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japanese hardcore、crust、punk

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 V.A / Silent running ep (8cm cd) Hello from the gutter
KLONNS / Heaven (Lp) Black hole/Iron lung
BAYONETS / Good old days (cd) Bootstomp
THE SWANKYS / Never can eat swank dinner (cd) Kings world
THE BREATH / 道理なき憎悪 -Reasonless hate- (7ep) Convulse
 The COMES / Ball room of the living dead (cd) Emotional market
SOCIO LA DIFEKTA / Promo 2023 (tape) P.m.t
DANSE MACABRE / II -Ladder out of hell- (cd)
GRUESOME / Another reign 2nd press (cd) Suns
GRUESOME / The armour (cd) Suns
dryacid / Promo 2023 (tape) kültti kasetti
  V.A / What passing bells for these who die as cattle? (7ep) Passing bells
IZ / Life is​.​.​. (cd) Self
童子 (Dohji) / Forced climax unending (tape) Discipline production
LRF / Ugly (7ep) Mouse

LRF / Ugly (7ep) Mouse

ASBESTOS / Agonized cry (2Lp) F.o.a.d
  鴉 -CROW-  / Eye (Lp) Prank
  鴉 -CROW-  / 眼 -Manako- (cd) Crow
DESPERDICIO / Repetimos destrucción cuatro veces (7ep) Overthrow
PAINTBOX / Earth ball sports tournament (Lp) Prank
THE LAST SURVIVORS / Decontrol to survive (Lp) Pogo77
MASTERPEACE / スキコソモノノ (cd) Less than TV
ASPHALT / Live at CONQUEST 2023 (cd) Coaltar
ASPHALT / Your lie (cd) Coaltar
DEALE / Eat disciples da kanto (tape) Self
DEATH SIDE / The will never die 〜Single & V.A Collection〜 (2cd) Break the records
SO WHAT/ Redrum (7ep) Break the records
THE LAST SURVIVORS / Decontrol to survive (cd) Pogo77
V.A / Discocharge 2023 (cd) Hardcore kitchen
ROSENFELD / Pigs of the empire (2Lp) F.o.a.d
PAINTBOX / Unfinished works (cd) Break the records
TERRIBILIS / Smash the system and their lust to dominate (cd) Pogo77
TERRIBILIS / Smash the system and their lust to dominate (7ep) Pogo77
猿芝居 / 日陰者の矜持 (cd) Black konflik
SANOA / st (tape) Damaging instinct
SKY MARS / 太陽の視線感じ (7ep) Hardcore survives
NŌ / Punk is a message (10") Self
NO EXCUSE / You fuckin' die : Jsr (7ep) Break the records
WARHEAD / この想いを何処へ… (Lp) F.o.a.d
NATURAL KILLERS / グッバイヴレーション (cd) Purple daze magazine
LiFE, FATUM / split -Everyone crosses the border / End time- (cd) Distro rakkos/Price of grain/Punk bastard/Acclaim
  WAGESLAVE / Human terror (cd) Black konflik
 TODESTRIEB / DEsperAte THanatology (cd) Black konflik
  MILITARY SHADOW, NIGHTWOLF / split -Possessed by metal, Charged by punk- (cd) Captured
 DISTURD, ULCER / split -Warfare- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
MALiCE PANiC / Sandia city (7ep) Alive by caffeine
VINDICTIVES / Vindictives (7ep) Hardcore survives
DORAID / 国家ノ暴力支配/結局オマエラ人殺シ (flexi) Hello from the gutter
INTENTION / Brand new story (cd) Break the records
DOTRASH / st (cd) Hardcore kitchen
PROLETARIART / 敗色に染まる反逆はブルー (cd) D.n.a
PROLETARIART / 隔絶と孤独に通ず俺の道 (cd) D.n.a
FALSE INSIGHT / End of grief (cd) self
REALITY CRISIS / The world still keeps confusing (7ep) Profane existence
BACARA / 兵士になったこと-言葉をなくして (7ep) Break the records
BRATS / Ready for fight + Stop wars (cd) Self
ROCKY & THE SWEDEN, Boris / Split (cd) Fuudobrain
 志茂田カゲッキーズ / シ​テ​ィ​ポ​ッ​プ​は​聞​こ​え​な​い (tape) Black sheep
BAREBONES / Zero (cd) Break the records
 MASTERPEACE /  Overcome the limits (7ep)(cd) Times together
Downward / Out of dark (7ep) Break the records
六根 / 点と線 (cd) 重心
JANKY / Live at yokosuke 1987? (cd) Black konflik
LIFE / Violence, peace and peace research (cd) Black konflik
  KLONNS, SOILED HATE / Split -Different senses- (cd) Black konflik
 the SICK / Matohazure (Lp) Vox populi
 the SICK / Matohazure (tape) Necros
 the SICK / Matohazure (cd) Classick
and more / Death hftg crew (flexi) Hello from the gutter
END OF POLLUTION, CRUDIA / Split (Lp) Strong mind japan
pleasure and the pain  / Mere fancy (tape) Self
AFTER / Am (cd) Self

AFTER / Am (cd) Self

MASTERPEACE, STARTER / split -Friends forever- (picture Lp) Juke boxxx/Egypt
    SEX VIRGIN KILLER / Mirror (tape) lilii sound loom
   ゼビットCC / オーソリティファックオフ!! (cd) Blood sucker
RAW DISTRACTIONS / 2022 e.p. (7ep) Pogo77
ザ・スターリン / Stop jap naked (Lp+7ep) いぬん堂
経血 / kankai (Lp) Break the records
ASBESTOS / Loud noise infection (cd) Black konflik
  DESTRUCTION / Discography 1998-2011 (cd) Black konflik
LASTLY / Crazy fucked up deadly local (7ep) Hardcore survives
KALTBRUCHING ACIDEATH / Aural carnage (7ep) Hardcore survives
KUOLEVA / Recapture (7ep) Pogo77
九狼吽, KiM / split -Fighting our upsets- (cd) Front of union
ASBESTOS / The final solution... (cd) Black konflik
 Nu-CA / Born to be a soldier (7ep) Overthrow
 SWANKYS / The very best of hero the swanky's (cd) Kings world
GAI / Best to steal it demo & live compilation (2cd) Kings world
ASBESTOS / The final solution.... (Lp) F.o.a.d
JUNTESS / Black days: 1988-1992 (2Lp+2cd) F.o.a.d
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