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ABNORMALS / Z・e・r・o (cd) Spider
THE HAWKS, 血盟(BLOOD PLEDGE) / split -Respect and honor asian united- (cd) Suns
CONTRAST ATTITUDE / 18 track compilation 2018 (cd) Why
 DEFUSE / Cry of roar (cd) Mcr company
SKITKLASS / Greatest shits (cd) Break the records
Granule, KLONNS / split -Discipline- (7ep) Black hole
BACK TO BASICS / Shaded eyes (7ep) Secret mission
LASTSENTENCE, VOCO PROTESTA / split (7ep) Doomed to extinction
V.A / アコーステイック不法集会 (cd) Blood sucker
GUILLOTINE TERROR / 日本刀 (cd) Battle planning
CONTRAST ATTITUDE / 12 track compilation (Lp) Distort reality
NEVER AGAIN / 未完成の足あと (cd) Diwphalanx
KUGURIDO / 2018 demo (cdr) Self
CHEERIO / Seed punk (cd) 人間堂
THE SOLUTION, SANDIEST / split -Old pals act- (cd) Beat surrender
EIEFITS / メザメ (cd) Mangrove
EIEFITS / Mezame -メザメ- (Lp) F.o.a.d.
FIVE NO RISK / Kite (2cd) Front of union
V.A / Trash from chaos #3 (cd) 男道
UNARM / 2007-2016 (tape) Self
PARASITE / 残響 (cd) Boss tuneage
THE SAVAGES / Bloom on the ash (cd) Break the records
BAYONETS / Pogo or die (7ep) All ages hardcore
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / We struggle for all our pride. (2cd) WDsounds/ Awdr/lr2
G.A.T.E.S / Children of the night (cd) High society satanic
BIRTH RITUAL / The wild evil ~ demos & singles collection (cd) Thrashing cult
SYSTEMATIC DEATH / 1011 (cd) Fade-in
SOW THREAT / Hate and love (cd) Straight up
LIFE / The only one earth (7ep) Hardcore survives
FEROCIOUS X / Den gra sanningen Kassett (tape) Fx-tapes
V.A / Freedom no frames hardcore (cd) No frames
SKITKLASS / The ruler of the fuckin'asshole (7ep) Pogo77
CENTIPEDE / Bystander (7ep) Pogo77
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / You bark, we bite (cd) Avex/Cutting edge
BATTLE ATTACKER / Silly notice (Lp) F.o.a.d.
EU'S ARSE, MUSTANG / split (7ep) Break the records
V.A / ろくろ (cd) Longlegslongarms
XERO FICTION / Seventeen - Silent story (7ep) Xero xero
FLOWER ZOMBIES / Nowhere songs (Lp) Black hole
THE EREXIONALS / Where is the rest room -オトイレカシテクダサイ- (cd) Self
DORAID / Blood sucking hell (7ep+cd)Hello from the gutter
CASBAH, IDORA / split -Friction- (cd) Hello from the gutter
SANDIEST / Don't ask why (cd)(7ep) Sick
DENDO MARIONETTE(電動マリオネット) / 傀儡電伝 (2cd) Haunnted house
199x=3 / 怒鳴 (cd) Self
STUPID BABIES GO MAD / Make SxBxGxM great again (7ep) Surprised pops
CHERRIO, ネメシス, CROSSFACE, RAPPA / 4 way split -Hardcore punk trucks- (cd) Blood sucker
SKITKLASS / kaos och forstorelse 4-latars (7ep) Hardcore survives
MOONSCAPE, UNARM / Split (7ep) Black hole
THE GUAYS / After my vacant (cd) 十三月の甲虫
Y.D.B / A life is.. journey (cd) Impulse
G-GAS / Generation GAS (cd) Break the records
NO EXCUSE / Grudge (cd) Break the records
YOUNG PARISIAN, VIVIAN BOYS / split (7ep) Hello from the gutter
illya / Microcosmos (cd) Captured
DISDOMESTIC VIOLENCE / T.d.s.c (cd) Novembre
MASTERPEACE / Want to live, want to do it (cd) Egypt
MASTERPEACE / Want to live, want to do it (tape) Egypt
九狼吽, KOHU-63 / split (cd) Break the records
GAUZE / Fuck heads (Lp) Xxx
GAUZE / Equalizing distort (Lp) Xxx
GAUZE / 限界は何処だ (Lp) Xxx
GAUZE / 面を洗って出直してこい (Lp) Xxx
GAUZE / 貧乏ゆすりのリズムに乗って (Lp) Xxx
assembrage / A curtain call of an aeon (cd) Guerrilla
wolfgang japantour / A mutable world (cd) Crea for life
 ACUTE / みだら (cd) Crew for life
BLACK AND WHITE / Standards rule-Boring job (7ep) Debauch mood
LOUDER, BEAT GENERATION / split (7ep) Ra-ma
V.A / Over thirty kids (cd) Over thirty kids
シノメノシ, AXE HELVETE / split -Unused freedom- (cd) Self
EVIL EXTASY / (We are) the pleasure crew (cd) 拷問装置
DENDO MARIONETTE(電動マリオネット) / 傀儡電伝 (Lp) Mouse/Bitter Lake
THE HAWKS / Faith and truth (cd) Self
RISING SUN / Rising sun it's our flag (cd+dvd) Yellowside
THE INDEX / Fist -黒い瞳に咲く花- (cd) Dig over
BLONDnewHALF / Clean (cd) 男道 Dan-doh
郷士, WORTH / split (cd) Yellowside
CONSOCIO SENTENCIA / Avanzar mi camino, pase lo que pase (cd) イギナシ
DEATH SIDE / Bet on the possibility (cd) Break the records
DEATH SIDE / Wasted dream (cd) Break the records
HATEMAN / Neverland (7ep) Self
FRAMTID / Defeat of civilization + split EP tracks (cd) Self
EXTREME NOISE TERROR, REALITY CRISIS / split -Daily holocaust- (cd) MCR company
FRAMTID / The horrific visions (7ep) La vida es un mus
JUNTESS / Under the red moon (Lp) F.o.a.d.
鐵槌 / 激鋼 (cd) Diwphalanx
V.A / 狼の宴 -Wolfshohle- (cd) Pc
LRF / For beautiful human life (cd) Villainy prison
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