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ホーム japanese grind, death, black
japanese grind, death, black

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 DISSIPATED / Autism (cdr) Self
  ABIGAIL / Sex&metal (8cm cd) Hello from the gutter
TERMINATION / Omega (cd) Bowl head inc.
ROSEROSE / Brutalize (cd) B.t.h
SU19B, LYCANTHROPHY / Split (10") 625 Thrashcore/Psychocontrol
LITTLE BASTARDS / Eat, shit and die = 俺たちは所詮クソ袋 (cd) For victory
GRINNING / Demo '23 (cdr) Self
 DISSIPATED / Demo 2023 (cdr) Self
SWARRRM / 焦がせ (cd) 3La -Longlegslongarms
WITHOUT DEFEAT / Absurd world (cd) Black konflik
FesterDecay / Reality rotten to the core (cd) Everlasting spew
VOIDD / Final black fate - complete recording 1990/1992 (2Lp+cd) F.o.a.d
HATE BEYOND / Strangled existence (Lp) F.o.a.d
BLACK GANION, ORdER / Split (7ep) Daymare
DAMNATION ALLEY / Mortal depression (flexi) Hello from the gutter
EGO FIX / Forsaken nightmare report demo (cd) Pathological frequency
 EGO FIX / Total filth squad discography 1995-1997 (cd) Mortville noise
SWARRRM / 偽​救​世​主​共 + Against again (cd) 3La -Longlegslongarms
KANDARIVAS, SWARRRM / split -Layered chimera- (cd) Daymare
  KANDARIVAS / Blood surgical death (Lp) F.o.a.d
WHILE THE CITY BURNS / The end (cd) Captured
CRUCIFIXION / Necrolatry - Corpse decapitation (Lp) F.o.a.d
DESERVE TO DIE / st (cd) Self
DESERVE TO DIE / st (Lp) discosmecagoendios
DESERVE TO DIE / st (tape) discosmecagoendios
SOB階段 / Noise,violence & destroy (cd) P-vine
GRAVAVGRAV, CUNTS / We are bored, fuck you!!! (tape) 死体カセット
DxIxE / D.i.e.r.r.e.a. (cd) Bloodbath/死体カセット
 IMMORTAL DEATH / Death of the immortality (tape) Self
  DAMNATION ALLEY / Early years demo tracks (cd) Tower of puzzle
 BLACK GANION / Ethnocentrism - End time dub (Earhammer remix) (tape) Daymare
  RUTHLESS INHUMANITY / Forged justice (cdr) Self
    RUTHLESS INHUMANITY / 515 Wound (cd) Self
kamomekamome, SWARRRM / split (Lp) Longlegslongarms
MORTIFY / Buzzsaw sickness (変形 8cm cd) Obliteration
 HARM, MORTIFY / Split (7ep) 625 thrashcore
  SHAPESHIFTER / Dark ritual (cd) Ungulates
 DIE YOU BASTARD!  / Be cool(Till I die) - 帝都浄化 (flexi) 半田商会
GRAVAVGRAV / Death said… demo 2 (cd) Obliteration
 NECROPHILE / Dissociated modernity - 30th anniversary (cd) Obliteration
KANDARIVAS / ガラパチ ~鳶と窒素~ (cd) Obliteration
V.A. / Gore and bizarre grind warriors from japan (cd) Happy despatch productions
GRAVAVGRAV / Garage rehearsal demo 2021 (tape) Self
 GRAVAVGRAV / Live at Asakusa 2021 (cdr + pins) extremynegativeminds
GRAVAVGRAV / Demo #1 - 2021 (cdr) extremynegativeminds
MORTIFY / Grotesque buzzsaw defilement (cd) Obliteration
V.A / Armageddon over japan vol.1 (cd) Obliteration
 KANDARIVAS / Blood surgical death (cd) Obliteration
SWARRRM / ゆめをみたの - i dreamed... - (cd) Longlegslongarms
SWARRRM / ゆめをみたの - i dreamed... - (Lp) Longlegslongarms/Left hand label
HorornisDiphoneValley / Disfanfare (cd) Esagoya
PiCNiC / (cd) 男道 Dan-doh
MESSIAH DEATH / Invocated unholy tracks: the most complete collection of Messiah Death (2Lp) F.o.a.d.
RED / Golden oath of allegiance-demo (Lp) Rsr
RED / Golden oath of allegiance-demo (cd) Rsr
 BLACK GANION:DJ BAKU / Method - 92 skream (12") Popgroup
brag-flashlamp / 雲外蒼天 (cd)
V.A / Obliteration records sampler (cd) Obliteration
V.A /GRIND BASTARDS #14 (cd) Grind freaks
VOMITUS OF REGARDMENT / Reh.trucks #1 (cdr) Self
VOMITUS OF REGARDMENT / Reh.trucks #2 (cdr) Self
self deconstruction / superficial (cd) Break the records
MOLESTED HATE / Shotgun massacre (cd) Obliteration
KANDARIVAS / Grind surgical shrine (cd) Obliteration
Cudoa / Ecorche (cd) Lost rivers product
MORTIFY / Stench of swedish buzzsaw (cd) Obliteration
UNBIASED / Grinding reactor (cd) Tower of puzzle
ENDON, SWARRRM / split -歪神論 Evil little things- (cd) Daymare
ABORT MASTICATION / Dogmas (cd) Obliteration
RETORTION TERROR, WORM / split (cd) Hardcore kitchen
V.A / GRIND BASTARDS #13 (cd) Grind freaks
RETORTION TERROR / st (cd)  Horror pain gore death productions
CLOTTED SYMMETRIC SEXUAL ORGAN (C.S.S.O.) / Vimukti vimokasa (tape) Anatomical productions
ANAL VOLCANO, GEROPETORO, KRUELTY / 3way split -Entrevista con los 3 asesinos!- (cd) Obliteration
西之カオティック / Tsumetai konton no kuni (cd) Hello from the gutter
BLACK GANION / Third (cd) Daymare
 NEW WORLD / Die in eden -桃源郷デ死ネ- (tape) 死体カセット
MASS COLLAPSE / Mass collapse madfness (10") Self
assembrage, SWARRRM / split (7ep) Break the records
WORLD / st (cd) [...]dotsmark/死体カセット
BUTCHER ABC / Butchery workshop 2002 - 2009 (cd) Bizarre leprous production
 BUTCHER ABC / North of hell (Lp) Power it up
SELF DECONSTRUCTION / Wounds (Lp) Break the records
ROSENKREUZ / Surrender or die (cd) Self
BROILER / Bestialized in dystopia city -魔境- (cd) Hello from the gutter
V.A / GRIND BASTARDS #12 (cd) Grind freaks
MAGGOTY CORPSE / Requiem (cd) Dark blasphemies
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