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thrash, fast, 80's...

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IN DISGUST, P.L.F. / split (cd)(Lp) Rsr
NECROS / Club house session (7ep) Alona's dream
NECROS / Ambionic sound (7ep) Alona's dream
YDI / A place in the sun (7ep) Tko
DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS / Fired from the circus (2Lp+cd) Boss tuneage
DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS / Fired from the circus (cd) Boss tuneage
NEEDLES / Twisted vision-Desastre (Lp) Self
ACxDC / Antichrist demoncore (Lp) Melotov
IRON LUNG / Savagery (7ep) Iron lung
SIEGE / Lost session '91 -失われたセッション- (7ep) Patac
NO STATIK / Unity and fragmentation (Lp) Iron lung
NEEDLES / Desesperacion (7ep) Iron lung
NUDES / Stain (7ep) Iron lung
THE LOWEST FORM / Negative ecstasy (Lp) Iron lung
HATRED SURGE / Human overdose (Lp) Iron lung
GAG / Locker room (7ep) Iron lung
DEAD LANGUAGE / st (Lp) Iron lung
IRON LUNG / Life,iron lung,death (cd) 625/Boredom noise
IRON LUNG / Life,iron lung,death (Lp) Iron lung
MAN IS THE BASTARD / Thoughtless (cd) Gravity
CERCE, STRESSCASE / split (7ep) Mayfly
COKE BUST / Confined anthology (cd) Refuse
COKE BUST / Confined (Lp) Refuse
REGURGITATION / Bathrooms rule! (cd) Dirtythrash
HEARTLESS / Hell is other people (cd)(Lp) Southern lord
DRAIZE / st (7ep) Bad teeth
DRAIZE / st (Lp)	Punks before profits/Draize
STEEL TRAP, TRASH TALK / split (7ep) Spiderghost pressgang
RUPTURE / Sex, drugs and rupture (Lp) Hate ape
BARGE / No gain (7ep) Vinyl conflict
CEREBRAL BALLZY / Jaded & faded (cd) Magniph
ANGEL DU$T / A.d. (cd) Bowl head inc.
ANGEL DU$T / A.d. (Lp) React!
THE JAZZ INTRUSION / Natty dreadography (cd) Mouse
BEAVER / st (Lp) Dr.strange
DEATH INJECTION / st (7ep) Failure
REPOS / Live munitions (Lp) Youth attack
SEX PRISONER / State Property (7ep) Bad teeth
SEX PRISONER / st (7ep) To live a lie
MINDLESS / Planet of pestilence	(7ep)	To live a lie
FINAL CONFLICT / Ashes to ashes (Lp) Tankcrimes
FINAL CONFLICT / Nineteen eighty-five (Lp) 540
SICK FIX / Vexed (Lp) A389

SICK FIX / Vexed (Lp) A389

RAW NERVE / Every problem solved (7ep) Youth attack
V.A / Wake up dead volume one (7ep) Bad teeth
SPINE, THE REPOS / Split (7ep) Bad teeth
SPINE / Subhuman (7ep) Bad teeth
GIVE / I am live (7ep) Photobooth
P.L.F. / Pulverizing lethal force (cd) To live a lie
THE FLEX / Scum on the run (7ep) Video disease/Milk run
VIOLENT REACTION / City streets (Lp) Painkiller
VIOLENT REACTION / City streets (Lp) Quality control HQ
CAVE STATE / st (7ep) To live a lie
LECHEROUS GAZE / st (cd)(Lp) Tee pee
LECHEROUS GAZE / On the skids (Lp) Tee pee
ANCESTORS / In death (7ep) Youth attack
CIVILIZED / Dust and blood (7ep) Youth attack
BACK TO BACK / Narcissist (7ep) 540
BACK TO BACK / Flesh & bone (7ep) Lockin' out
IRON LUNG / Cold storage II (tape) Iron lung
HOT LUNCH / Uprooted (7ep) Tym guitars
LECHEROUS GAZE / Animal brain (7ep) Tym guitars
SCALPLOCK / On whose terms (cd)(Lp) Sound pollution
POISON IDEA / Getting the fear (7ep) Tko
BL'AST! / Expression of power (cd)(3Lp) Southern lord
OFFENDERS / Endless struggle/We must rebel/I hate myself (2Lp) Southern lord
S.O.A(STATE OF ALERT) / 12/29/80 first demo (7ep) Dischord
RITES OF SPRING / All through a life (7ep) Dischord
MINOR THREAT / First demo tape (7ep) Dischord
MINOR THREAT / Salad days (7ep) Dischord
MINOR THREAT / Out of step (Lp) Dischord
DEEP WOUND / st (7ep) Armageddon
SOLITARY CONFINEMENT / st (tape) Mind rot
IRON LUNG / White glove test (2cd) Prank
IRON LUNG / White glove test (Lp) Prank/Iron lung
OFF! / Wasted years (cd) (Lp) Vice
CEREBRAL BALLZY / Return of the slice (cd) Vinyl junkie
CEREBRAL BALLZY / st (cd) Vinyl junkie
RIPCORD / Fast'n'furious-The complete demos (cd) (2Lp+cd) Break the connection/Boss tuneage
THE INSTIGATION / No way out (7ep) Self
THE SHRINE / Bless off (cd) (Lp)(tape) Tee pee
DAG NASTY / Dag with shawn (cd)(Lp) Dischord
VERBAL ASSAULT, VICIOUS CIRCLE, POSITIVE OUTLOOK / R.I.X core -3way split- (Lp) Atomic action!
NUCLEAR ASSAULT / Atomic waste:Demos & rehearsals (Lp) High roller
HOAX / st (Lp) Self

HOAX / st (Lp) Self

WEEKEND NACHOS / Still (Lp) Deep six
WEEKEND NACHOS / Still (cd) Relapse
HOT LUNCH / st (cd) Tee pee

HOT LUNCH / st (cd) Tee pee

IN DISGUST / San jose oldies vol.1 (cd) Torture garden
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