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SANTA SANGRE / Feast for the new gods - the complete discography (2Lp) Closed casket activities
A KNIFE IN THE DARK / Somewhere between the pew and fire (flexi) Bitter melody
SON OF MAN / Burn the witch (7ep) King of the monsters
DOUGHNUTS / The age of the circle (Lp) Victory
  FALL SILENT / You knew I was poison (cd) Retribute
FALL SILENT / You knew I was poison (Lp) Revelation
DIE MY WILL / st (Lp) Blasphemour
   ZAO / All else failed 25th anniversary edition (cd)(2Lp)(tape) Steadfast
  ZAO / Preface: early recordings 1995 - 1996 (cd)(Lp)(tape) Steadfast
xEDENISGONEx / Scattering of my malice (cd) Mark my words
YEAR OF THE KNIFE / Internal incarceration (cd)(Lp) Pure noise
GULCH / Burning desire to draw last breath - Demolition of human construct (10")  Creator-destructor
 ECOSTRIKE / A truth still we believe (cd) Retribute
  END / Splinters from an ever-changing face (Lp)(cd) Closed casket activities
MORTALITY RATE / You were the gasoline (7ep) Isolation
NIHILITY / Imprisoned eternal (cd) Dead sky
DISEMBODIED / Transfiguration (3Lp) Good fight music
REVOLVE / Dragged into extinction (cd) Dead sky
BLUE SKIES BURNING / In totality (Lp) Dropping bombs
TEMPERANCE / Searching for silence (Lp) Moo cow
V.A / Straight edge as fuck part I and II (cd) Desperate fight
REALM OF TORMENT / Those who don't death never die (cd) Mark my words
EXCARNATE / st (cd) Mark my words
ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE / Life without pain is a fucking fantasy (cd)(Lp) Innerstrength
INCLINATION / When fear turns to confidence (cd) Pure noise
VASSLINE / Bloodthirsty (cd) Gmc
EARTH CRISIS / Firestorm (7ep) Victory
ABUSE OF POWER / What on earth can we do  (Lp) Triple-B
ENVISION / The season of indifference (cd) Next sentence
DEFORMITY / Murder within sin (Lp) Blasphemour
 SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY / Songs for the firing squad (cd)(Lp) Pure noise
MAGNITUDE / To whatever fateful end (Lp) Triple-B
FUMING MOUTH / The grand descent (cd)(Lp) Triple-B
 ECOSTRIKE / Another promise (flexi) Triple-B
GLASS KILLING FLOOR / Vegan dominance (cd) Bitter melody
DYING WISH, SERRATION / split (Lp) Blasphemour
DYING WISH / demo 2018 (tape) Blasphemour
DYING WISH / demo (7ep) Blasphemour
SAVING THROW / Never race with time (cd) Let it burn
BRIDGE TO SOLACE / Kingdom of the dead (cd) Let it burn
SENTENCE / Ad vitam rediti (cd) Burning season
HARVEST / Living with a godzilla complex -Best of 1994-2011- (cd) Self
CONVERGE / Beautiful ruin (7ep) Deathwish
CONVERGE / The dusk in us (cd)(Lp) Deathwish/Epitaph
CULT LEADER / A patient man (cd)(Lp) Deathwish
xEDENISGONEx / Become a curse (cd) Mark my words
xEDENISGONEx / Become a curse (Lp) Bound by modern age
MORNING AGAIN / Survival instinct (7ep) Revelation
GIVE TODAY / Everything that's left (cd) Mark my words
WHEN ASHES ARE RISING / The light of a thousand sparks (cd) Mark my words
BRACEWAR / Colossal (7ep) Triple-B
SLEEPING BY THE RIVERSIDE / A breath between battles (cd) Indianola
VEIN / Errorzone (cd)(Lp) Closed casket
THE SECRET / Lux tenebris (Lp) Southern lord
JESUS PIECE / Only self (cd)(Lp) Southern lord
ABSINTHE / st (10") King of monsters
JESUS PIECE / Only self (cd) Daymare
CODE ORANGE / Forever (Lp) Roadrunner
JUKAI / Prologue (Lp) Trip machine
EIGHTEEN VISIONS / Until the ink runs out (cd) Trustkill
ZAO, OUTCAST / split -The tie that binds- (cd) Steadfast
ZAO / All else failed (cd)(Lp)(tape) Steadfast
MAGNITUDE / Era of attrition (7ep) Triple-B
FORTYDAYSRAIN / Evolution (tape) Blasphemour
NO RESTRAINT / The first three ep (cd) Bitter melody
DAY BY DAY / Nowhere to run (cd) Retribute
TAKEN / With regard to (cd) Falling leaves
EXCESSIVE FORCE / In your blood (cd) Knives out
RIOT STARES / st (7ep) Bitter melody
RIOT STARES / Let the phase speak (7ep) Speedowax
DOWN IN IT / Beside the dying fire (7ep) Speedowax
ECOSTRIKE / Voice of strength (Lp) Triple-B
INDECISION / Most precious blood (Lp) Closed casket
JESUS PIECE, MALICE AT THE PALACE / split (7ep) Bridge nine
GROVE STREET FAMILIES / Las venturas-San fierro (cd) Dead serious
JUKAI / Devoid of hope (7ep) Mass movement
JESUS PIECE / st (7ep) Gtr

JESUS PIECE / st (7ep) Gtr

SEEK NOTHING / M.a.f. (cd) Mark my words
DEVOUR / Defiant until the end (cd) Mark my words
REALM OF TORMENT / In fragile hands (cd) Mark my words
ABUSE OF POWER / When then becomes now (7ep) Triple-B
ABUSE OF POWER / st (7ep) New age
HARNESS / Carve the new path (7ep) Closed casket activities
VEIN / Self destruct (7ep) Closed casket activities
CONVERGE / I can tell you about pain (7ep) Deathwish
xEDENISGONEx / Vengeance from this dying world (cd) Mark my words
DRAWING LAST BREATH / Final sacrifice (Lp) Carry the weight
DRAWING LAST BREATH / Hymns of suffering (7ep) Carry the weight
RACETRAITOR / Burn the idol of the white messiah (Lp+zine) Carry the weight
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