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ホームjapanese thrash, fast, 80's styleV.A / Fast//violence #4 (tape) Knochentapes

V.A / Fast//violence #4 (tape) Knochentapes

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2022年現行Power Violence/Fastcoreワールドワイドコンピ作!日本からDISHxRAG、leech、Video Girl、Not Nice、ENEMA、MÜRMÜR、FACE CLASHERの7バンドが参加!

当店でもお馴染みのMescaline ManiacsやドイツのHarsh noise C.O.P.Yなど、Powerviolence/Fastcore/Noiseシーンの「今」を凝縮した内容!!!

1.DISHxRAG - chain of abuse
2.TWIN TOMBS - invite only
3.ARNOXDUEBEL - heard enough
4.MESCALINE MANIACS - fuck da feds
5.SIDETRACKED - struggle for hope
6.MADRUGADO - noz demon
7.ILL! - jeden tag
8.LEECH - kitanai kuchi
9.DOUBLE ME - fuck your competition
10.BRIEFBOMBE - briefbombe
11.TOTAL CEREAL - fake
12.LxBxR - nope
13.VIDEO GIRL - familiar
14.RICExFILTH - pvmafia
15.WORMHEAD - repeat
16.xGRIFOx - abre tu conciencia
17.EINZELTÄTER - eine nation, ein gott, ein staat
18.SUICIDEFORCE - buy or die
19.COMMUNAL VIOLENCE - mr. robot
20.TURTLE RAGE - thrash attack
21.KOBOL - citadel
22.FINAL GULP - endlich abschaffen
23.MEGAZORD - muerte abrupta
24.NOT NICE - clonus
25.SCHWACHE NERVEN - skit/doorway
26.C.O.P.Y - t1000
27.ENEMA - 9228 hole
28.THE GORDON SHUMWAY XPERIENCE - the night of the crawling unknown
29.INFLUENCER - sleep paralysis
30.MAZAKARI - light
31.SYSTEM//ERROR - i never told anybody
32.XIAO - love your smell
33.LIFES - gatekeeper (GG cover)
34.MORE SMOKE - estado de ebriedad
35.AFTERPILL - get out
36.MÜRMÜR - at night
37.VINNY DAZE - brooklyns finest
38.DAUNTED - the love below
39.MIAMI DEATH 2 - phil collins
40.FACE CLASHER - headless friend
41.STALL - mole
42.VIBE CHECK - suffer in silence
43.SHITLOAD - alice in chains is the pantera of grunge part I and II
44.OVERTHROW - hell on earth
45.DVPM - teuflisch
46.SLAPENDEHONDEN - smells like salad
47.MENTE-ATADA - esquivo