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ホーム japanese thrash, fast, 80's style
japanese thrash, fast, 80's style

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OAC / Tiny Shorts Long Socks and Dukowski's T-shirt (Lp) 625 Thrashcore
CiG / Always rising after a fall (cd) Front of union
ROSEROSE / Complete deaden the nerve (cd) B.t.h
ROSEROSE / Liquidation (cd) B.t.h
SPEAK EASY / Speak not easy (cd) Self
HARD CORE DUDE / Highstandard Custom Derringer (tape) Royal shadow
ミミレミミ / December flexi (flexi) Hello from the gutter
アシックス★ブーメランズ, ALP$BOYS / Split -Drunks in  the central park (7ep) Debauch mood
   DISHRAG / 042pv (tape) Snake dog
INZEST / Violence not words (Lp) F.o.a.d.
NIGA-ROBO / Bloody history of family (7epx2) F.o.a.d
UNHUMAN SOCIETY DEATH / Demo 1989 (Lp) F.o.a.d
 GIGATIC KHMER / A fetus - demo 1989 (Lp) F.o.a.d
 leech / Venus (7ep) Snake dog
 TOTAL FURY, THE OATH / Split -Ears go deaf tour 2002- (7ep) Mangrove
O.U.T / Our unwanted troubles (7ep) Crew for life
THE ANTIDOTE / Don't lump me inwhith them (7ep) Self
More Noise Fol Life / My Daily Frustration (7ep) Self
 DISHxRAG, C.O.P.Y / Split (cdr) Snake dog
asox / Drink up (7ep) Crew for life
CRUCIAL SECTION / Dedication and friendship (7ep) Crew for life
Killseduction / Demo (cd) Hardcore kitchen
GYRO / F.a.m (cd)  Crew for life
num-hum / タチアナ (cd) 男道 Dan-doh
V.A / Trash from chaos #6 (cd) 男道 Dan-doh
V.A / Trash from chaos #7 (cd) 男道 Dan-doh
DEMIGLACE / Starting over (cd) Skull scream
RUNNER, SECRET TEMPLE / Split (7ep) Deliver b
泥虎 / Princess of Genocide (cd) Captured
Heyhey Mymy Voodoo (HMV) / Hachijouguchi mils davis victim's association -八条口マイルスデイビス被害者の会- (cd) Ch cargo
SABAZZ / The intolerable absence of evil (Lp) F.o.a.d
TILL EWING / Beyond (7ep)(cd) Crew for life
GNATS SUCKER / All things I'll never say 1988-1991 (cd) Black konflik
ティッシュティッシュボーイ / いちごのケーキ (flexi) Surprised pops
DBX / We are the world/Get your ass up (flexi) Hello from the gutter
SMASH YOUR FACE / Dynamite/hate man - Can I do that/fake fake fake (2flexi) hello from the gutter
COMPLETED EXPOSITION / Early tracks 2004 to 2013 (10") 625 Thrashcore
WIPES / Wfo (7ep) Hardcore survives
SAIGAN TERROR / Switchblade - Insane (7ep) Erostika
   CRUCIAL SECTION / Dedication and friendship (cd) Crew for life
TECHNOCRACY / Poison gift (cd) Guerrilla
TECHNOCRACY / Diary of terrorist (12") Guerrilla
DISHxRAG, BRAVAS 187 / Split (cd) Self
MurakuMo  / Power abuse (cd) Dead sky
SIBAFÜ / The seed of silence (10") A-z/Black hole
ZEN DISTORT / Demo 2022 (cd) Skull scream
FVK / Roots nutty (cd) Break the records
SUN CHILDREN SUN  / Bizzarrefeverre (cd) Novembre
SUPER DUCK, VIVA LA THRASH! / Split (10"+cdr) Surprised pops
DUSTPAN / Out of my mind (Lp+cd) Skull scream
V.A / Fast//violence #4 (tape) Knochentapes
OOPS / Demo (cd) Mouse

OOPS / Demo (cd) Mouse

  HETH,  ONLY THE LAST SONG / split -Intentions- (tape) Cheap shot contest
THE ANTIDOTE / Technicless thrash (7ep) Self
TORN PICTURE / st (cdr) Self
ANANAS / Idiotically (7ep) Kjack
GODFREE HO / st (cd) 男道 Dan-doh
VIOLENT PIGZ / Scum government, liar politics (7ep) Skull scream
  SOILED HATE / The nine billon names of hate (cd)(Lp) Rsr
RAW POWER, ANANAS / Split (7ep) P.i.g.
HARDCOREDUDE, LOS OXXO SEXOS, LOW CARD de la morte, SOCIAL PORKS / 4 way split -Deflection lost transfer- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
ILL JOE / Scorching heat and dryness (cd) Crew for life
  ONLY THE LAST SONG / I (7ep) Fired stomp
  RIVERGE / Stand in fear of nothing - early years discography (3Lp+cd) F.o.a.d
 SIFT / Demo 2021 (cdr) Self
MAN AGAINST MAN, WEIGHT / Split (7ep+cd) Impulse
NINJA BOYZ / Park (cd)(Lp) I hate smoke
SIKKS SENTH / 絡繰 〜カラクリ〜 (cd) Self
MASSPRESS, NOT NICE / Split -Die Variante- (tape) Self
DANCE MY DUNCE / 3songs + ...LIVE (7ep+cd) Surprised pops
WRONG STATE / Invisible red (7ep) Fired stomp
GASKET, VxN, DISHxRAG / 3 way split (tape) Self
FACE CLASHER / Concave (cd) Self
NEED FOR SPEED / Delusion of velocity (cd) Skull scream
ONLY THE LAST SONG / I (cd) Toy gun
ROSENFELD / Demo 1991 (Lp) F.o.a.d.
SMASH YOUR FACE / Change your life (booklet+dl code) Ride on
RUNNER / The elements (7ep) Deliver b
 TORSO / Home wrecked (7ep) Revelation
GOH / Golden maniacs (tape) Longslope
 イェン・ツー・パオ / I’m not dead “地獄からの生還” (cd) Impulse
  THRH / Laugh now, cray later (cd) Front of union
V.A / Trash from chaos #4 (cd) 男道
MILK / Bricks (7ep) A-z

MILK / Bricks (7ep) A-z

SLUTS / Shake appeal (cd) Self
LOW VISION / Stand against (cd) Hi liberate
TONE DEAF / st (7ep) Self

TONE DEAF / st (7ep) Self

INZEST / Violence not words (Lp) F.o.a.d.
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