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SHIPWRECK A.D. / Abyss (cd) Deathwish, Inc
LIGEIA / Bad News (cd) Ferret Records
hopesfall / No Wings To Speak Of... (cd) Trustkill
NORMA JEAN / The Anti Mother (cd) Solid state Records

NORMA JEAN / The Anti Mother (cd) Solid state Records

希望小売価格: 2,000円
WRENCH IN THE WORKS / Lost Art Of Heaping Coal (cd) Facedown Records
7 ANGELS 7 PLAGUES / Until The Day Breathes And The Shadows Flee (cd) Uprising Records
7 ANGELS 7 PLAGUES / Jhazmyne's Lullaby (cd) Uprising
CONVERGE / Petitioning the Empty Sky (cd) Equal Vision Records
CONVERGE / Jane Doe (2Lp) Deathwish
SAINTS NEVER SURRENDER / Brutus (cd) Blood & Ink
HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW / Turtle Nipple And The Toxic Shock (cd) Ferret Records
MISERY SIGNALS / Controller (cd) Ferret Records
I RISE / For Redemption (cd) 1917 Records
WALLS OF JERICHO / The American Dream (cd) Trustkill Records
HEAVEY HEAVEY LOW LOW / F@ck it (cd) Ferret
DISEMBODIED / Heretic (cd) Edison
CURSED / Three (cd) Goodfellow Records
THE BANNER / Frailty (cd) Ferret Records
SHAI HULUD / Misanthropy Pure (cd) (Lp) Metal Blade Records
BIRTHRIGHT / These Words Run In My Veins (cd) Catalyst Records
LIFE IN YOUR WAY / The sun rises, and sun sets and still our time is endless (cd) Indianola Records
LIFE IN YOUR WAY / Ignite and Rebuild (cd) Indianola
SHAI HULUD / Hearts once nourished with hope and compassion (cd)(Lp) Revelation
MISERY SIGNALS / Of Malice And The Magnum Heart (cd) FERRET
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN / Irony Is A Dead Scene (cd) Epitaph
WALLS OF JERICHO / Redemption (cd) Trustkill Records
AFTERSHOCK / Through the looking glass (Lp) Goodlife
FORDIRELIFESAKE / Breathing in is Only Harf the Function (cd) alliance trax
THE RIVALRY / no face for the mentor (cd) Skull and Bones

THE RIVALRY / no face for the mentor (cd) Skull and Bones

希望小売価格: 2,000円
ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE / This Is A Spark Of Life (cd) Indecision
ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE / This Is A Spark Of Life (Lp) Indecision
CONVERGE, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED / The Poacher Diaries split (cd) Relapse
POISON THE WELL / Tear from the red (picture Lp) Goodlife
SAINTS NEVER SURRENDER / Hope For The Best But Prepair For The Worst (cd) Blood and ink
FORDIRELIFESAKE / dance, pretend, forget, defend (cd) Thorp
WALLS OF JERICHO / With Devils Amongst Us All (CD) trustkill
TAKEN / this is forever "b--side collection & tribute to TAKEN" (cd) falling leaves
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE / People of the sun (10") revelation
EVERY BRIDGE BURNED / Aun Aprendo (cd) Rise Records
FORDIRELIFESAKE / A Daydream Disaster (cd) Thorp
PULLING TEETH / vicous skin 日本盤 (cd) WD sounds
THE WARRIORS / Genuine Sense Of Outrage (cd) Victory Records
WALLS OF JERICHO / All Hail The Dead (cd) Trustkill Records
SHAI HULUD / A Profound hatred of man (cd) (Lp) Revelation
I RISE / Down (cd) Nineteen Seventeen Records
POISON THE WELL / The opposite of december (cd) Trustkill
NEWBORN / discography (cd) alliance trax
Across Five Aprils / Collapse/Living in the moment” Japanese special edition (cd) falling leaves
KNUT / Challenger (CD) hydra head
KNUT / Bastardizer (CD) hydra head
MIKOTO / The end of the beginning (cd) falling leaves
V.A / Straight Edge As Fuck : Volume 2 (CD) xdesperate fightx
THE WARRIORS / Beyond The Noise (CD) eulogy
INSIDE OUT / No spiritual surrender (7ep) Revelation
CANDIRIA / 300% Density (cd) Century Media
Preacher Gone To Texas / love. honor. friendship. 1999-2004 discography (cd+dvd) FALLING LEAVES RECORDS
KNUT / terraformer (cd) hydra head
KNUT / alter (cd) hydra head

KNUT / alter (cd) hydra head

CIPHER / chirdren of gods fire (cd) uprising
THE WARRIORS / War is hell (cd) Alveran
SHAI HULUD / That within blood ill-tempered (cd) (Lp) Revelation
POISON THE WELL / versions (cd) Ferret
GATHER / beyond the ruins (cd)
V.A / louder than bombs vol.2 (cd) alliance trax
THE RED CHORD / Fused together (cd)  Reflections
MIKOTO / st 日本盤 (cd) Falling leaves
THE HOPE CONSPIRACY / hang your cross (cd)
UNHOLY / awaken the sleep (cd) Millita inc.
DROWNINGMAN / still loves you (cd)
REFUSED / shape of punk to come (cd) Burning heart
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