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thrash, fast, 80's...

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MANPIG / The grand negative (Lp) Deep six
REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER, WOUND MAN / split (7ep) Atomic action!
MINDLESS / Human conditioning (7ep) Rsr
SLAG / st (7ep) Rsr

SLAG / st (7ep) Rsr

STIGMATISM / st (7ep) Beach impediment
GAZM / Dirty beach (7ep) Byllepest
SLANT / Vain attempt (7ep) Iron lung
  CITIZENS ARREST / Colossus (cd) Crew for life
SHIT COFFINS / Termination (Lp) Iron lung
C.H.E.W. / Feeding frenzy (tape) Iron lung
C.H.E.W. / Feeding frenzy (Lp) Iron lung
C.H.E.W. /  In due time (7ep) Iron lung
KHIIS / Bezoar (Lp) La vida es un mus
FETISH / World eater (cd) Break the records
SCUM HUMAN / st (7ep) Rsr

SCUM HUMAN / st (7ep) Rsr

SUPPRESSION / 9296 (cd) Rsr
POWERAGE / demo (Lp) Rsr

POWERAGE / demo (Lp) Rsr

DEPRAVED / Dead weight (Lp) Rsr
WOUND MAN / Omnipotence (tape) Rsr
DERITAxTERUS / Bandana thrash attack! (cd) Crew for life
BATTALION OF SAINTS / Complete discography (3Lp)(2cd) Pine hill
BLACK ARMY JACKET / 222 (Lp) Brainscan
POWER TRIP / Opening fire : 2008 to 2014 (cd) Dark operative
GUTTER KNIFE / Boots on the ground (Lp) Quality control hq
NEUROOT / Neurology 1983-2019 (2cd) Break the records
TOTAL JERKS / Fear (cd) Break the records
NxMxA / Emocion explosiva (cd) Crew for life
FAITH, VOID / split 日本盤仕様ver (Lp) Dischord
MINOR THREAT / st -小さな脅威- 日本盤仕様ver (Lp) Dischord
MARRON / Terrenos (Lp) Verdugo discos
WOUND MAN / Prehistory (7ep) Iron lung
BEOWULF / st (Lp) Mono

BEOWULF / st (Lp) Mono

PROTESTER / Watch them fall (Lp) New absolute
TORSO / Build and break (7ep) Revelation
NEGATIVE FX / st (Lp) Taang!
HYPOCRITE / The mayhem demo (7ep) Never back down
BAD BRAINS / Rise (cd) 4Worlds media
EXCEL / Live 1985-1992 (cd) Break the records
EXCEL / Seeking refuge 1993-1999 (cd) Break the records
CITY HUNTER / Deep blood (Lp) Youth attack
 CREEP STARE / Pain game (7ep) Youth attack
RIPCORD / Harvest hardcore (7ep) Yofc
DAD BRAINS / st (7ep) Pirates press
 WASTE MANAGEMENT / Tried and true (Lp) Painkiller
SICKMARK / II (7ep) Dead heroes
 SICKMARK / st (7ep) Contraszt!/Rope or guillotine
BETERCORE / Complete out of control! (Lp) Refuse
INFERNO / Hibakusha (Lp) Power it up
BIB / A band in hardcore (Lp) Erste theke tontraeger
RIGHTEOUS JAMS / Business as usual (cd) Alveran
EVOL / Experiments in fear 1988-1992 (10") Moshover
ULTRA / Discography (cd) Vox populi
REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER /  World of inconvenience (Lp) Straight & alert
BOSTON STRANGLER, WASTE MANAGEMENT, PEACEBREAKERS / 3way split -The stomp-i-lation- (tape) Stupid
BETA BLOCKERS / Stiff prescription (Lp) Static shock
ADRENALIN O.D. / The wacky hi-jinks of… (2cd) Chunksaah
SLAPSHOT / Make america hate again (Lp)(cd) Bridge nine
SHIPWRECKED / We are the sword (Lp) Foreign legion
CONCUSSIVE, SCUM HUMAN / split (7ep) Rsr
FORGED / st (7ep) Grind promotion
NYC MAYHEM / For real! (Lp) Radio raheem
GHOUL, ILL BILL / split (7ep) Tankcrimes
VERBAL ASSAULT / Trial (cd)(Lp) Atomic action!
UNIFORM CHOICE / 1982 orange peel sessions (7ep) Dr.strange
WRECKING CREW / Balance of terror (Lp) I scream
WRECKING CREW / Balance of terror (cd) I scream
KRIMEWATCH / st (cd) Break the records
V.A / Fresh! volume one (tape) Teeny tiny
HERESY / Face up to it! expanded 30th anniversary edition (2Lp+cd) Boss tuneage
HERESY / Face up to it! expanded 30th anniversary edition (cd) Boss tuneage/Break the connection
SCREAM / Nmc 17 (cd)(Lp) Southern lord
BY THE GRACE OF GOD / Above fear (cd)(Lp) State of mind
DECLINO / Terra bruciata - Discografia completa (2Lp) F.o.a.d.
MASSGRAV / Stockholm rockers (cd) Selfmadegod
THE FLEX / Flexual healing vol.7 (tape) Quality control hq
KRIMEWATCH / st (Lp) Lockin' out
ARMS RACE / The beast (7ep) La vida es un mus
SEX PRISONER / Tannhauser gate (cd) Cosmic note
FIREBURN / Shine (7ep) Closed casket activities
BULLDOZER / The day of wrath + The exorcism (2cd) F.o.a.d
BULLDOZER / The final separation (cd) F.o.a.d
VILE GASH / Nightmare in a damaged brain (Lp) Youth attack
SUBURBANITE / st (Lp) Youth attack
CADAVER DOG / Dying breed (Lp) Youth attack
RAPT / Thrash war - discography 1984-1987 (Lp+7ep+cd) F.o.a.d
RAGE / Feel the burn (7ep) Straght & alert
SEX PRISONER, HARM DONE / split (Lp)(cd)(tape) Straight & alert
THE REPOS / st (Lp) Youth attack
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