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ホーム death, black metal
death, black metal

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  KOMMAND / Death age (Lp) 20 buck spin
  HEDONIST / Sepulchral lacerations (Lp) Neon taste
  INTERNAL BLEEDING / Alien breed (2Lp) Btk
  CREMATORIUM / Chained to torment (Lp+cd) F.o.a.d
 SOMATIC DECAY / Existential decadence (tape) Iron lung
DEPARTURE CHANDELIER / Dripping papal blood (8cm cd) Obliteration
INFERNAL CURSE / Infernal curse 地獄の呪い (cd) Obliteration
  IMMORTAL FATE / Beautiful - Faceless burial (cd) Rescued from life/Nuclear ass
NECROT / Mortal (Lp)(cd) Tankcrimes
 DARK HERESY / Abstract principles taken to their logical extremes (cd)(2Lp) Svart
 CONVULSE / World without god (cd)(2Lp) Svart
 NOVEMBER GRIEF / Evil-ution (Lp) F.o.a.d.
 NOVEMBER GRIEF / To live... in this world of chaos (Lp) F.o.a.d.
LEPROPHILIAC / Caskets of flesh (cd) Obliteration
MORTIFERUM / Disgorged from psychotic depths (cd) Profound lore
BLOOD INCANTATION / Hidden history of the human race (2cd) Daymare
INSANITY / Demo 1985 (Lp) Radio Raheem
MOURNED / Devoured humanity (cd) Dead sky
SEPULTURA ‎/ Beneath The Remains (tape) Hammer Muzik
BENEDICTION / The grand leveller (Lp) Floga
BENEDICTION / Subconscious terror (Lp) Floga
DISMEMBER / Like an everflowing stream (cd) Hammerheart
MASTER / st (Lp) Hammerheart
MASTER / st (2cd) Hammerheart
GATECREEPER / Sonoran depravation (cd)(Lp) Relapse
GENOCIDE PACT / Order of torment (cd)(Lp) Relapse
GATECREEPER / Ep + split tracks (cd) King of the monsters
GATECREEPER / Sweltering madness (7ep) Closed casket activities
INNUMERABLE FORMS / Promo 2016 (tape) Self
DEIPHAGO / Anthology - e.p. and splits 2006-2012 (cd) Obliteration
WAR MASTER / Blood dawn + Pyramid of the necropolis (cd) Obliteration
BLACK BREATH / Slaves beyond death (cd) Daymare
UNDER THE CHURCH / st (10") Blood harvest
TRANSGRESSOR / Ether for scapegoat (cd) Memento mori
GENOCIDE PACT / Desecration (7ep) Bad teeth
PUS VOMIT / Degrade The Worthless (cd)
PUTREFACT / I shall die upon this putrefaction (cd) Obliteration
INTERMENT / Where death will increase 1991-1994 (cd) Necroharmonic
WOMBBATH / Internal caustic torments (cd) Necroharmonic
WAR MASTER / Blood dawn (cd) (Lp) Torture garden
IMPETIGO / Faceless (tape+zine pack) Obliteration/galeria de muerte
HAIL OF BULLETS / On divine winds (cd) Metal blade
HAIL OF BULLETS / ...Of frost and war (cd) Metal blade
BOLT THROWER / Those once Loyal (cd) Metal blade
BOLT THROWER / Honour valour pride (cd) Metal blade
BOLT THROWER / Honour valour pride (cd) Metal blade
MEGA SLAUGHTER / Calls from the beyond & the demos (2cd box set) Cryptorium
THRALL / Away from the haunts of men (cd) Moribund
THRALL / Vermin of the earth (cd) Moribund
PUTREFACTION / Blood cult (Lp) Phobia
DEVOURMENT / Conceived In sewagea (cd) Relapse
ARTS / Thousand wounds of war (Lp) Youth attack
UNDERGANG / Indhentet af Doden (cd) Xtreem
MAMMOTH GRINDER / Obsessed With Death (7ep) Hell massacre
BOMBS OF HADES / Chambers Of Abominations (Lp) Blood harvest
UNDEAD CREEP / Enchantments from the Haunted Hills (7ep) Blood harvest
BOMBS OF HADES / The Serpent's Redemption (Lp) Blood harvest
DESECRATOR / Subconscious Release (cd) Mosh tuneage
MANTAS / Death by metal (cd) Relapse
BASTARD PRIEST / Under the Hammer of Destruction (cd) Blood harvest
WAR MASTER / Pyramid of the Necropolis (Lp) Torture Garden
GOD MACABRE / The Winterlong (Lp) Blood harvest
PROTECTOR / Misanthrophy (Lp) To The Death
GRAVEHILL / practitioners of fell sorcery (Lp) A389
WAR MASTER / Pyramid of the Necropolis (cd) Rescued from life
DEMONA / Mim-The Assassin (7ep) Iron bonehead
NIRVANA 2002 / Recordings 89-91 (cd) Relapse japan
BEHERIT / At The Devil's Studio 1990 (cd) (Lp) Hells headbangers
BASTARD PRIEST / Ghouls of the Endless Night (cd) (Lp) Blood harvest
TANGORODRIM / Justus ex fide vivit (cd) Southern lord
MASTER / st (cd+dvd) Displeased
MASTER / Unreleased 1985 (cd)
RAPE PILLAGE AND BURN / Songs Of Death... Songs Of Hell (cd) Obliteration
NECRODAMUS / No Rest for the Wizard (CD) disco de la muerte
PAGANIZER / Basic Instructions for dying (CD) OBLITERATION
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