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good luck with your fun / It follows me around (cd) Waterslide
falls / Martyr (cd) Waterslide
DRIVER ELEVEN / Thanx (again) the complete discography (3cd) Waterslide
TURNCOAT / My dear ex... (cd) Waterslide
bows / Neverunite (7ep) Waterslide
PHOENIX FOUNDATION / Closer (cd) Waterslide
PHOENIX FOUNDATION / Closer (Lp+cd) Waterslide
TURNCOAT, offseason / split (2xflexi) Waterslide/mostoff
SNOWING / Everything (cd) Waterslide
FELIX!(THE BAND) / What to do in case of fire? (cd) Waterslide
TURNCOAT / Iris (cd) Waterslide
falls / Wednesday (cd) Waterslide
LOVEMEN / 1993-2000 ch.1 (2cd) Waterslide
LOVEMEN / 1993-2000 ch.2 (2cd) Waterslide
SHIPYARDS / About lights (cd) Waterslide
MONUMENT / Sweatpants fever (cd) Waterslide
SHIPYARDS / Night Of Fire (cd) Waterslide
V.A / The Life Between you and me Vol.3 (cd) Waterslide
DOWZER / Facing Paper Tigers (cd) Waterslide
MIDWAY STILL / Always End (cd) Water slide
VACACIONES / All The Elefant Recordings,1999-2003 (2cd) Waterslide
SKIMMER / Starting Blocks (cd) Waterslide
malegoat / Plan Infiltration (cd) Water slide
BEN GRIM / Retro (cd) Waterslide
DOWZER / Not As Plant (cd) Waterslide
JUNIPER MOON / st (cd) Waterslide
MEAL! / st (cd) Waterslide

MEAL! / st (cd) Waterslide

V.A / All of The Time In The World (cd) Waterslide
VELOCITY / Middle of Now (cd) Waterslide
LA LA LOVE YOU / st (cd) Waterslide
GAN / Do That Again? … Again !?! (cd) WATERSLIDE/BOSS TUENAGE
V.A / the life between you and me vol.2 "somehow i'm still here, are you?" (cd) Waterslide
JAYVEE / Hope springs eternal (cd) Water slide
V.A / jet over night (cd) Waterslide/Jet over night

V.A / jet over night (cd) Waterslide/Jet over night

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MALEGOAT / plan infiltration (cd) Water slide
HER SPECTACLES / remain (cd) Water slide
SUFFERING FROM A CASE / that scene (cd) Water slide
WORLD TODAY / question everything? (cd) Water slide
PEACE OF BREAD / discography 2000-2005 (2cd) Water slide
V.A / The Life Between You And Me (cd) Water slide
SKIMMER / Self Harmony (cd) Water slide
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