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ホーム thrash, fast, 80's...
thrash, fast, 80's...

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LA PIOVRA / Disastro Sonoro (7ep) Punks Before Profits
DS-13 / Killed By The Kids (Lp) Havoc Records
CRUCIAL UNIT / Everything Went Strunk (cd) Six Weeks Records
CRUCIFIX / Dehumanization (cd) Southern Records
NEUROSIS / Pain Of Mind (cd) Neurot Recordings
CHRIST ON PARADE / Sounds of nature (Lp) Prank
DAS OATH / Uber alles (cd) Gloom
ONE LAST WISH / 1986 (cd) (Lp) Dischord
HERESY / Face Up To It! (cd) Boss Tuneage
NO THANKS / Are You Ready To Die? (Lp) Lengua Armada Records
CAPITALIST CASUALTIES / Subdivisions In Ruin (Lp) Six Weeks Records
ENDLESS BLOCKADE / Turn illness into a weapon (cd) Sound pollution
LA PIOVRA / The First Discovered Treasures (cd) youth attack
THE FIX / The speed of twisted thought (Lp) Touch & go
MINUTEMEN / Paranoid Time (cd) sst
EMBRACE / st (cd)(Lp)  Dischord
SEEIN' RED / Discography 1993-1995 (cd) Coalition
MUNICIPAL WASTE / The Art Of Partying (cd) Earache
BORN AGAINST / The Rebel Sound Of Shit And Failure (cd) Kill Rock Stars
THE CANCER KIDS / The Possible dream (Lp) youth attack
BLAST! / It's In My Blood (cd) SST Records
RAIN / La Vache Qui Rit (cd) Dischord Records
BAD BRAINS / Rock For Light (cd) Caroline Records
SSD / Power (cd) Taang!

SSD / Power (cd) Taang!

BANDANOS / We Crush Your Mind With The Thrash Inside (cd) 625 Thrash Core
DROPDEAD / Discography 1991-1993 (Lp) Armageddon Label
NEGATIVE APPROACH / Total recall (cd) Touch and go
APARTMENT 213 / Discography (CD) 625 thrash core
URBAN WASTE / st (Lp) Mad at the world
DYS / Brotherhood (cd) (Lp) taang
CHARLES BRONSON / Complete Discocrappy (2xCD) Youth Attack
F.U.'S / My America (cd) Taang!
JERRY'S KIDS / Is This My World? (cd) Taang! Records
GUYANA PUNCH LINE / Direkt Aktion (cd) Prank Records
SCREAM / Still Screaming + This Side Up (cd) Dischord
VERBAL ASSAULT / Volume 1: Masses And Learn (cd) Mendit Records
VERBAL ABUSE / Just An American Band. Live In '84 (cd) Beer City Records
VERBAL ABUSE / Just an american band (Lp) Beer city
JFA / We Know You Suck (cd) Alternative Tentacles
DAG NASTY / Can I Say (cd) (Lp) Dischord
ADRENALIN O.D. / Sittin' Pretty (cd) Grand Theft Audio
POISON IDEA / Best Of Poison Idea (cd) Taang! Records
POISON IDEA / War All The Time (cd) Abstract Records
DAS OATH / st (cd) Three one G
MUNICIPAL WASTE / Hazardous Mutation (cd) Earache
BLACK FLAG / the first four year (cd) Sst
LION OF JUDAH / universal peace (cd) Young blood
ARTIFICIAL PEACE / Complete session november 81 (cd)(Lp) Dischord
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