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  UNCIVILIZED GIRLS MEMORY / Heaven (cd) [...]dotsmark
MASONNA / Evil black disc -2023 remaster- (8cm cd) Hello from the gutter
SOSOS CLUB / Matoba (cd)(tape) Aun mute
 BBVGC, PSYWARFARE / split -Demons mourn for bloodshed- (tape) DMB production
GC / Fear lake (tape) DMB production
D.A.Y / div's mass -live house benefit- (cd) Why
The GEROGERIGEGEGE / Piss shower girlfriend (Lp) F.o.a.d.
BLESSED BLOOD VULVA & GUILTY C. / The third slaughter (cd) Sssm
BLESSED BLOOD VULVA & GUILTY C. / The slow kill in the cold (tape) Neon audio tapes
GUILTY C. / Eater (tape) Gravity swarm
GUILTY C. / The sound hunt ep #2 (tape) Gravity swarm
GUILTY C. / Lands #2/#4" (cd) Gravity swarm
begottened / st (cd) Nostalgia blackrain/Gravity swarm
salmonella / inferiority complex (cd) Obakekoubou
GUILTY C. / Bury #6 (cd) Gsr

GUILTY C. / Bury #6 (cd) Gsr

protocell / shipwreckpoetry (cd) Obakekoubou
Gloomystairs / st (flexi) Obakekoubou
TUBE TENTACLES, GUILTY C. / split (cd) Mattoid
BANETORIKO & SALMONELLA / Kagefumi (cd) Obakekoubou
NICK HOFFMAN / Barbarous tongues (cd) Gravity swarm
salmonella / Witch tapes (cd) Obake koubou
NOISECONCRETE / Shanghai (cdr) G13
LOWVISION remix GRIM TALK series / The incendiary (cd) Free noise production
GRIM TALKERS / Built sand invasion (cd) Gsr!
GUILTY C. / Downpour shammer (cd) Gsr!
GRIM TALKERS / Forest shed grim (tape) Gsr!
GRIM TALKERS / Grimy city (cd) Gsr!
GUILTY C. / Kanjosen nightfall (cdr) Gravity swarm
GUILTY CONNECTOR / Mother's bloated corpse (cd) Gravity swarm
GUILTY C. / Transfer ep (cdr) Gravity swarm
NOISECONCRETE / Satans blues (7ep) Obakekoubou
THE GUILTY C. and TABATA MITSURU / st (cd) Even stilte
JAH EXCRETION, SEAL TEAM 666 / split -Amps for jah- (cd) Dread rocks
GRIM TALKERS / Grim talkers (cd) Gravity swarm/Wdsounds
DISSECTING TABLE / Intrinsically Pure (cd) Blood sucker
GUILTY CONNECTOR / Henro Pilgrimage -Soundscape of Shikoku 88 Temples- (cdr) Gravity swarm
GUILTY C. / Bottom Down (cd) Gravity swarm
CARRE / Grig And Cold Mouse (cd) MGMD A ORG.
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