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NEGATIVE APPROACH / Tied down demo 6/83 (7ep) Taang!
NIP DRIVERS / Destroy whitey-Oh blessed freak show (cd) Taang
V.A / Boston hardcore 89-91 (tape) Taang!
GANG GREEN / Another Case Of Brewtality (cd) Taang!
THE FREEZE / Rabid Reaction (tape) Taang!
THE FREEZE / Land Of The lost (tape) Taang!
THE FREEZE / Misery Loves Company (cd) (tape) Taang!
POISON IDEA / Kings of punk (Lp) Taang!
POISON IDEA / Record collectors are pretentious assholes (Lp) Taang!
POISON IDEA / Pick your king (cd) Taang!
SLAPSHOT / Step On It (cd) Taang!
MENACE / Screwed up:The best of MENACE (cd) Taang!
JERRY'S KIDS / Kill kill kill (cd) Taang!
GANG GREEN / Another Wasted Night (cd) Taang!
HARD-ONS / Love is a battlefield of wounded hearts (tape) Taang!
HARD-ONS / Dickcheese (tape) Taang!
F.U.'S / Do we really want to hurt you? (cd) Taang!
THE BRUISERS / Cruisin' for a bruisin' (Lp) Taang!
UPSIDEDOWN CROSS / Evilution (cd) Taang!
UPSIDEDOWN CROSS / st (tape) Taang!
F.U.'S / Kill for christ (cd)(Lp) Taang!
NEGATIVE APPROACH / Nothing will stand our way (cd) (Lp) Taang!
BATTALION OF SAINTS / Second coming-Live at CBGB's 1984 (cd) (Lp) Taang!
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT / No way back (cd) Taang!
NEGATIVE APPROACH / Friends of no one (cd) Taang!
GANG GREEN / Another Wasted Night (Lp) Taang!
GANG GREEN / Pre-School (cd) Taang!
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT / The Collection (cd) Taang! Records
BATTALION OF SAINTS A.D. / cuts... (cd) taang!
SSD / Power (cd) Taang!

SSD / Power (cd) Taang!

DYS / Brotherhood (cd) (Lp) taang
F.U.'S / My America (cd) Taang!
JERRY'S KIDS / Is This My World? (cd) Taang! Records
POISON IDEA / Best Of Poison Idea (cd) Taang! Records
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