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japanese hardcore、crust、punk

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V.A / Tokyo sound system 2 (2Lp) New smell
V.A / Noise circus 2 (cd) New smell
TOM AND BOOT BOYS, MUTANT ITCH / split (7ep) Pogo77
LANTK / Raw tracks (cdr) Self
POVLACION / 4 songs demostracion (cdr) Self
NO / 落陽 (cd) Dodomeki document
OLEDICKFOGGY / グッド・バイ (cd) Diwphalanx
GASTUNK / Dead song (cd) SS recordings
SCAMP / 天に向かって唾を吐け!! (cd) Diwphalanx
ESPERANZA / Choice (7ep) Kamaset levyt
ESPERANZA / Choice (cd) Pogo77
東狂アルゴリズム / st (cd) Front of union
V.A / Old punks 激闘市街戦 (7ep) Pogo77
THE COMES / No side (shm-cd) SS recordings
SYAS /No look a so look out "ノルカソルカ" (cd) Cash
D.E.A.D. / st (7ep) Imminent destruction
AKKA / Four beliefs (7ep) Brain solvent propaganda
THEDEATH, LIPUPS / Split (tape) Black hole
NEVER AGAIN / ギターがひきたい (cd+dvd) Blood sucker
LASTSENTENCE / Absurd days (7ep) Guerrilla
AUTOROLL / Shadows (cd) Too circle/Rebelabel
TERROR SQUAD, SWARRRM / split -The fierce trinity- (7ep) Break the records
NO EXCUSE, FIREBIRDGASS / split -光炎万丈〜Lightning Flames〜- (cd) Break the record
XERO FICTION / The very best of XERO FICTION (cd) Xero xero
DISTURD / Dark (cd) Self
BIRTH RITUAL, BATTLE SHRINE / split (7ep) Aces sky high
V.A /Punkabilly shakes japan (cd) Rude runner
MIDNIGHT RESURRECTOR / Hated true sounds (Lp) Laboratory/Spookybank/Captured
FIVE NO RISK / Self encourage (cd) Front of union
G.L.G / Gambling with souls (cd) Fade-in
FRANTIC STUFFS / Last wave (Lp) Episode sounds
JUNK SCHIZO / Pity to the ignorant (7ep) Doom
THE SAVAGES / Tomorrow's view (7ep) Hardcore survives
UNEVEN RUNNING / Criminal elegy (cd) Bronze fist
ATTACK SS, FRENZY / split (7ep) Distort reality
ASPECTS OF WAR, SYSTEM FUCKER / split -War system- (7ep)(cd) Strong mind japan
VEKTOR / 兆候的現象 (cd) Atakamo
カマラーダ, Roys / split (cd) Break the records
Dr.BREAKER / Meede cossaello (cd) Blood sucker
VESPERA / Vex (cd) MCR company/Vesperadicalx
gruesome / Another reign (cd) Yellowside
точка(トーチカ) / st (7ep+cd) Crew for life
DEATH RATTLE / Noiz and peace (cdr) Self
S.H.I. / 死 (cd) Black lodge
ASMODEUS / st (Lp) Strong mind japan
CAPTURED / st (cd) Crew for life
DOUGLAS / The more the merrier (cd) Self
THE ERECTiONS / Complete 2003-2014 (cd) Pogo77
AGGROKNUCKLE, BOOTed COCKS / split -We don't like trendy cunts who pose- (cd) Yellowside
鉄アレイ, WARHEAD / 鉄弾頭2015 (cd) Break the records
NOBYKI / Soul stride (cd) Chaos & anarchy
ALCOHOLIX / Allover closet destruction (cd) Neo holdings
MASTERPEACE / フヘントヘンカ (cd) Diwphalanx
Legitime Violence, The Hawks / split -Respect & honor east meets west- (cd) Yellowside
V.A / Scrap! (cd) Mangrove
FEROCIOUS X / Svart att overleva (cd+dvd) L.a.r.v.a.
FEROCIOUS X / Svart att overleva (Lp) Distort reality
SKIZOPHRENIA! / Single-ticket to demo-lition (cd) Hardcore survives
VEKTOR / Strawberry edition (cd) Atakamo
BACTERIA / 28 trax demo (cd) 男道 -Dan-doh-
BACTERIA / 28 trax demo (Lp) Rsr
LAST / Better than to do nothing (cd) Break the records
THE DISASTER POINTS / For once in my life (cd) Catch all
HATEMAN / Samarian night-Kim (7ep) Pop n roll
BIRTH RITUAL / Turn up the evil (Lp) Self
V.A / The songlines of protesta (cd)
G.I.S.M. / Determination (cd) Beast arts
ACUTE / 魘 -unasare- (cd) Crew for life
ポンコツCATS / 誰とも合わない (7ep) Fade-in
ポンコツCATS / Ponkotsu works 2011~2013 (cd) Fade-in
COSMIC NEUROSE / Just a fucker (cd) Less than TV
LIFE / The world lies across them (Lp) La vida es un mus
KAFKA / 8 track (Lp) D-takt & rapunk
R  / st -2nd- (cd) Chaos&anachy
ニーハオ! / No respect (cd) Omochi
ASPIRIN / 衝動の矛先 (cd) Heal up
SOW THREAT / st (7ep) Imminent destruction
THINK AGAIN / A dope communication (cd+dvd) Blood sucker
HOBBLEDEES / Liberal fuckin' folks (cd) Diwphalanx
死んだ方がまし / 切断魔-不思議な光 (7ep) Self
LOUDER / 45rpm (Lp) Sorry state
BLACK AND WHITE / Brain wash (7ep) Pogo77
Visitor / High speed savage (cd) High speed savage
Visitor / High speed savage (Lp) Imminent destruction
やじん / 抱きしめて (cd) Impulse
ザ・ビンビンズ / This is the bingbings (cd) Crusade
C / Dear fuckin' all the fascists +2 (12") Hardcore survives
SYSTEM FUCKER / 意志貫徹 (Lp) Strong mind japan
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