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HIGHER POWER / Space to breathe (7ep) Neutral words
WORLD BE FREE / The anti-circle (cd)(Lp) Revelation
BLINDSIDE USA / Wave of regret (7ep) Straight & alert
LAID 2 REST / Unmatched dominance (cd)(tape) Frequency deleted
STIGMATA / Conditioned to murder (cd) Unbeaten
HARM DONE / st (7ep) Straight & alert
DESOLATED / The end (cd) Retribute
IRON BOOTS / Complete discography (Lp) Triple-B/Grave mistake
NIGHT FORCE / demo 2015 (tape) Quality control HQ
TWITCHING TONGUES / Disharmony (cd) Metal blade
PAURA / Tamaless (cd) Karasu killer
FRIEND OR FOE / Outsider (7ep) Triple-B
DEAD END PATH / Death walks beside us (7ep) Triple-B
RAZZLE DAZZLE / Strictly saucers (cd) Lockin' out
RAZZLE DAZZLE / Both (cd) Lockin' out
RAMPAGE / Limit of destruction (cd) Lockin' out
NO WARNING / Friends in high places (flexi 7") Lockin' out
BUILD & DESTROY / demo 2010 (7ep) Lockin' out
FURY OF FIVE / Real is back (7ep) Fast break
CROWN OF THORNZ / Nothing but tragedy (7ep) Bridge nine
FORCED ORDER / Retribution (7ep) Revelation
SHEER TERROR / Standing up for falling down (cd) Reaper
SHEER TERROR / Ugly and proud (cd) Magnetic air
TERROR / The 25th hour (cd) Alliance trax
E-TOWN CONCRETE / Heart of stone (cd) Self
E-TOWN CONCRETE / Made for war (cd) Ironbound
E-TOWN CONCRETE / F$ck the world (cd) 	Resurrection A.D.
THE BEAUTIFUL ONES / Jaded love (Lp) 6131
SIX FT DITCH / A taste for killing (cd) Goodlife
SWORN VENGEANCE / Hammer of vengeance (cd) Goodlife
NO ONE RULES / Always losing (7ep) Solid bond
BITTER END / Illusions of dominance (cd)(Lp) Deathwish
WISDOM IN CHAINS / The god rythm (cd)(Lp) Fast break!
APPARITION / 2014 Promo (cdr) Self
SHOCKWAVE / This world is ours -the complete recordings- (2Lp+flexi) Organized crime
TOKEN ENTRY / From beneath the streets (Lp) Mad at the world
NYC HEADHUNTERS / demo 2015 (tape) Straight & alert
DESOLATED / The beginning 2011-2014 (cd) Retribute
HARD STRIPES / st (7ep) Vinyl conflict
HARD STRIPES / st -2nd- (7ep) Triple-B
DRUG CONTROL / st (7ep) Straight & alert
LIFELESS / Dream (cd) Fast break!
BULLDOZE / Remember who's strong (7ep) Reality
UNIFIED RIGHT / st (7ep) Triple-B
DYSPHORIA / 2014 demo (cd) Self
HARMS WAY / rust (cd)(Lp) Deathwish
V.A / America's hardcore volume 3 (Lp) Triple-B
V.A / America's hardcore volume 2 (Lp) Triple-B
V.A / America's hardcore Volume 1 (Lp) Triple-B
THE RIVAL MOB / Hardcore for hardcore (12") Quality control HQ
LEEWAY / Desperate measures (cd) Marquee
LEEWAY / Desperate measures (cd) Reality
LEEWAY / Desperate measures (Lp) Reality
LEEWAY / Born to expire -25th anniversary edition- (cd) Marquee
LEEWAY / Born to expire (cd) Reality
LEEWAY / Born to expire (Lp) Reality
TRUTH AND RIGHTS / Green light (7ep) Six feet under
PIECE BY PIECE / Primitive as fuck (7ep) Solid bond
PIECE BY PIECE / st (Lp) Reaper
SHRAPNEL / Frenzied state (7ep) Triple-B
SHRAPNEL / Frenzied state (7ep) Quality control HQ
FREEDOM / Lp promo 2014 (tape) Moshers delight
CDC / End (Lp) Gtr

CDC / End (Lp) Gtr

AGNOSTIC FRONT / No one rules (Lp) Radio raheem
SNAIL'S PACE / demo 2014 (tape) Lockin' out
INTENT / All or nothing (tape) Moshers delight
UNIFIED RIGHT / #2 demo (tape) Moshers delight
BIG CONTEST / Time will tell (Lp) Moshers delight
BIG CONTEST / Promo #2 (tape) Moshers delight
TURNSTILE / Non stop feeling (cd)(Lp) Reaper
XIBALBA / Tierra y libertad (cd) Daymare
XIBALBA / Tierra y libertad (cd) (Lp) Southern lord
XIBALBA, SUBURBAN SCUM / split (Lp) Closed cascket
RAZORS IN THE NIGHT / Never give in! (Lp) Pirates press
ABSOLUTION / st (7ep) Lush life
DARKSIDE NYC / Optimism is self-deception vol.1&2 (cd)
MADBALL / Hardcore lives (cd)(Lp) Bnb label
MADBALL / Rebellion (7ep) Bnb label
UNIT 731 / The hive mind (cd)(Lp) Harm reduction
CLASS STRUGGLE / Another day another struggle (7ep) Dethlab
SOCIAL DAMAGE / Eye for an eye (7ep) Straight and alert
JUDGE / What it Meant: The Complete Discography (cd)(2Lp) Revelation
BURN / st (7ep) Revelation

BURN / st (7ep) Revelation

GOD'S HATE / Divine injustice (7ep) Closed casket
SUPERTOUCH / The earth is flat (Lp) Revelation
POWER TRIP / The armageddon blues sessions (Lp) Triple-B
COLD WORLD / How the gods chill (cd)(Lp) Deathwish
NEW LOWS / Abhorrent endings (Lp) Deathwish
TURNSTILE / Step 2 rhythm (7ep) Reaper
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