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    BETTER THAN A THOUSAND / We must believe (cd+zine) End hits
BURNING STRONG / The fire rages on (cdr) From within
COMEBACK KID / Turn it around (Lp) Facedown
GORILLA BISCUITS / Start today 帯/ライナー付き (Lp) Revelation
CONSTANT ELEVATION / st (7ep) Revelation
THE GEEKS / The constant  (7ep) Six feet under
SUNDAYS / Free at loss (cd) Mark my words
COMEBACK KID / Wake the dead (tape) Victory
ONE STEP CLOSER / From me to you (Lp) Triple-B
YOUTH OF TODAY / st (7ep) Revelation
YOUTH OF TODAY / One night stand-Anarchy in vienna (7ep) Revelation
COOLSIDE / Exploration of self (7ep) Indecision
HARD STANCE / Foundation : the discography (Lp) Indecision
MIL-SPEC / Changes (7ep) Lockin' out
DARE / st (7ep) Reaper
TURNING POINT / The few and the proud (cd) Lost & found
MAINSTRIKE / No passing phase (Lp) Crucial response
UNIFORM CHOICE / st -1984 demos- (Lp) Mankind
CRIPPLED YOUTH / Join the fight (7ep+booklet) Revelation
AMERICAN NIGHTMARE / st -2018- (cd)(Lp) Rise
BITTER YOUTH / A new light (7ep) Straght & alert
FAZE / In silence (7ep) Triple-B
D.C. DISORDER / Naive to a world (7ep) Youngblood
UNJUST / Transparency (7ep) Quality control hq
RAPTURE / I Glorify (7ep) Quality control hq
FURY / Promo 2017 (tape) Quality control hq
SIDE BY SIDE / You're only young once... (Lp)(cd) Revelation
STAND POINT / Demo 2017 (tape) React!
INSIST / Here & now (7ep) React!
BREAK AWAY / Cross my heart (Lp) React!
FURY / Paramount (cd)(tape)(Lp) Triple-B
STAND OFF / Behind the wire (7ep) Youngblood
FREE / Ex tenebris (7ep) Triple-B
ANGRY VETS / Behind enemy lines (Lp) Six feet under
PROFILE / I watch you disappear (7ep) React!
GLORY / The 12" (12") Triple-B
CONSOLATION PRIZE / st (7ep) Lockin' out
SEARCH / Between the lines (7ep) Revelation
UNIFORM CHOICE / Screaming for change (Lp) Southern lord
RAPTURE / Demo '16 (tape) Quality control hq
TRUE VISION / Against the grain (7ep) Quality control hq
BEYOND / No longer at ease (Lp) Revelation
WRONG IDEA / What's left inside (7ep) Speedowax
NATIONS ON FIRE / Strike the match (Lp) Kidnap music/Good life
NATIONS ON FIRE / Burn again (Lp) Refuse
BUSTED OUTLOOK / Not defined by violence (Lp) Refuse
BUSTED OUTLOOK / Plague hoarder (7ep) Speedowax
FLOORPUNCH / Fast times at the jersey shore (Lp) Six feet under
FLOORPUNCH / Twin killing (Lp) Six feet under
PRAISE / Lights went out (Lp) React!
PRAISE / Leave it all behind (Lp) React!
PRAISE / Leave it all behind (long sleeve t-shirt) React!
CLEAN BREAK / st (7ep) Straight & alert
INSTED / Proud youth: 1986-1991 (cd) Indecision
INSTED / Proud youth: 1986-1991 (2Lp) Indecision
FIND THE SPOT / st (cd) Crew for life
MINDSET / Nothing less (7ep) React!
TURNING POINT / 1988-1991 (2Lp+7ep) Think fast/Jade tree
YOUTH OF TODAY / We're not in this alone (cd)(Lp) Revelation
YOUTH OF TODAY / Can't close my eyes (cd)(Lp) Revelation
FREEDOM / USA Hardcore (Lp) Triple-B
FREEDOM / Pay the price (7ep) Triple-B
BEYOND / Dew it!-Live crucial chaos wnyu (Lp) Revelation
GO DEEP / Counseling (7ep) Mayfly
CLEAN BREAK / Face value (7ep) Straight & alert
BREAK AWAY / Face aggression (Lp) React!
KEEP IT CLEAR / A lesson that you're gonna learn (Lp) React!
MILES AWAY / Tide (cd)(Lp) Six feet under
TRUE COLORS / Rush of hope (Lp) Six feet under
TRUE COLORS / Focus on the light (Lp) Six feet under
HIGHSCORE / New fuel (Lp) Deranged
NEW BRIGADE / Join the brigade (Lp) Six feet under
TRUE VISION / Demo 2015 (tape) Quality control hq
YOUTH OF TODAY / Break down the walls (cd)(Lp) Revelation
NO OMEGA / Discography 2011-2015 (2cd) Cosmic note
FURY / Kingdom come (7ep) Triple-B
BROTHERHOOD / Till death... (Lp) Southern lord
GORILLA BISCUITS / Start today (cd)(Lp)(tape) Revelation
GORILLA BISCUITS / st (cd) (7ep) Revelation
MAN LIFTING BANNER / We will not rest (cd) Crucial response
UNFORCE / Time For Change (cd)
RAW JUSTICE / Artificial peace (7ep) Straight and alert
RAW JUSTICE / We don't need your friends (7ep) Straight and alert
V.A / Winds of change (7ep) React!
RAINDANCE / Weathered (7ep) Atomic action!
V.A / Growing stronger -a positive hardcore compilation- (7ep) Teamwork
BROTHERHOOD / As thick as blood (cd) Crucial responce

BROTHERHOOD / As thick as blood (cd) Crucial responce

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EVERY SECOND COUNTS / st (cd) 6131
CAUGHT IN A CROWD / The fight (7ep) React!
THINGS WE SAY / Time to change (cd) Town hall
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