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MASTERPEACE / スキコソモノノ (cd) Less than TV
MASTERPEACE / スキコソモノノ white (t-shirt)
  MASTERPEACE / スキコソモノノ light blue (t-shirt)
 MASTERPEACE /  Overcome the limits (7ep)(cd) Times together
MASTERPEACE, STARTER / split -Friends forever- (picture Lp) Juke boxxx/Egypt
MASTERPEACE / Logo (手ぬぐい)
MASTERPEACE / My war (tape) Egypt
  MASTERPEACE / Espy x Lacoske (t-shirt)
 MASTERPEACE, STARTER / Friends forever jkt (wappen)
MASTERPEACE, STARTER / Friends forever (enamel pin)
 MASTERPEACE, STARTER / Friends forever (long sleeve t-shirt)
MASTERPEACE, STARTER / Friends forever (t-shirt)
 MASTERPEACE / Logo gray (t-shirt)
MASTERPEACE / Logo light blue (t-shirt)
MASTERPEACE / Logo white (t-shirt)
MASTERPEACE / Want to live, want to do it (cd) Egypt
MASTERPEACE / Want to live, want to do it (tape) Egypt
 MASTERPEACE / Heisei last (tape) Egypt
 MASTERPEACE / Heisei last (cd) Egypt
MASTERPEACE / Bad brains & good brains (cdr) Egypt
MASTERPEACE / フヘントヘンカ (cd) Diwphalanx
COSMOS, MASTERPEACE / One or eight -split- (cd) Times together
MASTERPEACE, STRIKE OUT / futurism (cd) Less Than TV
MASTERPEACE / Future revolution (cd) 男道
MASTERPEACE / World is one & Answer (cd) Times together
MASTERPEACE / Answer (cd) Peaceful world
MASTERPEACE, GANG UP ON AGAINST / split (cd) Juke boxxx
GRIND SHAFT, MASTERPEACE / Long Trip To Essence -split cd- (cd) Cosmic note
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