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japanese hardcore、crust、punk

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THE GUAYS / Goo! choki! punch! (7ep) 十三月の甲虫
NERVS / Let your hands off! (cd) Word is out!
SOLPAATOS / Robotti (7ep) Hardcore survives
THE RUSTED / Fran Den Morka Halan (cd) Classick
JACK THE UNITY / 連鎖 (cd) Novembre
S.H.I. / Lucifer rising (7ep) Crust war
THE INDEX / Rock-steady beat ok! (cd) Dig over
WARHEAD / Warhead (cd) Blood sucker
鉄アレイ / IV (cd) Break the records
鉄アレイ / IV (Lp) Break the records
HOLIDAYS / Life is a treasure! (cd) Fade-in
EIEFITS / Genetic memory (cd) Mangrove
V.A / South island punx picnic (cd) 馬鹿衆
DEMOLITION / Bombenhagel (cd) Duel
ORGANISM, CROSSFACE / split (7ep) Self
DORAID / Midnight (10") Strong mind japan
DORAID / Death line city (cd) 拷問装置
DORAID / Fight against oneself (cd) 拷問装置
DORAID / The early inferno tapes naked (cd) 拷問装置
反好旗 / neverfade (cd) Break the records
FORWARD / Against their insanity -2nd press- (2cd) Break the records
KNAVE / Regeneration of darkcore (cd+dvd) Self
SYSTEMATIC DEATH / Systema-nine(the moon watches...) (cd) Fade-in
SYSTEMATIC DEATH / Systema-nine(the moon watches...) (Lp) Way back when
MOONSCAPE / Cursed (tape) Royal shadow
SYAS / No.0.9 (cd) Cash
OOZE / Don't lose sight of misdirection (cd) Hardcore kitchen
CANARIA / 2014 demo (cdr) Self
sekien / 我が意の夜明け -dawn of my intent- (7ep) Imminent destruction
the GEROS / demo (cdr) Self
EVIL EXTASY / First extasy (tape) 拷問装置
V.A / 生き埋めVA (cd) 生き埋め
蟲酸 / パラサイト (cd) 蟲企画
NEVER AGAIN / To future (cd) Blood sucker
SLANG / Devastation in the void (cd) Pizza of death
COSMOS / Demo tracks (cd) Break the records
KKG, COSMOS / Split -Illegal- (cd) Break the records
TOЧKA(トーチカ) / 1stカセット (tape) Self
犬まがい / つきのひかりとおどりたいのさ (cd) ブスリ
Jajouka / Erectrock (cd) Laboratory
THE DISASTER POINTS / Homeward bound (cd) Catch all
ORION / Party knights (cd) Break the records
GRIN / 壊滅のパレード (cd) Hard pure
鐵槌, 桜花 / split (cd) Straight up
assembrage / A wheel of wrath (12”) Guerrilla
NO / 全てが遅れてる (7ep) Black hole
AGGS / st (cdr) Self
FORWARD, TEARGAS / split "Burning spirits 2014" (7ep) Hardcore victim
VEKTOR / Skkk (cd) MCR company
マサカリ / st (Lp) ヤシマ
SLUDGE / Conduct (Lp) Crust war
CENTIPEDE / Puzzle (7epx2) Pogo77
THE PRISONER / Rebel train (cd) Diwphalanx
BAND OF ACCUSE / Memento mori (7ep) Narm discos/Imminent destruction
DIEAUDE / 渦巻く絶望の世界 (cd) 男道 Dan-doh
FIVE NO RISK / Art imitation (cd) Love over voltage
PARASITE / Proof of the existence (7ep) Holy terror
OLEDICKFOGGY / 新世界 (cd) Diwphalanx
THE PRISONER / Meteor (cd) Diwphalanx
V.A / Boots for stompin' 〜Bootstomp records 10th anniversary〜 (2cd) Bootstomp
SAD BOYS, RAW DISTRACTIONS, STAGNATION / Land of the crying sun -3way comp- (7ep) Hardcore survives
突撃戦車 / Search for the sun (cd) Straight up
SLANG / Apocalyps Now/162 Graves (cd) Straight up
SYAS / No.0 (cd) Cash
RAW DISTRACTIONS / Raw fight (7ep) Hardcore survives
ASPHALT / World noise situation (cd) Blood sucker
DISTURD / Inside (7ep) Hardcore survives
ボロキチ(Bo!Rock→1) / 此ノ崎ニテ (7ep) Debauch mood
THRH / demo 2013-2014 (cd) Self
OMIT VOMIT / Date rape (7ep) Episode sounds
ANGER FLARES / Rebel with a cause (cd) Bootstomp
ENSLAVE, PAZAHORA / Split (cd) MCR company
DEGENERATE / Destreation -破壊創造- (cd) Go to hell
CRIKEY CREW / My sons (cd) Sniffer
Bid'ah / Enthusiasm of the unorthodox (cd) Hardcore kitchen
SYSTEM FUCKER / st (cd)Strong mind japan
ACIDIC SOIL / Hydrosulfate (7ep) Metal actinium
NAMASTE /Alone,but not lonely (cd) 海賊
OFF-END / #2 (cd) Self
NO EXCUSE / Uprising (cd) Break the records
BUTTERFLY / Paint it black (cd) Straight up
ZYANOSE / Putrid sick society (cd) L.a.r.v.a
OLEDICKFOGGY / 肯定の化学/風に吹かれて (cd) Diwphalanx
PECKING ORDER / 2nd demo (cd) Self
PECKING ORDER / 1st demo (cd) Self
UNARM / Myth and reality 311 -2nd press- (Lp) Hardcore survives
UNARM / Myth and reality 311 (Lp) Black water
SEX-VIRGIN KILLER- / Crimson red ep ♀ (cd) Diwphalanx
SEX-VIRGIN KILLER- / Crimson red ep ♂ (cd) Diwphalanx
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