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thrash, fast, 80's...

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  MISSION OF CHRIST / Silence in grave (Lp+flexi) Supreme echo
  XSAVAGEX / Your time will come (cd)(tape) Nuclear ass
XSAVAGEX / Discography 2014​-​2017 (cd) Nuclear ass
 WOUND MAN / Jaw bone session 2021 (tape) Coxinha/MA glory
   HONG KONG FUCK YOU, GUILT DISPENSER / split (7ep) Coxinha
 SIDETRACKED / Life of no control (tape) Coxinha
 SCALPLE / Skillful butchers (Lp) Sorry state
   BAD BRAINS / st (Lp)(tape) Org music
 BAD BRAINS / Rock for light (Lp)(tape) Org music
NEOS / Fight with donald (7ep) Supreme echo
NEOS / Three teens hellbent on speed (Lp) Supreme echo
DETERIORATION, MELLOW HARSHER / Split (7ep) 625 thrash
NOTHING CLEAN / Disappointment (cd) Esagoya
 ZIG ZAG / It gets worse (7ep) 11 Pm
 REEK MINDS / Rabid (7ep) 11 Pm
POWERXCHUCK, SORDO / Split (7ep) Grindfather
ZULU / Our day will come (tape) Quality control hq
ZULU / My people... hold on - Our day will come (Lp) Flatspot
 PEACE TEST / Collection (Lp) Rsr
  BOOTLICKER / How to love life (7ep) Neon taste
 BOOTLICKER / st (Lp) Neon taste
DIRECT THREAT / st (tape) Iron lung
DIRECT THREAT / st (tape) Qualty control hq
TO THE POINT / Songs that come to mind when thinking of you (cd) Bones brigade
 TO THE POINT / Reinventing the wheel : the first 25 (Lp) Rsr
MESCALINE MANIACS / st (7ep) 625 thrash
AGENTS OF SATAN / The final set (Lp) 625 Thrashcore
VOID BRINGER / Cruel & unusual (7ep) 625 Thrashcore
  SCHIZO / Delayed death - 1984/1989 The years of collapse - (2cd) F.o.a.d.
HEALER / Resurgence (7ep) 625 Thrashcore
 GASP / Drome triler of puzzle zoo people (tape) To live a lie
  HATRED SURGE / Grinding reanimated violence (tape) 625 thrash
SLANT - 1집 (Lp) Iron lung
ELECTRIC CHAIR / Social capital  (7ep) Iron lung
SICK BURN, THESE BASTARDS / split -Burn these sick bastards- (7ep) Alimentary music
CHOKE / It’s hard to talk shit, with no fucking teeth (Lp) Rsr
NEGATIV NULL / Gesamtwerk 2016-2017 (cd) Rsr
  GASP / Stardonas (7ep) To live a lie
 HIGH COMMAND / Everlasting torment (7ep) Triple-B
  TORSO / Due cose in una (tape) Revelation
MUTANT STRAIN / st (Lp) Sorry state
 HARD FOUL / st (tape) 625Thrashcore/36crazyfists
 MORBID LIFE SOCIETY / 1991 and 1988 Demos (tape) 625Thrashcore/Monkey king records
CONQUEST FOR DEATH / A maelstrom of resentment & remorse (Lp) Refuse
DREGS / Watch out (7ep) Refuse
HARD FOUL, THESE BASTARDS / split (7ep) 625 Thrash core
 V.A / Cry now, cry later vol.1 (7epx2) Theologian/Pessimiser
FIELD DAY / 2.0 (7ep) Unity worldwide
SCHOLASTIC DETH / Bookstore core 2000-2002 (Lp) 625 Thrashcore
 INVERTEBRATE / Culture rot (7ep) Night animal
MELLOW HARSHER, INTERNAL ROT / split (7ep) 625 thrashcore/Rsr
SFN / Electric fence (Lp) 625 thrashcore/Malokul
 HEAVY DISCIPLINE / st (Lp) Painkiller
IRON LUNG / Sexless//no sex (Lp)(tape) Prank
  ELECTRIC CHAIR / Performative justice (7ep) Iron lung
DRAIN / California cursed (cd)(Lp)(tape) Revelation
 SIDETRACKED, THE SEEKER / split (7ep) To live a lie
UNITED MUTATION / Dark self image (Lp) Radio raheem
 AGGRESSION / From the frozen vaults 1984-1986 (Lp+cd) F.o.a.d.
PLUTOCRACY / Dankstahz (tape) Basement
CROSSED OUT / 1990-1993 (tape) Basement
SIDETRACKED, SUPPRESSION / split (7ep) To live a lie
RAW POWER / Screams from the gutter - 35th anniversary edition (Lp) F.o.a.d
SMUT / First kiss (Lp) Iron lung
ACxDC / Satan is king (cd) Prosthetic
GO LIKE THIS / Vatos locos eastsiders honky tonk grind vol. 666 (tape) Intolerant messiah
GO LIKE THIS, DJ QUEST / split -Double homicide 2- (Lp+flexi) Alimentary music
PLUTOCRACY / Civilized.......? (Lp) Alimentary music
WARDOGS / It's time to fight! (Lp) F.o.a.d.
TOXIC SHOCK, REPROACH / split (cd) Crew for life
LIFE SUPPORT / Die like a man (7ep) Youth attack
COMBAT FORCE / Never Stray (7ep) Youth attack
SNARLING HATE / How to kill (7ep) Youth attack
MANGLED STATE / Stigma (6") Youth attack
TO THE POINT / Give me a reason (7ep) Deep six
YACOPSAE / Timeo ergo sum (cd) F.o.a.d
BROTHER / st (7ep) Atomic action!
SARCASM / War-song (Lp) Radio Raheem
McRAD / Absence of sanity (cd) Uprising
LIBERATE / Discografía (cd) Break the records
SICK BURN / A grand exclamation of go!-ing (cd) Crew for life
CADAVER DOG / Dying breed+Blunt force trauma (cd) Toosmell
HIGH COMMAND / Beyond the walls of desolation (cd)(Lp) Southern lord
MELLOW HARSHER, INVERTEBRATE / Split (7ep) 625 Thrashcore
FORGED, ENDLESS SWARM / split (7ep) Here and now!
CONCUSSIVE, ENDLESS SWARM / split (7ep) Dead heroes
EMILS / Fight together for... (Lp+7ep) Power it up
FORESEEN / Helsinki savagery (cd) Crew for life
GOATBURNER / Extreme conditions (cd) Obliteration
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