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  INTERNATIONAL HARDCORE & PUNK Black book zine (book)
V.A / IPZ Ice pick zine (dvd+zine) Suns
DAWN N°1.5 Survival Issue (book)
DELIGHTS PLEASURE feat​.​CHIRO #2 aynoSander" (zine+dvdr)
EL ZINE vol.43 (zine)
RC SLUM / Give love bag (bag) Rcslum
AGNOSTIC FRONT / Eliminator (figure)
MASTERPEACE, STARTER / Friends forever (enamel pin)
関西ハードコア (book) Loft books
NYHC HARDCORE Black book zine (book)
YOUTH OF TODAY / Fist (bag)
MASTERPEACE, STARTER / Friends forever (手ぬぐい)
record shop DIGDIG (wappen)
激音夜話 ISSUE OF REVIEW (zine)
世界の港町ZINE【杭】 (zine+cdr)
EL ZINE vol.42 (zine)
Tribe Called Discord 〜documentary of GEZAN〜 (dvd) 十三月
AMERICAN HARDCORE Black book zine vol.2 (book)
MASTERPEACE / Logo (wappen)
INTEGRITY / Humanity (mug)
DEBACLE PATH vol.2 (zine) Gray window press
横山SAKEVI / Oppressive liberation spirit volume 1 (book) Beast arts international
 SHEER MAG / Logo (enamel pin)
FAST issue #15 (zine)
INTEGRITY / Humanity is the devil (flip-flops)
MASTERPEACE / Logo (key holder)
RUCKTION / Logo (snapback) Rucktion
MERAUDER / Logo (snapback)
TRIPLE-B records / Fanny pack digital camo (bag) Triple-B
EL ZINE vol.41 (zine)
 森周平 / Disconnect (zine+cdr) Self
FAIRLY SOCIAL PRESS zine #2 (zine+cdr) Fairly social press
Z / 2013年2月16日 渋谷O-east (dvd) grok plastique
RAY PARADA / Somewhere below 14th & east: the lost photography of Karen O'Sullivan (book) Radio raheem
VISION OF DISORDER / Logo (snapback)
EL ZINE vol.40 (zine)
JUDGE / Hammer (snapback)
NUMB / Art book -Time has come- (book+cdr) Self
SIEGE / Logo (patch)
SIEGE / Logo (enamel pin)
EL ZINE vol.39 (zine)
TRIPLE-B records / Camo (cap) Triple-B
EL ZINE vol.38 (zine)
LEEWAY / logo (dad hat) Upstate
VICTORY Records / logo (slip mat)
WARZONE / logo (slip mat)
VICTORY Records / Logo (patch)
VICTORY Records / Bulldog logo (patch)
BLACK GANION / JOTA ONE (nylon baseball cap)
JIRO BE GOOD (sticker set) Acute art works
she luv it / logo (enamel pin)
EL ZINE vol.37 (zine)
SLAYER / Show no mercy (figure)
DESCENDENTS / Thou shalt not partake of decaf (mug cup)
E-TOWN CONCRETEE / Script (snapback cap)
TRUE ID HARDCORE ZINE 3rd issue (zine)
MDC あるアメリカン・ハードコア・パンク史 ―ぶっ壊れた文明の回想録 (book) Gray window press
PATH OF RESISTANCE / Logo (embroidered patch)
SHITTY HISTORY OF POGO77 -1st press- (book) Pogo77
URBAN STYLES Graffiti in New York Hardcore Second edition (book)
 EL ZINE vol.36 (zine)
DARKSIDE NYC / logo (beanie)
DARKSIDE NYC / logo (snapback cap)
TEPPEI HORI / Kekkai #005_20160617 (zine)
DEBACLE PATH vol.1 (zine) Gray window press
EL ZINE vol.35 (zine)
FAST issue #14 (zine)
LOW VISION / Searching for the unknown ver.2 (zine)
EL ZINE vol.34 (zine)
JUST ZINE 3 (zine)
仙人掌 / Refugee market - Wisdom back 2 mac tour final dvd 2017.08.05 (dvd) WDsounds
ISSUGI / The very best of 7inc tree release live dvd (dvd) Dogear
FLEX! / Discography of japanese punk hardcore mod no wave 1975-1986 (book)
EL ZINE vol.33 (zine)
STRAIGHT & ALERT Fanzine issue 1 (zine) Straight & alert
DAMAGE INC. / Nr 1. 2017 (zine)
EL ZINE vol.32 (zine)
ENJOY and RELAX / 2018 summer (zine+cdr)
鐵槌 / 独狼奏宴 (dvd) Diwphalanx
UNDERDOG / Chain (enamel pin)
TRIPLE-B records / Lion logo (enamel pin) Triple-B
MURPHY'S LAW / Ml nyhc (snapback cap)
MURPHY'S LAW / Ml (enamel pin)
SHEER TERROR / Bulldog (enamel pin)
QCHQ / Q logo (dad cap) Quality control hq
EL ZINE vol.31 (zine)
中野 賢太 / Your place. (zine) Self
V.A / Guerilla warfare video fanzine -World war III tour of japan 2003 (dvd)
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