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thrash, fast, 80's...

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WEEKEND NACHOS / Punish and destroy (Lp) Deep six
LACK OF INTEREST / Trapped inside (Lp) Deep six
EXIT UNIT / st (7ep) Deep six/Draw blank
DESPISE YOU、COMPLETED EXPOSITION / Japan tour 2016 (tape) Toosmell
KRIMEWATCH / st (flexi) Flexipunk
UPSET NOISE / Nothing more to be said/Growing pain + Live 1986 (cd+dvd) F.o.a.d.
FCDN TORMENTOR / Demonic thereafter 1985-1991 (Lp) F.o.a.d.
FCDN TORMENTOR / Dungeon days 1982-1985 (Lp+cd) F.o.a.d.
G.L.O.S.S. / st (7ep+zine) Nervous nelly/Total negativity
G.L.O.S.S. / Girls living outside society's shit - Trans day of revenge (tape) Headnoise
GOVERNMENT FLU / Singles collection (Lp) Refuse
GOVERNMENT FLU / Vile life (Lp) Refuse
BLACK BALL / st (7ep) Sorry state
U.X. VILEHEADS / Hardcore XI (Lp) Adult crash
NEU-RONZ / st (7ep) Adult crash
HEATSEEKER / On the ropes (7ep) Refuse
EXCEL / The joke's on you (Lp)(cd) Southern lord
KRIMEWATCH / Promo tape (tape) Self
FAST ASLEEP / Outside the fence (7ep) Deep six
CAVE STATE / st -2nd- (7ep) Deep six
TERMINAL NATION / st (7ep) Deep six
GOD'S AMERICA / Merge with The Infinite (Lp) Deep six
FRACTURED / Dilapidated (7ep) Deep six
TO THE POINT / st (3"ep) Behind the mountain
TO THE POINT, PICK YOUR SIDE / split (10") Deep six
TO THE POINT, SIDETRACKED / split (7ep) Deep six
SEX PRISONER / Tannhauser gate (Lp) Rsr
FORSAKEN / Cease to exist (7ep) Neutral words
POISON IDEA / Kings of punk -Bloated edition- (2cd) Southern lord
POISON IDEA / Fatal erection years 1983-1986 (cd) Southern lord
SPAZZTIC BLURR / Hello dum dums + Bedrock blurr demo 1986 (2Lp) F.o.a.d.
BATTALION OF SAINTS / st (7ep) Southern lord
NIGHT FEVER / New blood (Lp) Adult crash
NIGHT FEVER / Vendetta (Lp) Adult crash
HARDA TIDER, NIGHT FEVER / split (Lp) Adult crash
PURE DISGUST / st (Lp) Katorga works
JJ DOLL / st (7ep) Katorga works
HARM DONE / The first 3 years -discography- (cd) Stand for unity
IRON LUNG / Cold storage (tape) Chronically unique
 I SHOT CYRUS ‎/ Tiranus (Lp) 625 Thrashcore
I SHOT CYRUS / Complete discography 1997-2001 (cd) Refuse
MISLED YOUTH / Excuse for existence (7ep) Refuse
WOLF WHISTLE / The present disturbance (7ep) Triple-B
ARMS RACE / New wave of british hardcore (Lp) La vida es un mus
SUPER MUTANT / Grave steps (7ep) Speedowax
REGIMENT / Demo (tape) Quality control HQ
CULPRIT / Demo (tape) Quality control HQ
RED DEATH / Permanent exile (cd) Grave mistake
RED DEATH / Deterrence (7ep) Lockin' out
KRIMEWATCH / demo 2016 (tape) Lockin' out
KRIMEWATCH / demo 2016 (7ep) Lockin' out
KRIMEWATCH / demo 2016 (7ep)  Static shock
HARM DONE / Abuse/abused (Lp)(cd) Straight & alert
NO TOLERANCE / You walk alone (Lp) Quality control HQ
IMPULSE / Backbreaker (7ep) To live a lie
ABSOLUTE POWER / st (Lp) Youth attack
THE REPOS / Poser (Lp) Youth attack
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT / Terrorize (Lp) Beer city
ANGEL DU$T / Rock the fuck on Forever (cd) Bowl head inc.
YOUTH BRIGADE / Complete first demo (7ep) Dischord
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA / st (cd) Fade-in international
DOPERUNNER / st (Lp) Give praise
MALCONTENT / demo (tape) Painkiller
THE FLEX / Flexual healing VI -Live from the paincave- (tape) Painkiller
SPAZZ / Sweatin' 3: skatin' satan & katon (cd) Tankcrimes
SPAZZ / Sweatin' to the oldies (cd) Tankcrimes
SPAZZ / Sweatin' to the oldies (2Lp) Tankcrimes
SHORT, FAST & LOUD #29 -TO THE POINT, FUCK YOU PAY ME / split- (zine+7ep) Six weeks
SEX PRISONER / Demo (7ep) To live a lie
COKE BUST / The early years (Lp) Carry the weight
WEEKEND NACHOS / Apology (cd) Cosmic note
WEEKEND NACHOS / Apology (Lp) Deep six
SPINE / Deny (7ep)Bad teeth
THE SHRINE / Rare breed (tape) Tankcrimes
THE SHRINE / Rare breed (cd) Century media
THE SHRINE / Rare breed (Lp+cd) Century media
GRIDE, SIDETRACKED / split (10") Insane society
ACxDC ‎/ Postcard (flexi) To live a lie
SELF INFLICTED, SIDETRACKED / split (7ep) Deep six
CAUSE FOR ALARM / st (7ep) Victory
THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY / Crunch on "demo 1984 (7ep) Radio raheem
IN DEFENCE / Discography compilation (cd) Crew for life
STUPIDS / Retard picnic -Deluxe edition- (2Lp+cd) Boss tuneage
BUILD & DESTROY / Map of the heavens (7ep) Lockin' out
CHICANO CHRIST / st (7ep) Tacklebox
STUPIDS / Peruvian vacation (cd) Boss tuneage
STUPIDS / Retard picnic -Deluxe edition- (cd) Boss tuneage
NECROS / Live in '85 (tape) Burger
THE SWARM / Parasitic skies (Lp) No idea
CRUMBSUCKERS / Turn back time:the early years 1983-1985 (2Lp+cd)(2cd) F.o.a.d
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