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nyhc, beatdown, mosh

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V.A / CALL FOR UNITY 2 (used cd) Back ta basics
COUGHT IN A TRAP / rats get fat (cd)
WITHOUT REMORSE / exeution style (cd)
SHATTERED REALM / Broken Ties, Spoken Lies (cd) Eulogy Recordings
TOETAG, SHATTERED REALM / split (cd) Eulogy
FOLSOM / st (cd) Spook City Records
BILLY CLUB SANDWICH / The Usual Suspects (cd) Dead city
TERROR / Lowest Of The Low (cd) Trustkill Records
DEEZ NUTS / Rep Your Hood (cd) Bowl head inc.
RHINOCEROS / Buffalo (cd) Seventh Dagger Records
NASTY / Aggression (cd) Goodlife Records
25 TA LIFE / Forever True Represent (cd) Back Ta Basics
FOLSOM / Neon light nights (cd) Filled with hate
KARTEL / rise of the guttersnipe (cd) Rucktion record
SIX FT DITCH / unlicensed cemetary (cd) Rucktion record
SIX FT DITCH / face of the death (cd) Rucktion record
SPECIAL MOVE / return of the 3 swords (cd) Rucktion record
SPECIAL MOVE / level 4 the game of death (cd) Rucktion
TRC / Destroy and rebuild (cd) Rucktion record
COLD WORLD / Dedicated To Babies (cd) Deathwish
HELLBENT DIEHARD / st (cd) Rucktion record
AWAKEN DEMONS / From Heaven To Hell (cd) Seventh Dagger Records
BILLY CLUB SANDWICH / Superheroes At Leisure (cd) Inner Strength Records
UNTIL THE END / From The Beginning, Until The End (2cd) Eulogy Recordings
LIONHEART / The Will To Survive (cd) West Coast Worldwide
TERROR / The Damned, The Shamed (cd) Century Media Records
H2O / nothing to prove 日本盤 (cd) Bridge nine
CDC / Defy the odds (cd) Ghost town
IF IT KILLS / st (cd) Ghost Town Records
NEW FOUND GLORY, INTERNATIONAL SUPERHEROES OF HARDCORE / Tip Of The Iceberg - Takin' It Ova! (2cd) Bridge Nine Records
V.A / Music By People Like Us (cd) Bowl head inc.
TERROR / demo 2002 (cd) 330 records
TO KILL / Watching You Fall (cd) Catalyst Records
MADBALL / Demonstrating My Style - Look My Way (2cd) Roadrunner Records
RAMALLAH / But A Whimper (cd) Bridge Nine Records
FIRST BLOOD / Killafornia (cd) Trustkill Records
TERROR / lowest of the low (cd) alliance trax
KNUCKLEDUST / Promises Comfort Fools (cd+dvd) GSR Music
DIRTY MONEY / No Escaping This (cd) Bowl head inc.
BROKEN OATH / Blood Cleanse The Streets (cd) Rucktion
NINEBAR / Urban Legends 2005 (cd) Rucktion record
BLADES OF UNITY / Backpack Full Of C4 (cd) Rucktion record
KNUCKLEDUST / Dustography (2cd) Rucktion
TAKING NAMES / This Guided Youth (cd) Rucktion record
SPECIAL MOVE / Dark Overlord (cd) Rucktion record
COLD WORLD / No Omega 日本盤 (cd+dvd) Bowl head inc.
TRAIN OF THOUGHT / bliss (cd)
VIETNOM / Thru My Eyes (cd) Filled with hate
BURIED ALIVE / Death Of Your Perfect World (cd) Victory Records
SINCE THE FLOOD / Valor & Vengeance (cd) Metal Blade Records
REDLINE / Moments Of Truth (cd) Gang style
EVERYDAY DOLLARS / Before the supply (cd) Satan wears suspenders
RAMALLAH / Kill A Celebrity (cd) Thorp Records
AGNOSTIC FRONT / Warriors (cd) Nuclear Blast Records
XAFBX / My Life, Your End (cd) Seventh Dagger Records
MADBALL / Infiltrate The System (cd) Ferret Records
TERROR / Rhythm Amongst The Chaos (cd) alliance trax
KING OF CLUBZ / The End (CD) filled with hate
BULLDOZE / The Final Beatdown (CD+DVD) trip machine
TAKEN UNDER / Silence Your Enemies (cd) High Fidelity Records
FIRST BLOOD / Demo (cd) Division 36 Records
IRON BOOTS / Weight of the world (cd) Collapse
Sworn Enemy / Negative Outlook (cd) Stillborn Records
Path Of Resistance / Can't Stop the Truth (cd) Victory Records
COLD WORLD / No Omega (cd+dvd) Nineteen Seventeen Records
TO KILL / Vultures (cd) GSR Music
TO KILL / st (cd) Still Life Records
WISDOM IN CHAINS / Class War (cd) Eulogy Recordings
NEGLECT / The Complete Don Fury Sessions (cd) NGS Records
FOLSOM / If You’re A Viper (cd) Spook City Records
DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR / Count Me In (cd) Bridge Nine Records
FURIOUS STYLES / life lessons (cd) hand of hope
BLACKLISTED / peace on earth war on stage (7ep)
V.A / four scene one family (cd)
SHATTERED REALM / from the dead end... (cd)
WISDOM IN CHAIN / die young (cd)
MADBALL / legacy (cd) Ferret

MADBALL / legacy (cd) Ferret

KNUCKLEDUST / unbreakable (cd+dvd)
MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD / merciless (cd) Trustkill
NUEVA ETICA / Inquebrantable (cd)  Alveran
ICEPICK / violnt epiphany (cd)
V.A / New york city hardcore: the way it is (Lp) Revelation
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