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bacho / 落葉 (7ep) Cosmic note
JUNK FOOD PANIC, THE SWiTCHERS / split -Boys of summer- (cd) Buns
LIVE CLEAN STAY YOUNG / demo 2013 (cdr) Self
Freegan, Thirsty Vision, NOFOOT / 3way split -Lights From The Gutter vol.3- (cd) Cock suck
my ex / Homework (cd) Power elephant
HAIR MONEY KIDS / Sing alone ep (cd) Self
KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN / A Voice From Childhood (cd) Wet Sand
WOLFGANG JAPANTOUR / String of choices (cd)(7ep) Crew for life
CAR 10 / st (7ep) Snuffy smiles   
V.A / Puke & Destroy 2 -4Way Split- (7ep) Snuffy smiles
TURNCOAT / Under the streetlight, Swarming insect. (cd) Fnd
TURNCOAT / Raise your flag (cd) Fnd
bacho / 求 (cd) Cosmic note

bacho / 求 (cd) Cosmic note

SEGWEI / Soul deep (cd) Fellow Travelers
SEGWEI / Soul deep (Lp) Revolution winter
yellow gang / Change the regret to the bread (cd) I hate smoke
SHIPYARDS / Night Of Fire (cd) Waterslide
V.A / Four for phono (Lp) Tokei
I think / st (cd) Self

I think / st (cd) Self

WHAT-A-NIGHT'S / st (Lp) Snuffy smiles
Nostalgic four past and Cigarette end / st (cd) 3rd
HELLO HAWK / Headlight (7ep) Stiff slack
SICK OF RECORDER / 蝙蝠対仔猫-遺書の食べカス (7ep) Stiff slack
Å / good afternoon (7ep) Impulse
V.A / The Life Between you and me Vol.3 (cd) Waterslide
Climb The Mind / とんちんかん (cd) Stiff slack
EASEL / 色の映えない残像 (cd) 63
DOG HOTEL / dance on the cake (7ep) Debauch mood
U SPAN D, JOHARRY'S WINDOW / Split (cd) Stand
herpiano / Ourseason (cd) Uk project
LEEWAY / Sick of nostalgia (7ep) Shirafu
SEE HER TONITE, WEAR / Split (cd) Swallow tail
aie / Aie book (meets After hours) (cd+zine) Master Builders
aie / after hours (cd) Master builders
PUNK NINJA BRIGADE / Booze,Weed and Fist Fights Unreleased Classic Tracks 1994-1997 (cd) Squirrel fox
clime the mind / デスマッチ (7ep) Stiff slack
Treadmills / the first ep (tape) wet sand
sora / 灯台の上で待つ (cd) Stiff slack
COKEHEAD HIPSTERS / Hit Or Miss (cd) Popgroup
COKEHEAD HIPSTERS / Memorialhead Hipsters Box Set -21st? Anniversary 1991-2012- (box set) Popgroup
BLACK BUCK, MATTER / Stormy Tuesday (cd) I hate smoke
BEYONDS / Weekend (cd) UK project
AS MEIAS / III (cd) Self

AS MEIAS / III (cd) Self

PUNK NINJA BRIGADE / Ninja kills... (cd) Fade-in
LEEWAY / Tin Cans Calling Home (cd) Shirafu
WHAT-A-NIGHT'S, BANGERS / Split (7ep) Snuffy smiles
BACKWARD REGION / Invictus (cd) Fastlife
dOPPO / 遠雷 (cd) is collage collective
WEARE! / Out-Take (cd) Stc

WEARE! / Out-Take (cd) Stc

THIRSTY VISION / demo (cdr) Self
curve / till the end (cd) Impulse
TAGNUTS / Can't wash out tagnuts (cd) Hopping/Straight up
DIE COMMUNICATIONS / My Risk, Our Returns (cd) Fixing a hole
CARD / Banquet (cd) Stiff slack
GLEAM GARDEN / Brilliant Nightmare (cd) Perfect music
KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN / 「拝啓、尊敬する唄歌いの皆様、あなたに少しでも近づきたくて、それでいて遠ざけながら、こんな唄を作りました。」 (cd) Impulse
KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN / さわぎ出した僕の心のままに (cd) Child hood
fleel / unbalance (cd) free feel music
THE PRACTICE / Nothing New (cd) Diwphalanx
YOUR PEST BAND / Ya-Ya-Ya (Lp) Snuffy smiles
BALLADMEN / Sings... Gingerale! (7ep) Gtd
SUSPICIOUS BEASTS / Used to be beautiful (12") Debauch mood/Black hall
WE ARE! / のらくら (cd) Stc
dear punks / st (cd) Self

dear punks / st (cd) Self

QOMOLANGMA TOMATO / カジツ (cd) Popgroup
BALLADMEN / Sooner or later (7ep) Debauch mood/Gtd
BEYONDS / ヘイセイムク (cd) Popgroup
FRUITY / Songs (cd) Stiffeen
V.A / Squirrel Fox Sampler (cd) Squirrel Fox
CRADLE TO GRAVE / From The Cradle To The Grave (cd) Squirrel fox
KIRIE / Cycle in this winter (cdr) Self
THE ANCHORS / Answer songs (cd) Impulse
St.ELMO'S FIRE / Negative side (cd) It's a fact
TATAMI / サダル (cd) Impulse
V.A / Breaking Concept vol.2 (cd) Impulse
ZERO FAST / Bay City Loud Voices (cd) Anti-new wave
LONGBALL TO NO-ONE / Concrete Nail (cd) Anti-new wave
TAKE BACK THE BEERS!, LOST COMMITMENT / -split- Break Down The HATE (cd) Rib
ELMOC / Shortly (cd) Suburbia works
bed / Still Dawn EP (7ep) Stiff slack
V.A / There's a Place (cd) I hate smoke
MATTER / Progression (cd) I hate smoke
THE DEKITS / Thirsty Thursday/Christmas Wish (7ep) De kit
THE DEKITS / De Kit 4 Key's (cd) De kit
AFTER TONIGHT / The Lenses (cd) Ice grill$
V.A / Lifeball Tribute "Step Wise" (cd) I hate smoke
DiSGUSTEENS / Three (cd) I hate smoke
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