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DEADGUY / Fixation on a co-worker リミックス日本限定盤 (cd) Militia inc.
UNDYING / The whispered lies of angels (Lp) Holy mountain
KINDRED / The final cut (Lp) Thirty some thing
  SPACED / Spaced jams (Lp) Genet
 WALLS OF JERICHO / No one can save you from yourself (cd) Napalm
 WALLS OF JERICHO / The bound feed the gagged (cd) Trustkill
  GRAY STATE / Under the wheels of progress (Lp) Genet/The coming strife
 NUCLAE / Bringing out the beast (Lp) Rebirth

NUCLAE / Bringing out the beast (Lp) Rebirth

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STRUCTURE OF LIES / Abacus (cd) Deep six
   GRIMLOCK / Songs of immortality (picture Lp) Knives out
GRIMLOCK / Songs of immortality (cd) Knives out
GRIMLOCK / Crusher (picture 10") Knives out
GRIMLOCK / Crusher (cd) Knives out
 A MOURNING STAR / A Reminder of the wound unhealed (Lp)(cd) Daze
CHEPANG, RACETRAITOR / Split (7ep) Twelve gauge
V.A / The Onslaught hardcore compilation (7ep) Plead your case
MAGNITUDE / Of days renewed... (cd)(Lp) Triple-B
  HOURGLASS / Discography (Lp) Immigrant sun
DAWN OF ORION / A celestial ballad (2Lp) Immigrant sun
 SERRATION / Simulations of hell (Lp) Daze
PRAYER FOR CLEANSING / The rain in endless fall (Lp) To live a lie
DIVINE SENTENCE / Demo '22 (7ep) Bitter melody
 ENVISION / The gods that built tomorrow (Lp) From within
 MINDED FURY, GAME CHANGER / Split -True scene- (cd) Death farm
 DISTRACT / Humanity whispers devastation (tape) Death farm
 ARKANGEL / Prayers upon deaf ears (tape) Death farm
VEGAN JUSTICE / st (7ep) Ugly and proud
CAVE IN / Until your heart stops (2Lp)(2cd)(tape) Relapse
ED GEIN / It's a shame... (cd) Hex
MORNING AGAIN / Martyr (Lp) Smartpunk
  MORNING AGAIN / Hand of hope (Lp) Smartpunk
  CIPHER / Burnt halos (6ep) Double down
CIPHER / Antidote (cd) Double down
TAKEN, STRANDED / split -Journey towards the rising sun- (cd) Militia inc.
 SUNTOUCH HOUSE / Demonstration (cd) Daze
ADRIENNE / st (cd) Daze

ADRIENNE / st (cd) Daze

GROUNDWORK / Today we will not be invisible nor silent (Lp) King of the monsters/Protagonist music
MOURNING / Disenlightenment (cd) Retribute
 MORAL LAW / The Looming end (cd)(Lp) New age
 SENTENCE / Dominion on evil (cd) Knives out
 SENTENCE / Dominion on evil (Lp) Knives out
FROM THE DYING SKY / Truth's last horizon (cd) Knives out
FROM THE DYING SKY / Truth's last horizon (tape) Knives out
FROM THE DYING SKY / Truth's last horizon (10”) Knives out
REPRISAL / Where heavy gloom dominate (cd) Knives out
COLOSSUS / Demo 2021 (7ep) Triple-B
GOD PROGRAM / Forever lasts another year (Lp) Dropping bombs
 INCLINATION/ Midwest straight edge (Lp) Life & death brigade
  GATHER / Beyond the ruins -discography- (cd) Indecision
  GATHER / Total liberation (Lp) Indecision
GATHER / Beyond the ruins (Lp) Indecision
FOREIGN HANDS / Bleed the dream (cd)(Lp) Daze
AGE OF APOCALYPSE / Grim wisdom (cd)(Lp) Closed casket activities
UNBROKEN / Life. love. regret. (tape) Indecision
ABNEGATION / As stone strikes the cedar (tape) Contraband goods
ABRASION / Born to be betrayed (cd)(Lp)(tape) Indecision
BIRD OF ILL OMEN / Self, dare you still breath (tape) Contraband goods
 GULCH / Impenetrable cerebral fortress (Lp) Closed casket activities
SANTA SANGRE / Feast for the new gods - the complete discography (2Lp) Closed casket activities
A KNIFE IN THE DARK / Somewhere between the pew and fire (flexi) Bitter melody
SON OF MAN / Burn the witch (7ep) King of the monsters
DOUGHNUTS / The age of the circle (Lp) Victory
  FALL SILENT / You knew I was poison (cd) Retribute
FALL SILENT / You knew I was poison (Lp) Revelation
DIE MY WILL / st (Lp) Blasphemour
   ZAO / All else failed 25th anniversary edition (cd)(2Lp)(tape) Steadfast
  ZAO / Preface: early recordings 1995 - 1996 (cd)(Lp)(tape) Steadfast
xEDENISGONEx / Scattering of my malice (cd) Mark my words
YEAR OF THE KNIFE / Internal incarceration (cd)(Lp) Pure noise
GULCH / Burning desire to draw last breath - Demolition of human construct (Lp)  Creator-destructor
 ECOSTRIKE / A truth still we believe (cd) Retribute
  END / Splinters from an ever-changing face (Lp)(cd) Closed casket activities
MORTALITY RATE / You were the gasoline (7ep) Isolation
NIHILITY / Imprisoned eternal (cd) Dead sky
DISEMBODIED / Transfiguration (3Lp) Good fight music
REVOLVE / Dragged into extinction (cd) Dead sky
BLUE SKIES BURNING / In totality (Lp) Dropping bombs
TEMPERANCE / Searching for silence (Lp) Moo cow
V.A / Straight edge as fuck part I and II (cd) Desperate fight
REALM OF TORMENT / Those who don't death never die (cd) Mark my words
EXCARNATE / st (cd) Mark my words
ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE / Life without pain is a fucking fantasy (cd)(Lp) Innerstrength
INCLINATION / When fear turns to confidence (cd) Pure noise
VASSLINE / Bloodthirsty (cd) Gmc
EARTH CRISIS / Firestorm (7ep) Victory
ABUSE OF POWER / What on earth can we do  (Lp) Triple-B
ENVISION / The season of indifference (cd) Next sentence
DEFORMITY / Murder within sin (Lp) Blasphemour
 SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY / Songs for the firing squad (cd)(Lp) Pure noise
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