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thrash, fast, 80's...

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DECLINO / come una promessa (LP) Agipunk
DIE KREUZEN / October File (cd) Touch And Go Records
VOETSEK / infernal command (cd) Selfmadegod
RAW POWER / screams from the gutter after your brain (cd) Toxic shock
B.G.K. / dutch feast (cd) Alternative tentacles
the MIDDLE CLASS / out of vogue-the early material (cd) Frontier
the MIDDLE CLASS / out of vogue-the early material (Lp) Frontier
MIDDLE CLASS / out of vogue (7ep) Frontier
POISON IDEA / More Poison Less Idea (cd) Golf Records
RITES OF SPRING / End on End (cd) Dischord
STUPIDS / feel the suck (7ep) Boss tuneage
BEOWULF / The Re-Releases (cd) I Scream Records
FACTION / Collection 1982-1985 (cd) Beer City Records
CRUCIFIX / Exhibit A. (cd) Kustomizd
UNSEEN FORCE / In Search Of The Truth (cd) Vicious Circle Records
ASSHOLE PARADE / Embers (cd) No Idea Records
DISCARGA / Musica Pra Guerra (cd) 625 Thrash Core
THE ACCUSED / More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral! (cd) Unrest Records
CROSS EXAMINATION / Menace II Sobriety (cd) Organized Crime Records
LARM / extreme noise (cd) Coalition
LARM / Complete campaign for musical destruction - Extreme noise (2Lp) Farewell
THE MEATMEN / We're The Meatmen And You Suck! (Lp) Touch And Go Records
LEFT FOR DEAD / Splitting Heads (cd) No Idea Records
WHEELBITE / Discography 1998-2003 (cd) Flatspot Records
KNIFE FIGHT / Out Of Print 2002-2004 (cd) Knife Fight
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY / Animosity (cd) Metal Blade Records
NATION OF ULYSSES / Plays Pretty For Baby (cd) Dischord Records
SKEWBALD:Grand Union / st (cd) Dischord
EXCEL / The Joke's On You (cd) Rotten Records
EXCEL / Split image (cd) Rotten
JENNY PICCOLO / st (cd) Three one G
TOXIC HOLOCAUST / Demo 2007 (picture LP) Relapse Records
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY / Technocracy (cd) Metal blade


REVEREND BIZARRE, KUOLEMA / split (cd) MCR company
VORACIOUS SOUL / 盲目の色 (cd) MCR company
CLOWN ALLEY / Circus Of Chaos (cd) Southern lord
VENOM / Welcome To Hell (cd) Castle Music
ANNIHILATION TIME / Tales of the ancient age (cd) (Lp) Tee pee
MERCILESS DEATH / Realm Of Terror (cd) Heavy Artillery Records
V.A / Speed Kills ...Again (cd) Heavy Artillery Records
V.A / Thrash Metal Warriors (cd) Deep Six Records
DR. KNOW / The Best Of Dr. Know (cd) Mystic Records
BLIGHT / Detroit: The Dream Is Dead - The Collected Works Of A Midwest Hardcore Noise Band 1982 (cd) Touch And Go Records
THREATENER / The Hammering, The Fastening, And The Bending Of Throats (cd) 625 Thrash Core
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE / Primitive (cd) 20 Buck Spin
V.A / Someone Got Their Head Kicked In! (LP) BYO Records
HERESY / 1985-1987 (cd) Boss tuneage
HERESY / 20 Reasons to End it All (cd) Boss tuneage
BATTALION OF SAINTS A.D. / cuts... (cd) taang!
INFECT / Complete Discography (cd) 625 Thrash Core
MUNICIPAL WASTE / The Art Of Partying -picture disc vinyl- (LP) Earache
HHH / Discografia Completa 1985-1993 (2cd) BCore Disc
THE ACCUSED / Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told (cd) Combat Core
V.A / Black On Black: A Tribute To Black Flag (purple marble vinyl) (LP VINYL) Initial
HAYAINO DAISUKI (速いの大好き) / Headbanger's Karaoke Club Dangerous (cd) Daymare
LIMP WRIST / discography (cd)
THE ACCUSED / The Return Of Martha Splatterhead (cd) (Lp) Unrest Records
KORO / Speed kills+ (cd) Sorry state
BLACK ARMY JACKET / Closed Casket (cd) Black Box Recordings
SIEGE / Drop Dead (cd) Deranged Records
GATE CRASHERS / Are A Bunch of Mother Fuckers (Lp) Parts Unknown
GERIATRIC UNIT / Kill The Pose (cd) Speed state
GRIDE / 1996-2003 (cd) Plazzma
HERESY / 20 Reasons to End it All (cd) Speed state
MELVINS / Mangled Demos From 1983 (cd)
BONES BRIGADE / Focused Fight (cd) Fire With Fire Records
BONES BRIGADE / I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skateboarding (cd) Fight Fire With Fire Records
TOXIC HOLOCAUST / Evil Never Dies (cd) Gloom Records
BLAST! / Take The Manic Ride (cd) SST Records
SPAZM 151 / st (cd)

SPAZM 151 / st (cd)

MEMENTO MORI / st (ep) agipunk
L'AMICO DI MARTUCCI, OHUZARU / split (cd) agipunk/625 thrash core
OHUZARU / st (Lp) agipunk

OHUZARU / st (Lp) agipunk

LA PIOVRA / Disastro Sonoro (7ep) Punks Before Profits
DS-13 / Killed By The Kids (Lp) Havoc Records
CRUCIAL UNIT / Everything Went Strunk (cd) Six Weeks Records
CRUCIFIX / Dehumanization (cd) Southern Records
NEUROSIS / Pain Of Mind (cd) Neurot Recordings
CHRIST ON PARADE / Sounds of nature (Lp) Prank
DAS OATH / Uber alles (cd) Gloom
ONE LAST WISH / 1986 (cd) (Lp) Dischord
CROSS EXAMINATION / The Hung Jury (cd) Organized Crime Records
HERESY / Face Up To It! (cd) Boss Tuneage
NO THANKS / Are You Ready To Die? (Lp) Lengua Armada Records
CAPITALIST CASUALTIES / Subdivisions In Ruin (Lp) Six Weeks Records
CONQUEST FOR DEATH / Beyond The Hidden Valley (cd) Give & Take Records
ENDLESS BLOCKADE / Turn illness into a weapon (cd) Sound pollution
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