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ホーム japanese thrash, fast, 80's style
japanese thrash, fast, 80's style

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NINJA BOYZ / Park (cd)(Lp) I hate smoke
SIKKS SENTH / 絡繰 〜カラクリ〜 (cd) Self
MASSPRESS, NOT NICE / Split -Die Variante- (tape) Self
DANCE MY DUNCE / 3songs + ...LIVE (7ep+cd) Surprised pops
WRONG STATE / Invisible red (7ep) Fired stomp
GASKET, VxN, DISHxRAG / 3 way split (tape) Self
FACE CLASHER / Concave (cd) Self
NEED FOR SPEED / Delusion of velocity (cd) Skull scream
ONLY THE LAST SONG / I (cd) Toy gun
ROSENFELD / Demo 1991 (Lp) F.o.a.d.
SMASH YOUR FACE / Change your life (booklet+dl code) Ride on
INTERNAL / st (Lp) Rsr

INTERNAL / st (Lp) Rsr

RUNNER / The elements (7ep) Deliver b
 TORSO / Home wrecked (7ep) Revelation
GOH / Golden maniacs (tape) Longslope
 イェン・ツー・パオ / I’m not dead “地獄からの生還” (cd) Impulse
  THRH / Laugh now, cray later (cd) Front of union
V.A / Trash from chaos #4 (cd) 男道
MILK / Bricks (7ep) A-z

MILK / Bricks (7ep) A-z

SLUTS / Shake appeal (cd) Self
LOW VISION / Stand against (cd) Hi liberate
TONE DEAF / st (7ep) Self

TONE DEAF / st (7ep) Self

INZEST / Violence not words (Lp) F.o.a.d.
VxNx / Weekend lunch (cd) North by 92
V.A / コンクリ詰め compilation (cd)
MY SOCIETY PISSED / Locked room (12") Debauch mood
OOPS / Out of pictures (cd) Self
LOW CARD de la morte / el Paris savage video violence (cd) Hardcore kitchen
DAG NASTY / Can i say 日本盤仕様ver (Lp) Dischord
SAIGAN TERROR / Anatomy of saiagn (Lp) Triple-B
GASKET / The duo who lack of the gentle and the sociabiliryl (cd) Self
KATHABUTA / Discography 1989-1997 (3cd) Blood sucker
WIPES / You like that (cd)(7ep) Crew for life
DREADEYE / The world has left us behind (cd) DMB production
HIMO / Protect us (cd) Kitashinjuku
THRH / Demo 2019 (cd) Self
 BAN THIS / Subject to change (cd) Self
Baby, Please Kill Me / Here's a love song (cd) Novembre
ananas / Demo (cdr) Self
SAVAGE / No escape (Lp) Sphc
DEAD FISH BOYS / My dear fellow (flexi) Thrash teeth
SPAZZMATICS / Taiwan calling (cdr) Self
STAD FILLER / st (cd) Self

STAD FILLER / st (cd) Self

チーターズマニア / ハードコア (cd) Self
M.A.N.VS.M.A.N / Evil,vicious,mean & ugly (10") Superlame
DREADEYE, Su19b / split (7ep) Rsr
DREADEYE / The world has left us behind (Lp) Iron lung
B-SIDE APPROACH, CYCOSIS, ミミレミミ, gamy, HARD CORE DUDE, SAIGAN TERROR / 6way split -Chain of karma- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
Illegal corianders / 酩酊と覚醒のサスティーン (cd) Self
HARD CORE DUDE / Heisei Corrupted Deterioration (cd) ロードトリップ
mür mür / demo (cdr) Self
FASTener / The cold thrash (7ep+cd)(cd) Crew for life
V.A / BANNED IN NAGOYA Vol.3 (cd) Depression
TRAGIC FILM, RUNNER / split (7ep) Final letter
U SPAN D / Yes point (cd) Gw&t
SAIGAN TERROR / Anatomy of saiagn (cd) Bowl head inc.
NN〜DURA / 怒りの機械 (cd) Till your death
a sox / st (cd) Crew for life
 leech, STRESS GHETTO / split (tape) Self
FRIENDSHIP / Undercurrent (cd) Daymare
FRIENDSHIP / Undercurrent (Lp) Southern lord
BELCH / 7songs demo (cdr) Self
TERRIBLE JOKE / Live at seibu kodo (tape) Tani 9
O.U.T / Demo 2018 (cdr) Self
SLUTS / Cock scratch baby (cd) Over thirty kids
MASSPRESS / Room III (tape) Self
 NEED FOR SPEED / demo (cdr) Self
NOT NICE / Maverick noise violence (tape) Mothperdicio tapes
BRONxxx, SCHEISSE MINNELLI / split -Swamp bowl sessions- (7ep) Beanies
LOW VISION / Promo 2018 (tape) Self
MAN BREAST, piss all overs, SUN CHILDREN SUN / 3way split -3 Beasts attack the city!!- (cd) Novembre
 チッツ, manchester school≡ / split -シックな苦悩でかまわない - (7ep) こんがりおんがく
GEVABOW(ゲバ棒) / New ep (7ep) Self
SCOTTISH FOLD, BY-PASS / split -Two platoons- (cd)  Lock up
BRONxxx, DONE FOR / split (cd) All japana nerd association
SPIKE SHOES / Henceforth (cd) Tiny axe
DEEPSLAUTER / Crime (cd) Thrash on life
STEP LIGHTLY, THRH / Split -Louder than explosion- (cd) Thrash on life
SK8NIKS / Urusai e.p (tape) Roll 4ever
WRONG STATE / Boiling point (tape) Fired stomp
VIOLENT PIGZ / Here comes the dead boy (cdr) Self
VIOLENT PIGZ / st (cdr) Self
LOW CARD de la morte / el paris radio massacre sessions (cd) Hardcore kitchen
SLIGHT SLAPPERS / Sweet power violence (cd) Break the records
CYCOSIS / Death to my soul,live the cyco dream (cd) Hardcore kitchen
farandell / Active deviation (cd) fundamentalists united/Soul age
LOW VISION / Live at kichijoji warp 20170909 (tape) Toosmell
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