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ホーム japanese thrash, fast, 80's style
japanese thrash, fast, 80's style

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TILL EWING / Highest bash in the fuckin babylon (cd) Wrong art
GIRL COPS / demo 2015 (cdr) Self
DEAD INFIELD / st (cd) フヂヲカ屋レコーズ
LOW VISION / Live in best time (Lp) Hardcore survives
DIRTYISGOD / Puke to the moon (cd) CH cargo
R.A.G.S / La verdad (cd) Break the record
TONE DEAF, she luv it / split (7ep+cd) Self
V.A / Innocent loud (cd) Roll 4ever
THRH / Love the life you live live the life you love (7ep+cd) I hate smoke
CHEAP SKATE / Nerd under pressure -Diy recording discography 2011-2012- (cd) 珍庫唱片/Ngoo
JOHN DOE / 4 tracks demo (tape) Self
SUN CHILDREN SUN, THE ACT WE ACT / split (7"flexix2) Wesuck
MIDNIGHT RESURRECTOR / Hated true sounds (cd) Spooky bank
GAMY, FASTKILL / Mosh in the pentagram (cd)
NOT A NAME SOLDIERS, EF / split -Area- (cd) Straight up
odd eyes / A love supreme for our brilliant town (7ep+cd) Summer of fan
THIRTY JOY / st (tape) Suburbia works
V.A / Trash!! crash!! thrash!! vol.2 (cd) Chaos kochi
BY-PASS, DIMWIT, LOWCARD de la morte / 3way split (cd) Hardcore kitchen
CROCODILE COX AND THE DISASTER / Siren/No Way out (7ep) Diwphalanx
MosomosO / Kokoniaruze (cd) Four eyes
SHORT FUSE / Flux of time (cd) Crew for life
FLEXEYE / Spazztic demonstration (tape) Self
INTO THE GREY / st (cd) Crew for life
SCOTTISH FOLD, SK8NIKS / split -Golden tag team of punk rock- (7ep)
DEEPSLAUTER / Elevation depth (cd) Thrash on life
ゲバ棒, Miracle Afro Public / split -Violent temptation- (cd) Ooo sound
V.A / BLACK SHEEP Anthology vol.1 (Lp) Black sheep
TONE DEAF / Unfailing youth ep (7ep) Self
CIRCLE FLEX / The city spreads under your leg (cd) Weekend stand
BABY, PLEASE KILL ME / Hello again, and fuck you (cd) Novembre
SHOOTMASTER / Scum charged attitude (cd) Hello from the gutter
TEENAGE DREAM / Teenage riot (cd) Chaos kochi
SIN ORDEN, CRUCIAL SECTION / Wake up and fight (cd) Crew for life
V.A / Trash!! crash!! thrash!! (cd) Chaos kochi
CONCRETE WAVES / demo 2014 (cdr) Self
RINTO-SS / 日本の一番あれの日 (cd) Self
antoniothree, DERIDE, H.M.V, WAGPLATY / 百万$のキッス (cd) Hardcore kitchen
STEP LIGHTLY / Negative killers (7ep+cd) Thrash on life
STICKY BEANS / Never never mind (cd) Fish&chips
PINPRICK PUNISHMENT / A tall baby (7ep) Black cube
GIRL COPS / Love women hate work (cdr) Self
MILK / My e.p. (7ep) Summer of fan
CONFUSION / 3 songs demo (cdr) Self
SNOY / Toronja (cd) Cosmic note
COMMUNiCATES / Reason to pain, take it all back (7ep) Crew for life
BRONxxx, GIRL COPS / Split (tape) Bronxxx
ミミレミミ -EEVEE- / Information of band name notation change ep (7ep) Imomushi
△-SANKAKU- / Our struggle of the newtown (cd) Newtown thing
HORSE&DEER / 座礁 (cd) OOO sound
SQUARE THE CIRCLE / Blow up the intense punk conception (cd) Crew for life
V.A / Losing your way 4 (7ep) Skinnydip
V.A / Got drunk more fuckkk -Tribute to Dead Kennedys- (7ep) Skinnydip
V.A / Losing your way zero (cd) Skinnydip
V.A / I pray -東日本大震災復興支援オムニバス- (cd) Void community
V.A / Killer soft tribute V.A F.C Bros 2011 (cd) Void community
SABBRABELLS / st (cd) King

SABBRABELLS / st (cd) King

STAB 4 REASON / Positive mental attitude 1996-1999 (cd) Twisted production
GROUND ZERO / Gate of death (cd) King
SLIGHT SLAPPERS / Moonlight ep (7ep) Diwphalanx
ROSEROSE / Fucking crap fucking chaos (cd) Bxtxh
TRAGIC FILM / demo (cdr) Self
THE EARTH TEMPLE / Planetarhythm (cd) Probe fish
HOLLYWOOD MASSAGE VIBRATION / The great adventure of heroic mind voyager (7ep+cd) Love over voltage
V.A / Kitashinjuku hardcore second (cd) Kitashinjuku
ARISE / Don't worry, be happy! (cd) Criminal file
NOT A NAME SOLDIERS / Signs (cd) IkKI Not dead
BBQ CHICKENS / Broken bubbles (cd) Pizza of death
SUN CHILDREN SUN, the SUPER FLOOR / split (cd) Depression/Double pints/Novembre
LOW VISION / live in best time (cd) WDsounds
END ALL / Hop thrash jump (cd) Kick start
COMPLETED EXPOSITION /  Structure space mankind (Lp) 625
SCHOOL JACKETS / Back To The Dance Floor - Complete Discography Die Hard Dance Classics -  (cd+dvd) HG fact/カクバリズム
秒殺エンドルフィン / 19 memories, for laughing and dying (cd) Tasty
CRUCIAL SECTION / Friends in the circle pit! (cd) (7ep) Crew for life
BL'AST / Blood (cd) Daymare

BL'AST / Blood (cd) Daymare

BREAKfAST / 眩暈 (cd) Thrash on life
KOLA / When a nightmare comes true (cd) Self
MANGA SHOCK / st (cd) Emission entertainment
DIRTY IS GOD / Another life (7ep) Laboratory
MANGA SHOCK / st (7ep) Emission entertainment
SPEED!! NOISE!! HELL!! / BORN TO KILL!! (cd) Chaos kochi
MosomosO / Humor and fever (cd)(7ep) Crew for life
宮武BONES / Dierect egoducts (cdr) Self
STAB 4 REASON / Existence (cd) Loft
PINPRICK PUNISHMENT / Join my army (7ep) Black cube
EL CAMINO 53 / The octopus diary (7ep) Answer
SNOY / st (cd) Cosmic note
GODDAMN DAHAA / Goddamn speed you (cd) Self
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