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nyhc, beatdown, mosh

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 ONE SECOND THOUGHT / Queens style 1995 - 1999 (cd) Filled with hate
 THREE KNEE DEEP / st (cd) Retribute
CRO-MAGS / In the beginning (cd)(Lp)(tape) Mission two entertainment
MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION / Fever dream (10") Edgewood
MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION / M.a.d. (7ep) Vinyl conflict
ORANGE 9MM / st (Lp) Revelation
 SUNAMI / st (cd) Dead sky
 HELL OF SELF / st (7ep) Life & death brigade
YOUTH COLLAPSE / New from (tape) From within
CARBONITE / st (tape) From within
XIBALBA / Anos en infierno (cd) Daymere
XIBALBA / Anos en infierno (Lp) Southern lord
KRUTCH / Whereuat (tape) From within
SHEER TERROR / 2/17/85 (7ep) Dead city
THE FIGHT / Endless noise (Lp) Triple-B
BIG CHEESE / Punishment park (Lp) Triple-B
CRIPPLER LBU / st (cd) Rucktion
PROWLER / The curse (cd) Rucktion
IRONED OUT / In these days (cd) Rucktion
BROKEN OATH / Given half a chance (cd) Rucktion
COLD HARD TRUTH / Intimidation (cd) Rucktion
DOMINANT FORCE / Cosmic denial (Lp) Triple-B
DIVISION OF MIND / st (Lp) Triple-B
CANDY / Super-stare - Win free love (7ep) Relapse
THE WARRIORS / Monomyth (cd) Pure noise
SKOURGE / Condemned (7ep) Lockin' out
BIG CONTEST / Monkey's paw (7ep) Lockin' out
HIGHER POWER / 27 miles underwater (Lp) Roadrunner
 BLVD OF DEATH / Hell is full of good intentions (tape) Edgewood
SECTION H8 / Winter games (tape) Flatspot
MASTERMIND / Bad reaction (7ep) Quality control hq
PAYDAY / Second to none (Lp) Quality control hq
CRO-MAGS / From the grave  (7ep) Victory
THE PSYCHOS / One voice (Lp) Radio raheem
SPLITKNUCKLE / Innocence bleeds (cd) Dead sky
SUNAMI / Demonstration (cdr) Dead sky
FIREWALKER / st (cd) Break the records
FIREWALKER / The roll call (7ep) Pop wig
NEVER ENDING GAME / Just another day (cd) Retribute
HANGMAN / One by one (cd)(Lp) Flatspot
MOMENT OF TRUTH / Demo (cd) Dead sky
ANTAGONIZE / Slip death (Lp) Triple-B
DOWNFALL / Dead to me (Lp) Edgewood
TRUTH AND RIGHTS / Lies & slights (cdr) My reality entertainment
LEEWAY / Tipping point! (7ep) Upstate
ALL OUT WAR / Crawl among the filth (cd) Unbeaten
KRUTCH / I'll see you in hell (cd) Back ta basics
BURIED DREAMS / 9 reasons not to live (Lp) Triple-B
GORILLA BISCUITS / st (7" box set) Revelation
GORILLA BISCUITS / st red (7" box set) Revelation
EVERYBODY GETS HURT, COLD FRONT / split (7ep) Guillotine
PATH OF RESISTANCE / Who dares wins (cd)(Lp) Victory
WARZONE / Old school to new school (tape) Victory
MAXIMUM PENALTY / Demo '89 & East side story (cd) I scream
BLOOD FOR BLOOD / Livin' in exile (10") Victory
BLOOD FOR BLOOD / Revenge on society (Lp) Victory
BLOOD FOR BLOOD / Spit my last breath (Lp) Victory
TOKEN ENTRY / The Re-issues (cd) I scream
CRO-MAGS / Don't give in (7ep) Victory
 TRAIL OF LIES / Fearless (7ep) Triple-B
STORMCORE / To the point (cd) Hardside
GAZM / Heavy vibe music (Lp) 11 pm
COMBUST / The void (Lp) Edgewood
ENEMY MIND / Killer beef (cd) Hammer park
NO IDEA / Break through (tape) Undertone
 NEVER ENDING GAME / Promo (tape) Triple-B
EKULU / st (7ep) Triple-B
EKULU / Half alive (7ep) Triple-B
VOW OF HATRED / 1500 (cd) Filled with hate
YEAR OF THE KNIFE / Ultimate aggression (cd) Pure noise
LOWER SPECIES / High roller (7ep) Undertonw
SECTION H8 / Phase 1 (7ep) Flatspot
NO GOOD DEED / At the seams (cd) Filled with hate
 FACEWRECK / Pennsylvania hardcore: pittsburgh style (cd) Filled with hate
MH CHAOS / Multiple homefront chaos (cd) Filled with hate
BETRAYED BY ALL / Disrespect (cd) Filled with hate
NJ BLOODLINE / Be afraid... (cd) Filled with hate
OLDE YORK / Shallow world (cd) Wtf
OLDE YORK / Empire state (cd) Countdown
BLIND AUTHORITY / Death dreams (tape) Quality control hq
FRAME OF MIND / Irieshun (Lp) Quality control hq
SECTION 8 / Nine ways to say I love you (cd) Self
QUEENSWAY / Swift minds of the darkside (cd) Unbeaten
25 TA LIFE / Strength integrity brotherhood (cd) Customcore
25 TA LIFE / Fallen angel (cd) Custom core
25 TA LIFE / Keepin it real (cd) Customcore
COMING OUT SWINGING / Step aside (cd) Wtf
STIGMATA / Hymns for an unknown god (Lp) Unbeaten
ONLY LIVING WITNESS / Prone mortal form (Lp) Think fast!
ILLUSION / Magic with a smile (7ep) Lockin' out
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