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thrash, fast, 80's...

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VIOLENCIA / Viviendo tiempos aun mas oscuros (cd) Snake dog
 CRAWL SPACE / My god... what've I done? (Lp) Iron lung
NOOSE SWEAT / Murder suicide (7ep) 625 Thrashcore
NEON CHRIST / 1984 (Lp) Southern lord
D.Y.S. / Brotherhood (Lp) Bridge nine
NIHIL UNBOUND / Great oblivion eternal (10") No time
V.A / Bay area thrash III balastic thrash comp (cd) 625thrash
BULLS SHITT / This is... (7ep) Rebirth
SINISTER FEELING / st (Lp) Delayed gratification
POISON IDEA / Tribute To G.I.S.M. (7ep) Tko
ACCUSATION / Demo (tape) Quality control hq
STRESS POSITIONS / Walang hiya (Lp) Iron lung
  BLACK ARMY JACKET / Open casket: the discography (2Lp) State of mind
SSD / The kids will have their say (Lp) Trust
FUSE / This segregation will end Lp + Mono world/time (cd)  Hi liberate
ANGEL DU$T / Brand new soul (Lp) Pop wig
ZULU / A new tomorrow (Lp)(cd)(tape) Flatspot
V.A / Bc thrash demolition (7ep) 625 Thrashcore
ABBREVIATED / Demo 2023 (tape) 625 Thrashcore
GxUxTxSx / Shred by dawn (tape) 625 Thrashcore/Morphine milkshake tapes
SKIPLIFE / st (7ep) 625 Thrashcore
GRIM STATISTIC / Demo (tape) 625 Thrashcore/To live a lie
VACCINE / Dead inside (7ep) Painkiller
HATRED SURGE / Horrible mess 2005-2007 (Lp) Iron lung
SLANT / 2023 demo (tape) Self
MADRUGADO, INFLUENCER / Split (tape) No time
  DAUNTED / Substandard (tape) No time
 DAUNTED / Intimidation tactics (tape) No time
HONG KONG FUCK YOU / Fuck you. just die. (tape) No time
  HONG KONG FUCK YOU / Third world fighting music (tape) No time
HONG KONG FUCK YOU / Another fucking day in paradise (tape) No time
 VIOLENCIA, DOUBLE ME / Split (7ep) No time
   VIOLENCIA / Viviendo tiempos aun mas oscuros (Lp) To live a lie
 CHAFA, MESCALINE MANIACS / Split (tape) No time
 CHAFA, MESCALINE MANIACS / Split (7ep) No time
SHORT HATE TEMPER / Fast food 1993 demo (Lp) 625 thrashcore
DEAD HEAT / Endless torment (Lp) Triple-B/Tankcrimes
  SPINE / Raíces (Lp) Convulse
 COMPASSION / Pacing animal (Lp) Convulse
KOROSE / ミルモでヤンポン! (cd) Trash from chaos
  SPY / Satisfactionr (cd)(Lp) Triple-B
 NEGATIVE BIAS / st (Lp) Rsr
 TRIAC / Pure joy - Numb grief​-​stricken animals (cd) Rsr
GETS WORSE / Teenwolf (cd) Rsr
IN DISGUST / We should all die (Lp) Rsr
PEST CONTROL / Don't test the pest (Lp) Quality control hq
DRAIN / Living proof (cd)(Lp) Epitaph
CROM / The Cocaine wars 1974-1989 (cd)(Lp) To live a lie
SPEED PLANS / Statues of god (Lp) Iron lung
LEVEL / Gone west (7ep) 625 thrashcore/Thrashtapes
SKOURGE / Torrential torment (Lp) Lockin' out
  BRAIN TOURNIQUET / .​.​.​An expression in pain (Lp) Iron lung
WOUND MAN / Human outline (Lp) Iron lung
BIG LAUGH / Consume me (cd)(Lp)(tape) Revelation
HEAVEN'S GATE / Heaven's gate (cd) Break the records
GAOLED / Bestial hardcore (flexi) Iron lung
 DEAD HEAT / World at war (cd)(Lp) Triple-B
V.A / Hit mania violence -The violence continues- (7ep)
   PRESSURE PACT / Negative point of view (cd) Crew for life
FOILS OF SEIGHT / Into the foils (cd)(tape) Carnalismo
FOILS OF SEIGHT / Into the foils (7ep) Rescued from life
EMPTY PEOPLE / st (Lp) Carnalismo
HENCHMEN, GAPETARD / Split (flexi) West bay all day
BOOTLICKER / Lick the boot, lose your teeth (LP) Neon taste
NEGATIVE APPROACH / Tied down demo 6/83 (7ep) Taang!
ICED / Don’t mean shit (Lp) Toxic toast
  OFF! / Free lsd (cd)(Lp)(tape) Fat possum
ZULU / Our day will come (tape) Quality control hq
 NO COMPLY, SIDETRACKED / Split (7ep) To live a lie
 T.S. WARSPITE / Stop the rot (Lp) Quality contrl hq
TEMPTER / st (Lp) Quality contrl hq
  HOLOGRAM / No longer human (Lp) Iron lung
SLANT / Vain attempt (7ep) Iron lung
SLANT / 1집 (Lp) Iron lung
VOID / Condensed flesh (7ep) Eye 95
SPINE / L.o.v. (Lp) Bridge nine
SPY / Service weapon (7ep) To live a lie
FORESEEN / Untamed force (Lp) Quality contrl hq
  JAILED / Discography 2017-2019 (tape) Carnalismo
 LIVING WORLD / World (7ep) Iron lung
 PROWLER / Demo (tape) Iron lung
  PERSONA / Free your mind! (Lp) Iron lung
    ELECTRIC CHAIR / Act of aggression (tape) Iron lung
 EARTHDOGS / Cry now, cry later (7ep) 625 thrashcore/To live a lie
VERBAL ASSAULT / On / Exit (Lp) Atomic action!
IRON LUNG / Mental distancing (flexi) Iron lung
 OTTAWA / The third age(Lp)Capsule
BAD BRAINS / st 帯・ライナー付き国内仕様 (Lp)  Org music
 BAD BRAINS / st -Punk note edition- (Lp) Org music
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