESE / Don't forget to tell the world (Lp) Painkiller
   BIG CHEESE / Anymore for anymore? (7ep) Cash only
LEEWAY / Demo & live 85-86 (tape) Masasiorangutan
DEVIL INSIDE / st (Lp) Superhero
SHEER TERROR / Ugly and proud -NYC edition- (Lp) Superhero
SHEER TERROR / Ugly and proud (Lp) Superhero
   REST IN PIECES / My rage (Lp) Pipebomb music
MH CHAOS / Chaos returns (cd) Fast break
PAIN OF TRUTH / No blame...just facts (Lp) Daze
MOMENTUM / st (cd)(Lp) Daze
  OUT FOR JUSTICE / Nothin' 2 prove (cd) Retribute
FUSE / This segregation will end (Lp) Quality control hq
ANTIDOTE / Thou shalt not kill (Lp) Radio raheem
GOD'S HATE / st (cd) Retribute
 MERAUDER / The minus years (cd) Retribute
 MERAUDER / The minus years (2Lp) Upstate
 SPEED / 2020 Flex (flexi) Flatspot
 COLD AS LIFE / Born to land hard (cd) A389
C4 / Chaos streaks (Lp) Triple-B
SECTION H8 / Welcome to the nightmare (Lp) Flatspot
 SECTION H8 / Welcome to the nightmare (cd) Retribute
V.A / Bbb the first 100 (2Lp) Triple-B
ALL SHALL SUFFER / The way of pain (cd) Self
 DEKLINATION / st (tape) Daze
 OUT FOR JUSTICE, SECTOR / split -This thing of ours- (cd) Daze
 OUT FOR JUSTICE, MOURNING / split -..Used to mean something- (7ep) Daze
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